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From the College Pastor

Freedom and lockdown

Gosden DaleThe past fifteen months have been a great test of character as we have been asked to forego many freedoms that we have previously taken for granted. Keeping our distance, checking in at venues, wearing face masks, avoiding travel, enduring a lockdown or even two weeks in quarantine are things that no one would have envisioned only a couple of years ago.

We are people who greatly value our freedom and it has been quite an adjustment to approach life with a different attitude. However, most of the time, the majority of people have been able to adapt to the situation knowing that there is a greater good that needs to be upheld, even it comes at a personal cost. For the sake of the vulnerable, and for the sake of our state or nation, we have made sacrifices to ensure we get through this incredibly difficult time in a way that benefits the greatest amount of people. This is not a time to be selfish; it is a time to use our freedom for another purpose – a purpose that is other-centred.

Parents are generally fairly accustomed to living this way, at least to some extent. We realise that the needs of our children are to be prioritised ahead of our own, as long as their schedule of extra-curricular events doesn’t erode our family life completely(!). And I am sure that the experience of being a parent has helped many of us appreciate the sacrifices our own parents made for us throughout their lives.

Our spiritual focus for this term has been on The Road of Freedom, where we have looked at Jesus’ call to us to follow him on a path that is based on sacrifice and other-centredness. His willingness to give up his freedom out of love for us resulted in his death on the cross so that our sins could be forgiven. However, his resurrection signaled the beginning of a life where death need not be our final destination. Instead, by faith in him we have been set free from its power. Our calling, now, is to walk as Jesus calls us to, along a path that is shaped by him, using our freedom to live for others and bring glory to God.

While we have had a taste of ‘other-centredness’ in our lives, Jesus calls us on a path where this is the staple diet.

So, are you coming along?

Dale Gosden
College Pastor

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Year 9 Camp 2021

This year, the Year 9 Camp was a wonderful moment of reflection, activities, and time to think of oneself and others. Our Departure Service in the early morning was well attended by parents and caregivers, offering a chance to share some appreciative thoughts and for students and parents to exchange gratitude letters. 

We departed on time and made it to the Flinders Ranges in time for some groups to engage in specific activities while others prepared for their solo night. Unfortunately for us, although fortunate for the communities and farmers, we experienced quite a downpour of rain. The experience proved challenging for some and reflective for others as they learnt to appreciate the importance of water for such a burnt, dry landscape. As with previous years, one has no doubt that their recalling of tales will become legendary. Feedback from most of our students was that they desired to stay longer.

As educators, we find ourselves observing our students developing their resilience, patience and communication skills, with new friendships growing and bonds with mates becoming stronger.

Peter Simmons
Year 9 Pastoral Leader

  • Year 9 Camp CRID 013
  • IMG 1625
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  • Year 9 Camp CRID 021
  • Year 9 Camp CRID 045
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  • Yr9 Camp
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Australian Brain Bee Challenge

What is the role of a suprachiasmatic nucleus? Approximately what percentage of neurons are devoted to visual processing? Where would you find three ossicles called the malleus, incus and stapes? How does glutamate and gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) differ in function? Welcome to the world of the Brain Bee.

The Australian Brain Bee Challenge (ABBC) is a competition for high school students in Year 10 to learn about the brain and its functions, learn about neuroscience research, find out about careers in neuroscience and to dispel misconceptions about neurological and mental illnesses. The program was started in Australia in 2006. The Brain Bee Challenge provides current and accurate information on the latest advances in neuroscience research, its value to the community, and promotes careers in science and technology.

Round 1 involved working on a range of online modules with content developed by brain science experts from the Australasian Neuroscience Society. Nearly 3000 students across Australia and New Zealand participated in this first round of competition. We congratulate the two Year 10 students who took part in testing on this material, Jackson and Nicholas. These two students have earned a place in the State Finals – this involves an individual online competition as well as a face-to-face experience morning at the Adelaide Health and Medical Sciences building of the University of Adelaide. Congratulations to you both.

Emma Rieger
Enrichment and Extension

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Music Notes

Mother’s Day Breakfast

McKenzie Jazz Choir enjoyed the opportunity to perform for guests as they arrived at the Mother’s Day Breakfast, which was held earlier this term at Living Choice, Fullarton. The vocal ensemble entertained those in attendance with a selection of beautiful music including Jazz Cantate, For Once In My Life and Jazz Kyrie.

Harmony in the Chapel

On Friday 7 May, audience members were entertained by our College jazz ensembles at the first Harmony in the Chapel concert for 2021. The audience included members of the Old Concordians' Association 70+ group who were in attendance as part of their reunion, along with family members of student performers and St John's Campus Year 6 students. It was pleasing to be able to resume this series of concerts in 2021, and wonderful for the students to be able to perform to a live audience. Ensembles included Big Bands 1, 2 and 3 as well as the McKenzie jazz choir. We look forward to the second concert in this series, which will be held in Term 3 when we will witness performances by the Orchestra and String Ensemble.

Strike a Chord

Recently, Concordia College String Quartet 1 and Cello Quartet were given the opportunity to spend time in the Media Centre, recording repertoire to be submitted for the annual “Musica Viva Strike a Chord” competition. We wish the students in each of these ensembles all the best with their submissions and thank the Media staff with their assistance on the day.

Cello Quartet performance at the Unley Youth Music Competition

On the evening of Saturday 29 May, Concordia’s Cello Quartet was invited to perform an item at this special event which was held in the College Chapel.

The Quartet displayed outstanding musicianship and was extremely well received by the large audience.

Congratulations to Oliver, Ella, Ruben and Rafael for representing Concordia so well at this important community event.

Mat Noble
Director of Music

  • Mothers Day Breakfast 21 007
  • Screen Shot 2021 05 27 at 11.05
  • Screen Shot 2021 05 27 at 11.06
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City of Unley - National Reconciliation Week Event

To celebrate National Reconciliation Week, the City of Unley invited local schools to their Town Hall to observe and participate in traditional Indigenous dance and music with one of Adelaide’s Indigenous communities – IMBALA who represent the Peramangk people of the Adelaide Hills. IMBALA is a father and his four children who through stories involving dance and music provide a glimpse into 60,000 years of Indigenous culture. With a restriction of numbers Concordia were fortunate for a small group of Year 7/8 students to attend and participate in the event. Everyone in attendance enjoyed and appreciated the presentation, feeling a strong commitment to this year’s call for Reconciliation – “More than a word. Reconciliation takes action.”   

Steve Eden
Head of International Student Programs

  • Reconciliation Week Unley Council 003
  • Reconciliation Week Unley Council 007
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News about Year 10 from 2022

Our Chair of the Concordia College Board, Dr Loyd Fyffe, announced last week a leadership restructure across ELC to Year 12.

This new structure includes delivering Year Level Programs as two-year cycles (for example 7/8, 9/10 and 11/12), ensuring curriculum and pastoral programs that enable staff to further support students at their intellectual, social and emotional growth.

Across the last 18 months, we have collected feedback from students, teachers and parents. This feedback indicated that our current Year 10 program could more effectively support students' learning and wellbeing needs, interests and development, including preparation for Year 11 and 12 studies.

A recognised change that accompanies this methodology will be the closer connection between Year 9 and Year 10. Hence, our definition of Middle School will expand to encompass Year 7 to Year 10, aligning with the IB Middle Years Programme. 

Year 10 is an important year in considering pathways students may want to take after school. It is vital that students are developing the critical capabilities, learner profiles and knowledge that are required for their future education, training and career goals. The wholistic nature of the MYP, and specifically the features of Year 10 as the culminating year of the programme, maximise opportunities for students in this area.

The new structure is designed to enhance student and teacher support, especially where wellbeing and behavioural support of students is most needed. Operating a Middle School structure with a Middle School Leader and Middle School Learning Leader supported by four Year Level Leaders ensures the needs of Middle School students are more broadly supported by enhanced support and monitoring.

Part of this new structure includes creating student leadership opportunities for Year 10 students as Middle School leaders. This new process deliberately promotes Year 10 as the culminating and graduating year of the Middle Years Programme curriculum. Celebrating the Year 10 completion of the Personal Project and graduation from MYP therefore becomes a significant milestone.

Within our new structure, over the next 12–18 months, the College will explore how the IB (International Baccalaureate) flexibilities can more effectively be implemented to enhance each student's preparation for future study and allow individuals to make educated choices for their senior years, based on their strengths, interests and future aspirations.

Mrs Briony Carman
Head of Middle School

Mr Clay Watkins
Acting Head of Senior School

Mr Paul Weinert
Principal - Concordia Campus

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Drama at Concordia

In Weeks 4 and 5, the Drama Department staff and its elective cohorts in Years 9, 11 and 12 were busy, heading out to the world-class Adelaide Festival Scenery Workshop, viewing a world premiere for the DreamBIG Festival and hosting the State Theatre Company in our theatre for a specialised Realism workshop.

These activities support the classroom curriculum and more importantly give our students insight into real-world experiences of the Arts industry. Whether they dream of becoming an actor, a designer, a technician, a theatre reviewer or a future audience member, programs outside of the classroom are a crucial element to transferring our skills and linking our learning in Drama to professional contexts.

Thank you to Gaenor Roeger, Emma Williams and Daniel Wood for your support, organisation and supervision of the students.

Enjoy the photos and the reports of our experiences!

Zoe Tidemann
Head of Drama

SACE Stage 1 Drama Excursion- Adelaide Festival Scenery Workshop

On Wednesday 19 May, my SACE Stage 1 Drama class was lucky enough to visit the Adelaide Festival Scenery Workshop. This was an extraordinary experience and combined two of my favourite subjects on a huge scale. As a student of both Drama and Design, Technology and Engineering, seeing the workshop was an incredible opportunity to consider future pathways for myself.

The workshop itself featured two large warehouses and the office. The warehouses were split into sections for woodwork, metalwork and other manufacturing trades, and then there was the ‘floor space’ which was used to set everything up and attach it all together. We were lucky enough to see the Moulin Rouge set coming together and were told about some of the technological and design aspects of the set. We were shown the art behind the magic of theatre and, really, it made theatre all the more magical for me.

A huge thanks to Mr Mead and Ms Tidemann for organising this trip for us.

Nicole 11SBUD 

MYP Year 9 Drama Excursion - Everything They Ever Said, DreamBIG Children’s Festival

On Thursday 20 May, 50 Year 9 Drama students with their teachers headed to The Lab on Light Square to see a world premiere of Finegan Kruckmeyer’s play, Everything They Ever Said (With Fingers Crossed Behind Their Backs).

Devised by a courageous ensemble from SAYArts, this performance piece explored the confusion and loneliness that being a teenager brings by using a framework of conspiracy theories and condemned politicians. The story was told using a wonderfully creative and endless amount of theatrical elements, from the actor’s themselves, to animation, live instruments and masks.

Our students were all imaginatively engaged, perplexed, amused, shocked and in awe of the experience. They will now be able to use it as inspiration for their own creative work in the future.

Zoe Tidemann
Head of Drama 

SACE Stage 2 Drama Incursion - Realism Workshop with Rory Walker from State Theatre Company

On Wednesday of Week 5, we took part in an acting workshop with Rory Walker from State Theatre Company. He gave us an insight into professional acting techniques used to create realistic emotions on stage. 

Interestingly, he was involved in a professional production of the text we are currently studying. The session was a valuable experience. 

Eve 12RSOM

  • IMG 7164
  • IMG 7168
  • IMG 7170
  • IMG 7192
  • IMG 7194
  • IMG 7202
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da Vinci Decathlon

On 19 and 20 May, we had a Year 7 and Year 9 team represent Concordia College at the da Vinci Decathlon. This annual event is hosted by St Peter’s Girls' School. The da Vinci Decathlon began as an offshoot of the gifted and talented program of Knox Grammar, Sydney. The competition is named after one of the world’s greatest scholars and thinkers, and emphasises problem-solving, teamwork, creativity and higher order thinking skills.

Our Year 7 team competed against 22 other schools from across the state in this academic gala day. The Year 9 team competed against 14 other schools. There were competition papers across 10 disciplines: Mathematics, Code-breaking, Engineering, Cartography, Ideation, Art and Poetry, English, Science, Legacy (knowledge of da Vinci and the Renaissance period) and Creative Producers.

We are thrilled that the Year 7 team placed: 4th in Art and Poetry, 3rd in Ideation, and 2nd in Engineering. Our Year 9 team came 1st in the state in Art and Poetry. To place in the “Top 5” of any categories at one of these events is a significant achievement as the standard is incredibly high.

“I think my da Vinci Decathlon experience was quite challenging but fun. I met some new people and I learned about lots of things.” (Sam)

“The Decathlon provided a fantastic opportunity to not only extend the team’s knowledge and understanding of a range of subjects, but also connected us with various like-minded students from other schools … The work was really challenging but something that brought the team closer together when figuring out the solutions. My personal favourite category was Art and Poetry as it was a subject that required both thought and creativity. It was merely a bonus that we ended up winning it.” (Macy)

It was a fantastic day of academic competition, collaboration and fun. Well done, Team Concordia!

Emma Rieger
Enrichment and Extension

  • Year 7 da Vinci Decathlon team
  • Year 9 da Vinci Decathlon team 2021
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Legal Studies - Excursion and Incursion

Adelaide Gaol Excursion

Both Year 11 and 12 Legal Studies classes recently attended the Adelaide Gaol where they were able to view the history of our oldest Gaol. The students showed great enthusiasm and interest to understand how our Gaol system works. Students were able to experience life inside a cell, touch artefacts such as handcuffs and escape ropes, and contemplate South Australia’s dark history.

Rick Sommariva
Legal Studies Teacher

Year 12 Inquiry Task

On Monday 24 May, our Year 12 class had the privilege of having the following members from the community come in to be interviewed in relation to the students' Inquiry Task.

Mark Minarelli
Fox Tucker Lawyers

Marianna Danby
Fox Tucker Lawyers

Rick Sarre
Emeritus Professor of Law
University of SA

Sarah Moulds
Senior Lecturer
University of SA

Rob Chalmers
Flinders University Law School

Samantha Kontra
Associate Lecturer
Flinders University Law School 

Geeta Sidhu
Normans Waterhouse Lawyers

To be able to have these people in one room at the one time was an exciting experience and I know the students gained an immeasurable amount of knowledge and insight from their expertise in being able to answer questions relating to the legal issues the students were investigating.

I wish to thank all the guest speakers this year and look forward to many more that will come into the Year 12 Legal Studies classes over the coming year. Legal Studies is a subject that Concordia students study with great interest and passion. It allows for honest discussion about contemporary legal issues that occur on a daily basis.

Rick Sommariva
Legal Studies Teacher

  • Year 12 Legal Studies Adelaide Gaol
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Student Achievement

Concordia congratulates Lily (9CRID) who competed in the semi-final of the highly competitive Rostrum Voice of Youth Public Speaking competition at Immanuel College on Saturday 22 May. Lily successfully gained a place in the SA/NT Zone Final. On Saturday 26 June, Lily will represent Concordia against three other Junior speakers in the SA House of Assembly at Parliament House. She will present a six-minute prepared speech and a three-minute short notice speech (with 15 minutes of preparation time.) We are proud of you, Lily, and wish you all the best!

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