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Students challenge their thinking at the da Vinci Decathlon.

Reception students get creative for their Jolly Phonics dress-up day.

Vocal Cabaret - what a night!

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Fifty Years Ago

1967 was an eventful year for Concordia’s footballers:

  • A local dentist offered to fit the First XVIII with mouth guards to encourage the boys to protect their teeth in contact sports. At that time mouth guards were only just beginning to gain acceptance, so this was something of a novelty.
  • Concordia’s First and Second football teams played on their new oval at Daws Road High School for the first time. This arrangement relieved the College of the embarrassment of playing on an east-west facing oval that was also too narrow.
  • When the First XVIII received a special invitation to play Wesley College, Melbourne on the Prince Alfred College Oval, they made good use of the opportunity by winning 11-6 to 6-16.

Jenni van Wageningen

  • 1967 First XVIII Football