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Pedal Prix Race 1 Report

The Concordia College Pedal Prix team competed in its first race of the 2017 season at Victoria Park on Sunday 18 June. With student interest and participation growing this year once again, 63 students were involved across five teams throughout the six-hour race. Students have been training hard since the end of Term 1 with weekly fitness sessions, group rides and track trainings in the lead up to the season opener.

We were excited to launch our new bike called ‘Concorde’ which was purchased thanks to funds generated through the Pedal Prix quiz night in Term 1. The pit area was a hub of activity with over 80 parents cheering for the Concordia teams. All teams competed exceptionally well on the track throughout the day, reaching the top 10 and even the top five in their respective classes at different stages throughout the race. Some competitive lap times were recorded throughout the day, meaning Concordia will be a close contender in the upcoming races across all three categories.

A big thank you to all the parents and staff who supported the successful running of the first race by assisting with bike repairs, catering, fundraising and team managing. Students now work towards their next six-hour race on Sunday 30 July at Victoria Park.

Final Results:
Shockwave – 8th Primary Category
Illuminate – 36th Middle Secondary Category
Matrix – 10th Middle Secondary Category
Concorde – 9th Middle Secondary Category
Harmony – 15th Senior Secondary Category (mechanical issue)

Matthew Smart
Pedal Prix Coordinator

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St John's Campus Sports Results

Thursday 15 June

Concordia Clippers defeated Gopzilla: 20 - 4.


Friday 16 June

Concordia Gold v Parkside: 1 win - 2 draws.
Thanks to Georgia and Oliver for filling in at short notice. 

Concordia Blue v Concordia White: 3 - 1.


Saturday 17 June

Concordia Year 4/5s defeated Highgate: 84 - 7.


Monday 19 June

Concordia Canaries defeated Pulteney White: 6 - 0.
Great effort by all the girls.

Concordia Comets lost to St Therese Lightning: 6 - 8.


Saturday 17 June

Concordia U/8 defeated St John the Baptist: 3 - 0.
Goal Scorers: Thomas, Oliver and Annabelle.

Concordia U/10 lost to Brighton: 2 - 3.
Goal Scorers: Liam and Lachlan B who managed to score from midfield.

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Concordia Campus Sports Results

Saturday 17 June

Concordia Senior A lost to PAC: 39 - 55.

Concordia Senior B lost to PAC: 23 - 44.

Concordia Middle D defeated Sacred Heart: 61 - 8.

Cross Country

Wednesday 14 June

Angus finished 9th in the Junior Boys category with a time of 19:47:31.

Tobias finished 3rd in the Senior Boys category with a time of 17:47:97.

Isla finished 4th in the Junior Girls category with a time of 20:06:28.


Wednesday 14 June

Concordia Senior 19.13 (127) defeated Nazareth 5.6 (36).
Best players: Bailey, Tom M, Sean, Dan, Brad, Mitch, Sam, Tim, Harrison.
Goal scorers: Tom M, Bailey, Jack, Harrison, Mitch, Dan, Tom S, Sam.

Wednesday 21 June

Concordia 1st XVIII 12.7 (79) defeated Urrbrae 8.2 (50).
Best players: Bailey, Dan, Brad, Mitch, Sean, Zac, Harrison, Jacob, Gus.
Goal scorers: Harrison, Ben, Sean, Bailey, Mitch, Sam, Brad, Zac, Charlie.


Saturday 17 June

Concordia Senior A lost to Westminster: 37 - 75.

Concordia Senior B lost to Westminster: 33 - 53.

Concordia Senior C lost to Westminster.

Concordia Senior D lost to Westminster.

Concordia 9 Gold lost to Westminster: 32 - 47.

Concordia 9 Navy lost to Westminster: 15 - 26.

Concordia 8A lost to Westminster.

Concordia 8B defeated Westminster.

Concordia 7 Gold defeated Westminster: 38 - 1.

Concordia White defeated Concordia Navy in a very tight game.

Soccer (Boys)

Saturday 17 June

Concordia Senior A defeated Scotch: 3 - 1.
Best players: Ben, Harrison C, Harrison B.
Goal scorers: Jaco, Dakota, Harrison B.
After a slow start to the match, the boys knuckled down and achieved a hard-fought victory. Well done!

Concordia Year 10B defeated Blackfriars: 9 - 2.
Best players: Luke, Callum, James.
Goal scorers: Callum, Zac, Alex, Angus, Jonathan, James, Max.

Concordia Middle C lost to Pembroke: 1 - 6.
Best players: Will, Mitchell, Matt.
Goal scorer: Mitchell.

Soccer (Girls)

Wednesday 14 June

Concordia Senior lost to Wilderness.

Concordia Middle lost to Wilderness.

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