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From the Concordia Campus Principal
The Concordia Team

During recent weeks I have watched many of our students in action in various teams. As a spectator, it was a joy to witness the passion and commitment of the students in their chosen pursuits. It must be said, that these pursuits were not limited to the sporting field. Whilst I watched netball, basketball, soccer and football teams, I also saw an equal amount of passion and commitment in drama, music, problem solving and catering teams.

Team pursuits are wonderful learning opportunities for the students. Teamwork enhances a range of important life skills which are directly transferable to academic pursuits and future effective workplace practice. Monash University research suggests that some of the key skills learnt through participating in teams are as follows:

  • The development of critical thinking skills.
  • Learning to give and receive effective feedback.
  • Building trusting relationships.
  • The opportunity to learn to lead and follow.
  • Enhancing social skills and interactions.
  • Interaction and co-operation facilitated by decreasing a sense of isolation.
  • Quiet students can gain confidence in small teams overcoming the passivity associated with large groups.
  • Students from diverse backgrounds are provided with the opportunity to be heard, share experiences and skills, and to participate in unique ways (which may provide a new perspective).
  • Alternative ideas and points of view can be generated.
  • It provides learning experiences that can prepare students for the realities and diversity of the workplace, by collaborating with people with different skills, cultures, approaches and from different places.
  • Students develop and practice skills in: decision making, problem solving, values clarification, communication, negotiation and conflict resolution.

While these team skills are certainly taught with increasing intentionality in the curriculum, extra-curricular activities on and off the sporting field provide opportunities to practice these skills, which are so critical to success. 

It is wonderful to note the many options Concordia students have to be part of teams, and my encouragement is that they make the most of these opportunities which will in turn develop skills which will set them up for life.

Paul Weinert
Principal - Concordia Campus

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da Vinci Decathlon Competition

As part of the Gifted Education Program at Concordia, a team of Year 7 students entered the SA Da Vinci Decathlon Competition in which teams of 8 students representing their schools pit their general knowledge, creative reasoning skills and ability to think quickly against each other by completing ten challenges.

On 30 May we competed at St Peter’s Girls College against 22 other SA schools. Intensive preparation in the week beforehand lent team members a sense of confident excitement tempered with trepidation as they tried to anticipate the sorts of challenges they could expect. The day was tense and energetic, yet calm as they followed their game-plan to finish Runners Up in this prestigious contest, narrowly missing the opportunity to compete in the Nationals in Sydney.

Hayley and Louisa explain:

Our top 5 results were 5th in Mathematics, 5th in Creative Producers, 2nd in General Knowledge, 2nd in Code Breaking and first in Cartography. The rest of our results were no lower than 13th place out of 23 teams.

Overall it was a great day, where we got to put our talents and ideas to good use. St. Peters Girls were wonderful hosts and supplied us with yummy cake for morning tea and delicious pizza for lunch. The end result of all our hard work was that we came second overall, only losing to Stradbroke Primary School by a very narrow margin. Thank you to Mrs Thomas for making this amazing opportunity possible.

Louise Thomas
Gifted Education

  • 2nd Place Year 7 AI
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Year 8 Challenge Day

The excitement was high as we prepared our costumes, dance and song for the Year 8 Challenge Day. We entered the chapel on Friday 1 June ready to see who would take out this year’s event! With the reward of major bragging rights, our Home Class immortalised on the Year 8 Challenge Day shield, and a Subway lunch, it was every Home Class for themselves. We then headed from the Chapel off to the Waite Institute to run 1.5km to gain more points for our Home Class. The themes for this year were: tradies, hippies, weird words in the dictionary, army, opposite gender and care bears. We would like to thank all the teacher and adults that made this day possible. Whilst everyone put in an amazing effort the standouts in the fun run were:
First place - Jordan K 8VNT
Second place - Dane H 8AMA
And third place - Dylan B 8JCA

After a fantastic day of team spirit with some extraordinary dance moves the final overall winner for 2018 was 8JCA with the theme of care bears.

Amelia T and Georgia P
Year 8 Students


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Year 8 German

During Term 2, the Year 8 Continuers German classes have been studying food, including culinary traditions and practices in German-speaking countries. Recently, the students have performed role plays, in which they discussed which foods and drinks they like and dislike, and ordered food in an imaginary restaurant. The students performed the role plays whilst seated at a table made to look like a real restaurant table, complete with table cloth, full cutlery settings, napkins and menus. The atmosphere was enhanced by pictures of the food the students had chosen to order. Presented on restaurant-style plates, the food looked appetising and quite authentic, and many students were moved to wish that they could eat the food in real life. The task has enabled the students to use their creative talents, as well as helping them to gain a better understanding of food in Germany and increase their desire to travel to Germany to sample the dishes in real life!

Judy Harris
German Teacher

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Year 9 Camp – Flinders Ranges

This year, we integrated our Pastoral Care Program, Concordia - The Rite Journey, with our camp. This included the Departure Ceremony held for parents/caregivers, their children and Home Class teachers at 6.15am in the Chapel on the Monday. We live in such busy times, and the way in which we came together as a Year 9 Community and acknowledged the growth and development of children/adolescents and our students, was a touching experience. The service was led by Mr Paul Weinert, Pastor Dale Gosden and Mrs Briony Carman.

Year 9 students and parents exchanged letters and had time to quietly acknowledge each other’s growth, achievements and shared trust, as their child and our students work toward taking greater responsibility for their learning and shared independence. The service was completed in time for Year 9 students to depart on the buses at 7.15am for the Flinders Ranges.

2018 is the first year we, as a Year 9 cohort, have all gone on the camp at the same time. The boys went to Argadelle Station and the girls to Wilpena Pound. The students were excited, anxious and had mixed emotions for what lay ahead. All students embraced the motto, ‘challenge to choose,’ something we encouraged them to think about when it came to the activities of rock climbing, abseiling, mountain biking, hiking and embracing the numerous activities available to them on camp.  Whatever they have a go at is to be celebrated, and it’s a pleasure to state that the students at camp had a go!

Peter Simmons
Year 9 Pastoral Leader

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Year 11 Geography Field Trip

Yr11 Geograhy FreyaW AILast Thursday, the Year 11 Geography students went on a field trip to Belair National Park. We collected data to retain information for our topic of Natural Hazards, and Bushfires in particular. We had to identify and record the degree of the slope, the amount of litter depth and the bark fuel, just to name a few. This helps us to determine the type of fire and what the weather conditions were like at the time of the hazard, as well as the level of fuel risk in the likeliness of a bushfire or controlled fire passing through.  

Jemma 11NFLE
Photo: Freya 11NFLE assessing the slope of a site using a clinometre.

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Year 12 IB Diploma Physics

The Year 12 IB Diploma Physics students visited the University of Adelaide on Tuesday 12 June. They completed a diode bridge rectification circuit activity. The students converted an alternating current signal to a smooth direct current signal using electronic circuit boards, diodes, capacitors and an oscilloscope. They worked with Concordia College parent and University of Adelaide Senior Lecturer Dr Braden Phillips in an Electrical Engineering laboratory on the North Terrace Campus.

Joanne Rogers
Head of Science

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Senior School Drama

It has been a busy few weeks in the Drama Centre as our senior classes have performed their major productions.  During Week 6, the Year 11 Drama students performed “A Mad Breakfast.”  The play was a farce and the comedic, chaotic style was a real challenge for the students who had had little exposure to this type of theatre.  They had only six short weeks of rehearsal and those involved should be proud of all they achieved to bring this entertaining piece of theatre to life. 

In Week 7, it was the Year 12s turn.  With yet another very short rehearsal period of only eight weeks, the class of 2018 put a huge amount of time and energy into their production of Kate Mulvany’s “Masquerade”.  This relatively new play was first performed by State Theatre Company in 2015 and its beautiful story moved many of our audience members to tears.  It was my pleasure to work with such a dedicated and committed group of passionate Drama students and we hope that those of you lucky enough to see the performance, could appreciate the sheer amount of hard work that had gone into it.  Massive congratulations to the Year 12 Drama class of 2018!

Emma Williams
Head of Drama

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Annual Appeal 2018
Have you supported our 2018 Annual Appeal?

Sincere thanks to parents, old collegians and other generous Concordia Community members who have already supported the 2018 Annual Appeal with a tax-deductible donation.

Through past Annual Appeals, Concordia has been able to provide new and upgraded buildings, equipment and scholarships for our students. With your help the 2018 Annual Appeal will again provide much needed support for our campus.

Two special projects currently needing support at Concordia are the Concordia Foundation Indigenous Scholarship Fund, giving more Indigenous students the opportunity to attend Concordia, and the provision of shade for the Nautilus Centre Deck.

You can donate by phoning Sue Spry, Donor Relations Manager on 8291 9339, or online via this link;  Donate Here

  • Annual Appeal CC1
  • Annual Appeal CC2
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Themis Dinner

The Concordia College, Law and Justice Society, Themis Dinner was held on Thursday 7 June in The Suaviter. The purpose of the evening was for old collegians, present Year 11 & 12 Legal Studies students, students interested in studying law at university and guests from the law fraternity associated with the College to network with each other, share a meal and gain some valuable insights from the key note speaker.

This year the committee invited Tania Leiman Associate Professor and Dean of Law, Director, Flinders Blockchain Alliance College of Business, Government & Law, to be the Key Note Speaker. Our Themis Ambassadors for the evening were Anna Lindsay (2015) and Ben Krieg (2015).

The theme of Tania’s key note address was:
Tradition, Disruption, Innovation and New Opportunities: Law in the 21st century

Tania gave an inspiring talk and showed the audience of budding law students that there is a need for lawyers who understand the nuances of today’s technology to help society through the intricate web of the law.

This year just under one hundred people attended the dinner. Great interest has been shown in the Themis Dinner and we hope that students and guests continue to network with each other and share their experiences of the Law. Many of the old collegians had to give their apology for not attending the dinner as they are now working overseas or interstate.

Thanks must go to Tania Leiman for her thought provoking presentation, our Themis Ambassadors for running the evening and for their assistance in helping to keep this innovation growing, and the student helpers for catering the evening.

Thanks also go to Griffin Lawyers, Flinders University and COCA for sponsoring the dinner.

Many attendees enjoyed the evening so much that we will pursue future casual get togethers. The Themis dinner is an annual event and we look forward to "Keeping in touch" with each other in the future.

Rick Sommariva

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Zaidi Ya Dreams Fundraiser

Throughout Week 5, Concordia students engaged in various fundraising activities to raise funds for Zaidi Ya Dreams, a children's home in Kenya. Yasmine Ernst, the owner of the facility, visited Concordia recently to share the story of Zaidi Ya Dreams. She mentioned that their home had tragically burnt down in February due to an electrical fire, leaving 21 children and many staff without a home and workplace.

Forum, led by Mia J 8MRI, and the Student Leaders were very moved by her presentation and began organising a fundraiser. From there blossomed a week of major activities, thanks to the assistance of the entirety of Forum. There was a massive raffle and jellybean guessing game throughout the week with tickets being sold from Monday to Thursday and on Wednesday, a sausage sizzle and a bake-sale were held in the quad; with lines all the way to the Nautilus Centre! Additionally, Wednesday was also a casual day. Winners from the raffle were drawn and announced that week in assembly, with the closest guess of 1544 jelly beans (1597 actual) being made by Jack S 11SBUJacob 7SSPA won the major raffle prize taking home a huge basket of edible goodies and Sharon K (Staff), won second prize.

The fundraiser was a great success, raising $2,592. Thank you to all students, whose gracious donations will be used for helping to provide the children at Zaidi Ya Dreams with a safe and supportive education. We know that this contribution will greatly assist them and it is our aim to continue the partnership between Zaidi Ya Dreams and Concordia in the years to come.

Mia J and Jacob K
On Behalf of the Student Leaders and Forum

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Service Learning
ME/CFS collection

Twelve of our Year 9 Ambassadors helped raise awareness and collect money for ME/CFS at Mitcham Square Shopping Centre in May. Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME), also known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), is a debilitating and complex illness that our best health professionals know little about. #MillionsMissing signifies how it’s missing from the NDIS, research funding, appropriate treatment and medical training. Recently, I was surprised to discover that someone I thought I knew well had been diagnosed with the illness and I knew nothing of it. People with ME/CFS simply disappear when they aren’t well, which gives them little voice. A harrowing but worthwhile documentary, Unrest, is available on Netflix if you’d like to find out more. Another exciting development for the ME/CFS community is that Sam Duluk, MP for Waite, discussed the illness in State Parliament this week: the first time ME/CFS has been mentioned in such a setting.

Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal

Fifty Concordia students supported the Salvation Army’s annual Red Shield Appeal this year. The Unley/Mitcham branch of the Salvos have nearly reached their $60,000 goal. The Salvation Army today is on the front-line in our community, providing for many people’s needs, just like it did back in WW1 when they provided donuts to troops on the front-line. They help fill the hole. The College is incredibly thankful for our continuing partnership, with the Unley Salvos hosting our Year 8s during their Connected Unley program, and building great connections with past and current students who continue to help out in the local community. You can financially support the Salvos HERE

Australian Refugee Association School Symposium

Some of our Year 9 Ambassadors attended the ARA School Symposium this week, as part of Refugee Week celebrations. They were presented with a global picture of the refugee crisis and discussed the stigmatisation endured by refugees. They also heard from DyspOra, an African-Australian recording artist, poet & self-proclaimed 'Sonic Activist’, who engaged them deeply with his story and music. Finally, ActNow Theatre created an enriching performance of how to respond to racism. The theme of Refugee Week 2018 is #WithRefugees. The questions that are being asked include: “How can we promote a more inclusive society for all?” and “How does the media influence our attitudes and perceptions on immigration and multiculturalism in Australia?”.

Jason Kupke
Student Welfare Worker

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Student Social Action in Society & Culture

For our Year 12 Society and Culture project, we were required to look at a current issue in South Australia and take some form of social action. As a group we decided to look at homelessness in South Australia. There are 116,427 people in Australia who identify as homeless. Currently in South Australia there are approximately 5,985 people experiencing homelessness.

Each year, the Hutt St Centre serves around 50,000 meals and offers social work and support services to nearly 2,000 people. Showers, laundry facilities, visiting health professionals, an aged city living program for our older clients, recreation activities, education and training, legal aid and assistance with finding housing are all services provided to the 200+ homeless people who visit the Hutt St Centre each day. This is why we chose to support the Hutt St Centre for our project. We ran a longest coin line fundraiser with the Year 7 and 8 students, whereby each home class had to make the longest coin line that they could in The Suaviter. The total amount that was raised was $758. We were absolutely thrilled with the incredible amount raised for this worthy cause!

The Home Class that made the longest coin line and the winner of the free hot chip lunch was 7RHO. Congratulations 7RHO with Miss Hogan! Thank you to all the Year 7 and 8 students for donating money to such an important cause and to all the staff and teachers who were involved in helping us to make this event so successful. Thank you to Mrs Carman, Mr Watkins, Mr Gaskin and Mr Carpenter for all of your support and advice. Thank you also to all the Year 7 and 8 Home Class teachers who gave us many helpful tips and kept the coins safe while they were being collected. Thank you for all your help!

Sarah S 12RSO, Isabelle B 12HRO and Caitlin L 12HRO

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2019 Europe Art Trip

There have been many expressions of interest for the 2019 Europe Art Trip. The trip is primarily intended for students studying Year 11 and 12 Art in 2019, although other students are most welcome to apply. The plan of this trip is to visit Italy, France and Spain where we would focus on galleries, architecture and experiences in key cities and towns for a full cultural experience.

Final numbers need to be determined by Monday 25 June and applications are now being accepted. Please contact Jane Robson for further details and application forms.


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Entertainment Books

Support the Concordia Campus Parents & Friends as they seek to continue contributing to facility upgrades and other projects around the campus by purchasing your new 2018/19 Entertainment membership via the link below. The Entertainment Membership provides access to discounts on a wide range of activities, food outlets and restaurants, travel and hotel companies and more.

To purchase your membership, click here.

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Student Achievements
Accompanist Guild of South Australia Concert

Congratulations Tansy N 7LTHO for representing Concordia at the 2018 Junior Ensemble Musicians (JEMs) Concert held in Pilgrim Church last week. Selected by the late Rosemary Stimpson (former Concordia Oboe teacher), Tansy performed alongside students from schools across Adelaide in a thoroughly entertaining and sophisticated program of music. Well done Tansy!

Westfield National Youth Championships

Congratulations to Julia P 9SML who has been selected in the squad to play at the FFA National Youth Championships in Coffs Harbour, during the coming school holidays. We wish Julia all the very best.

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From the Archives: Pedal Prix 1995

This week in 'From the Archives' we take a look the first time Concordia participated in Pedal Prix in 1995.


  • 1995 Pedal Prix Concorde1 AI
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