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From the Concordia Campus Principal

Feet on the ground, eyes on the horizon

As we come to the end of another busy yet highly successful term, I would like to take the opportunity to highlight some of the ongoing planning which has been progressing in the background. This planning refers to our College Strategic Plan and Master Plan which are both a work in progress but nearing completion.

Our Strategic Plan has been a work in progress since September last year, and while the basis of the plan was mapped through initial planning days, with the rate of change in government policy at a Federal level, and other external factors, it was felt we needed to gain further clarity about several issues affecting the College before confirming our strategic directions.

Regardless of these external factors, two areas which will certainly form the centrepiece of the plan will be our Vision for Learning and emerging Wellbeing Framework.  Both of these areas are clearly linked, and both informed by university partnerships. Our Vision for Learning is underpinned by our project with the University of Melbourne on mapping and measuring the future skill sets students will need to flourish in the workplace, and our wellbeing project is focused on developing a wellbeing framework and tailored programs in collaboration with researchers from Flinders University.

The Vision for Learning will also influence our Master Planning process, as the learning spaces envisioned must align with our evolving pedagogical approach. The idea that students must be seated at desks working in rows is quickly becoming archaic. Technology and collaborative work environments are changing the design of learning spaces. There is no doubt that our emerging learning agenda with its emphasis on rigour, creativity and cross-discipline project-based learning, will translate into improved learning spaces and influence future architectural design across the College. The hope is that a new definition of student success might include a broader scope of learning that will in turn change physical spaces to foster increased student engagement and encourage ingenuity.

In terms of the status of the planning, the draft Strategic Plan is in the late stages of development with the intent of socialising the plan with the College community next term. The accompanying Master Plan process is nearing the end of the community consultation and priorities will be confirmed once the Strategic directions are set.

As we approach this change agenda we are taking a ‘feet on the ground, eyes on the horizon’ type of philosophy. No matter how much our approaches to learning may change, the purpose which drives our unique and holistic approach to education is clear. This purpose is summed up in a statement recently developed by the College Board to ensure the College remains ‘grounded’:

Concordia College aspires to be

Passionate about providing a comprehensive and sound education that engages individuals to meet their needs


a diverse community where inclusive relationships are developed and individuals accepted


providing a place of peace so people are able to feel safe and secure and forgiveness is offered for mistakes made


individuals are supported and cared for in a pastoral manner


humility in service to others is encouraged 

Have a wonderful term break!

Paul Weinert
Principal - Concordia Campus

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Senior Vocal Cabaret

The Fullarton Community Centre Function Room was again alive with the sound of high quality music on Friday, 7 June, as the venue for this year’s Senior Vocal Cabaret.

Attended by more than 150 guests and performers, this special event gives our senior vocalists an opportunity to showcase their singing talents in a professional environment, and in front of a supportive audience of family and friends.

It was another delightful evening of music making, but one which could only occur as a result of much work behind the scenes. Special thanks to the team of volunteers who, led by Jenni Watkins, assisted in setting up and packing up, and running the evening in such a professional manner. Thanks also to Simon Kuchel for his outstanding work on lights and sound, and to the wonderful vocal teachers who supported their students in preparing them so well for their performance.

Finally, congratulations to Low Key (Jazz Trio) who entertained us during the breaks, and to the vocalists who performed on the evening, whose confidence and musicianship were joy to witness.

Mat Noble
Director of Music

  • Concert Vocal 2
  • 1X4A8555
  • 1X4A8608
  • Alex 1
  • Amy 1
  • Ariran 2
  • Low Key 3
  • Teliah 2
  • Yasmin 4
  • Zoe 1
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Annual Appeal Update

We really appreciate your support of the Concordia College Annual Appeal. Each year your tax-deductible donations provide Scholarships and equipment, and help to finance projects to benefit our students.

Please support our Annual Appeal here.

Sue Spry
Donor Relations and Alumni Manager

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Ensemble Day Camps

Each year Concordia’s major ensembles take a day out of school to attend important workshops which are designed to assist in preparation for significant concerts.

In Term 1, the Big Bands had their opportunity, so this term the Concert Band, Wind Ensemble, String Ensemble and Chamber Strings made their way to Nunyara in Belair on 3 and 4 June respectively, to each spend a full day rehearsing in a focused, team-building environment. It’s true to say that each ensemble managed to achieve as much in one day as they would have in four or five weeks worth of rehearsals.

Special thanks to all the directors and support staff involved with these ensembles. Their hard work and dedication ensures our students gain significant benefit from their expertise.

We look forward to seeing the fruits of their labour at events such as the ABODA Festival, Concordia in Concert, the Valedictory Service and the Carols Service.

Mat Noble
Director of Music

  • Ensemble Days 080
  • Ensemble Days 015
  • Ensemble Days 037
  • Ensemble Days 067
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Senior School Update

As Term 2 rolls to a close, the Senior School has been full steam ahead.

Amidst an armada of assignments, Year 11 SACE students have had a week of mid-year examinations, followed by a First Aid Training day attended by 54 SACE and IBDP students. Year 11 IBDP students have ‘Core Week’ next week, with sessions on each of the Core components of Theory of Knowledge, Creativity Activity Service, and Extended Essay.

At a Year 11 and 12 Assembly recently, we heard about the opportunity for students to join Antipodeans for a Schoolies with a difference – Schoolies Unearthed. Travel to Borneo, Nepal, Vanuatu or Vietnam for a couple of weeks volunteering with locals. At the risk of disrupting Year 12s from their intensive study regimes, this is well worth investigating, and offers some great places to travel to!

On Wednesday 19 June, Year 10 students and parents attended the Subject and Careers Information Evening. Along with information about the various pathway options offered at Concordia College (SACE, VET, IB Diploma), we heard from a number of current and former students about their experiences of study: why did they choose a particular pathway, the impact on their learning post-school, as well as advantages and disadvantages of particular options. Many thanks to Will Coren, Harrison Warrick, Sam Czabayski (all 2017 graduates), Ella and Ian (current Year 12s), and Mr Roberts-Thomson (DP graduate ‘a long time ago’). Following on from this, Mr Gogel (Careers/VET Coordinator) organised speakers from 18 different industries, including Business, Education, Health, Information Technology, Multimedia and Music.

One of the questions I was asked most was about studying Language in the IB Diploma. While students studying the Diploma are required to study a language, I suggest that this is seen as an opportunity rather than an imposition. As the world becomes more globalised, Australia’s famous ‘tyranny of distance’ is no longer such an isolating factor. In the Diploma, students may study an ab initio language – ‘from the beginning’ – and no prior knowledge of the language is required. We offer French ab initio on site, or facilitate other options through the School of Languages.

We are pleased to be able to offer an IB Diploma Scholarship for a student entering Year 11 in 2020. This offers a 25% fee reduction for the two years of the programme. For those unsure of their future direction, the IB Diploma gives students the broad range of subjects and skills to keep open as many options as possible. There are also scholarships for new Year 11 students who start next year, so you might pass these details on to any friends who are considering a move to Concordia. Full details are on the College’s website, or please contact me for details about the Diploma or Linda Theel (Enrolments Manager) about the scholarships.

I wish all Concordia families a safe and restful holiday.

Brendan Toohey
IB Diploma Coordinator

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AdYO Concert attended by Concordia’s Chamber Strings

On Friday 31 May, members of our Chamber Strings attended a very special concert at Elder Hall (Adelaide University). The Adelaide Youth Orchestra presented a wonderful interactive concert based on Beethoven’s 5th Symphony. Not only did we have students in the audience, there were representatives from Concordia, both past and present, on the stage -  Haneulle (Year 10), Lewis (Year 11) and Jude (Year 6) as well as Thomas Phillips (2018 graduate).

Mat Noble
Director of Music

  • Chamber strings at AdYO Concert 29519
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Young Women in STEM Experience

On Wednesday 5 June, eight Year 10 girls went to the University of Adelaide for the Young Women in STEM experience. The day was divided into four sessions where we learnt about different careers through interactive activities. The activities included:

  • electrical engineering - building speakers out of paper plates
  • civil and structural engineering - constructing earthquake-proof towers
  • improving model cars, and
  • learning more about physics.

A highlight of the day was watching flames 'dance' to music after learning about sound waves. Overall, it was a good experience which opened our eyes to new opportunities.

Emma 10JLEY and Laura 10JLEY 

  • Young Women in STEM 013
  • Young Women in STEM 020
  • Young Women in STEM 011
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German Language and Cultural Immersion

During recent weeks, many Concordia College German students have had the opportunity to participate in a range of German cultural and language immersion opportunities.

The Year 7 German students attended a schools screening of “Liliane Süsewind” (Little Miss Dolittle) as part of the annual German Film Festival at the Palace Nova, and the Year 12 IB German students attended a screening of the thought-provoking but amusing recent German comedy “Der Vorname”.  As authentic German films, these screenings gave the students the opportunity to hear a range of German accents and colloquial language, as well as providing them with a snapshot of contemporary German culture and lifestyle.

The Year 12 SACE and IB students took part in a half-day German immersion programme on Sunday, 26 May. In small groups, the students took responsibility for preparing a typical German dish, and we all then enjoyed a German lunch featuring both savoury and sweet delicacies.  Everything was delicious and the home-baked Brezeln (pretzels) were particularly impressive. German was spoken throughout the day.

The Year 12 SACE and IB students also visited the Art Gallery on Thursday of Week 7, where they were given a tour in German. The tour featured a range of artworks created by German artists.  A number of the works of art also showcased German contributions to Australian history. The tour was highly informative and an excellent opportunity to practise speaking and listening to German outside of the school environment.

Judy Harris
German Teacher

  • German 1
  • German 2
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Employment Vacancy 2019

Aboriginal Advisor & Mentor ELC – 12

The position of Aboriginal Advisor & Mentor ELC - 12 is available to commence Semester 2 2019.

The position is part-time, fixed-term, one-semester tenure. The equivalent of 6 hours per fortnight. Two hours per week at set times and two hours per fortnight as agreed in advance during term weeks

The Aboriginal Advisor and Mentor will assist aboriginal students to successfully participate in school and will identify, implement, and manage relevant opportunities for aboriginal students and the College.

Applications for this position are invited from suitably qualified and experienced people. 

Application Process

The Position Description and Duty Statement can be found on the College website.

Applications marked “Confidential” and addressed to the Principals, via Mr Paul Weinert, must reach the Assistant to the Director of Staff, Olivia Scroop by 10.00am, Friday 19 July 2019.

Further inquiries about the position can be directed to the Director of Staff or Head of Senior School.

Vera White
Director of Staff

Concordia Campus
24 Winchester Street Highgate SA 5063
t. 08 8291 9354 | Email

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Inter-school Chess

The Concordia College inter-school chess team has continued to perform strongly in the Division 3 competition, with the students winning 11 of the 16 games played during the last two rounds. The students are to be commended on their exemplary sportsmanship: establishing a comfortable rapport with their opponents, offering helpful tips to less-experienced players and always being willing to engage in “friendly matches” against students from other schools who find themselves without an opponent. We are now halfway through the inter-school chess season and we are looking forward to the challenge of our remaining games. 

Judy Harris
Inter-school Chess Team Coordinator

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From the Archives: The Georg Memorial Library

This week we take a look back at the first of Concordia's buildings to be named after a former teacher, the Georg Memorial Library, which was opened in 1970.


  • vic georg
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Student Achievement

Well done to Kate 12SBUD who has recently been in Italy with the Australian Diving team competing in the fifth leg of the FINA Diving Grand Prix. A fantastic achievement!

  • KRDiving
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