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From the Concordia Campus Principal

Weinert Paul

The students are the heartbeat of the College and we have been thrilled this term to have our learners back learning in classroomsWhilst some of our operations, particularly Chapel and Assemblies, are still impacted by COVID-19, the deep levels of care and commitment for each of our students, their learning and their wellbeing, remain at the heart of all we do. We are incredibly proud of our young people and the manner in which they adapted so quickly and seamlessly to different modes of learning. They have re-launched into Term 2 alongside their peers and teachers with vitality and rigour, and we hold every confidence that they will attend to their assessment tasks and exams with confidence and a commitment toward achieving their personal best.

There is not a manual for the type of crisis that we have just experienced, but the College responded based on advice from Government and health agencies and using the wisdom and experience of College staff to put in place plans for the community. At the forefront of all our discussions were Education and Wellbeing. Some students have had very little contact with others outside of their families for several months. Others have been at school as their parents have been essential workers, and formed friendships with other students. The social aspect of the return to school has been vitally important and something into which we put considerable thought.  The teachers were acutely aware of the potential impact of the uncertainty on students’ emotional health during the term. That being said, it has been quite inspiring to observe the high levels of resilience demonstrated by the students during this period of rapid change. In conversations with students from most year levels, the overwhelming sentiment is that they have been genuinely delighted to be back in class and part of the College community.

During the transition back to the normal school schedule this term, we have been conscious of continuing to hold events which foster a sense of a caring community. The Student Leaders have been great supporters of these community events, namely the ‘Welcome Back Lunch’ and the non-uniform ‘Dress-up Day’. These days have been enthusiastically supported by the students who have greatly appreciated the opportunity to connect on a larger scale.

A key value for the College is creativity and innovation. This value has certainly transformed into action as we embarked on the relatively short-lived Connected Learning program. Staff and students have learned powerful new skills which in many cases have enabled the teacher and learner to think differently. As we return to our normal schedule we will seek to continually reflect on the recent experiences, endeavouring to take the best of new approaches to learning and embed these into practice. This provides us with an excellent opportunity to rethink what we have always done and do things a little differently.

As we move into what will hopefully be a full resumption of activities in Term 3, I would like to thank parents for their wonderful support of the College during this time. I am acutely aware of the heavy burden many families have had to endure as a result of this pandemic. I hope and pray that our wonderful State continues on its current positive trajectory and that the many associated pressures will be lightened.

Paul Weinert
Principal - Concordia Campus

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Year 9 Ambassadors

At Concordia College, student leadership is based on servant leadership and the gospel. Concordia College Student Leaders are called to be active participants in the life of the College by serving others. Being a Student Leader is a genuine commitment to service and compassion, to acting in respectful ways and helping to inspire others to grow by bringing peace and happiness into their lives.

The Year 9 Ambassador program is designed to provide leadership opportunities to students within the Middle School. It is based on the concept of servant leadership and provides an opportunity for students to become active participants in continuing to build and shape the ethos of the Middle School. Year 9 Ambassadors have the opportunity to demonstrate these skills through a variety of activities in the Middle School which develop a sense of community and help to support other students as they transition into the Middle School.

This year 46 students from Year 9 have applied for and been invited into the Ambassador program. These students will be working on projects such as:

  • Organising community events and fundraising activities
  • Contributing to school improvement projects
  • Developing a sustainable garden
  • Designing and creating visual art work which reflects our Christian identity

Last week the Ambassadors were presented with their badges as recognition of their commitment to serving in this role. I am very excited to be working with this enthusiastic group of students and to watch them grow in their leadership experience.

Joanne Wegener
Assistant Head of Middle School (Acting)

  • T2W8 2020 Year 9 Ambassadors
  • T2W8 2020 Year 9 Ambassadors02
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Stamps for Missions

The Lutheran Church collects and sells used stamps – this program, Stamps for Missions, raises money for a variety of purposes in the Asia Pacific region. In a decade, over $400,000 has been raised to support various projects… all from unwanted and used stamps.

2020 Projects include:

  • Home of Grace – this home in Thailand provides refuge to women, otherwise unsupported, during their pregnancy and in the months following the birth of their child.
  • Support for youth ministry in Sabah, Malaysia.
  • Support for the Sprau family in the Eastern Highlands of PNG. They work in the medical clinic at Ukarumpa and participate in clinics and health patrols to villages that otherwise would not receive medical care.

If you'd like to contribute, please deliver stamps to Reception or to the Yangadlitya Resource Centre at the Concordia Campus.

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Year 12 Food and Hospitality Cakes

Stage 2 Food and Hospitality students have again impressed with their creativity and skill when creating their celebration cake masterpieces!

Hannah Rosie
Head of Food Design

  • T2W8 2020 Y12 Cakes01
  • T2W8 2020 Y12 Cakes02
  • T2W8 2020 Y12 Cakes03
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Year 7 Music Classes play the Indonesian Gamelan

Last week in the Harmony Room, some Year 7 Music classes had the opportunity to play the Indonesian Gamelan, under the direction of Mr Noble. They did a great job of learning and performing a short piece, trying the different instruments and gaining understanding of the very different approach to ensemble this group of instruments requires.

Mat Noble
Director of Music

  • Year 7 Gamelan class 02
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