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The Noise of Life

On Monday night the Australian Football League (AFL) celebrated its 90th Brownlow Medal count and presentation at the Crown Palladium Ballroom in Melbourne.

The Brownlow night has become well known for its glitz and glamour, with the famous ‘red carpet’ arrivals, the many celebrity appearances and the rolling replays of notable highlights from the season that happen throughout the evening.

This year, Dustin Martin from Richmond Football Club was the much anticipated and well deserved winner of the Brownlow Medal. Dustin presents as a shy individual and is well known for his dislike of media attention or being in the public eye.

In the post presentation interview with Bruce McAvaney, Dustin commented on the importance of football in his life. For him football is his passion - it is what he lives for.

His exact words were, "All I want to do is play footy, everything else is just noise."

Watching the interview, I was particularly interested in his passing comment that ‘everything else is just noise’. 

In our very busy and often ‘over loaded’ lives I fear that there is often too much ‘noise’. There are so many things that compete for our attention and distract us from our core purposes and goals in life.

The constant advertising messages that we are bombarded with, the social media rich landscape that we are connected with, the constant demands of work, the unrealistic expectations that often confront us, the unhealthy mindsets and habits that we allow to creep into our lives … and the list goes on.

As a College we seek ‘To provide a vibrant education, rich in opportunities, delivered within a caring, supportive environment, and informed by the gospel of Jesus. Our learning community connects people, ideas and experiences allowing us to strive confidently, to engage, achieve and serve’.

This is our focus and our purpose for being, and as a Christian school this will continue to be our focus into the future. It is important that the inevitable ‘noise’ that is a part of 21st century living does not distract us from this important goal.

Let your eyes look directly forward, and your gaze be straight before you. - Proverbs 4:25

Michael Paech
Principal - St John's Campus

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