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Concordia in Concert 2018

On Friday, 14 September, more than 230 students took to the stage to showcase their talents in our annual Music showcase known as Concordia in Concert.

This wonderful evening of music was an opportunity for the students to share some of what they’d been working on during hours of rehearsal throughout the year with a capacity audience in the Chapel.

The ensembles involved in this year’s showcase were:

  • Orchestra
  • String Ensemble
  • Chamber Strings
  • String Quartet
  • Cello Quartet
  • Flute Quartet
  • Flute Ensemble
  • Concert Band
  • Wind Ensemble
  • Brass Ensemble
  • Percussion Ensemble
  • The Testosterphones
  • Big Band 1
  • Big Band 2
  • Big Band 3
  • Jazz Collective
  • Rock Band
  • Concert Vocal
  • Year 7/8 Choir
  • Year 9 Choir
  • Double Bass Ensemble
  • Guitar Ensemble

The Finale, “Take the Long Way Home”, performed by the Orchestra, Choirs and Funk Band, was a fitting end to a spectacular night of music.

My thanks and congratulations to all who were involved in making this event a joyful celebration of Concordia’s musical culture.

Mat Noble
Director of Music

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Instrumental Demonstration Concert

Year 5 and 6 students from the St John's Campus recently attended a concert in the Chapel, where they learned about the various instruments in a Concert Band. Thank you to our senior students to performing. As well as hearing fantastic pieces such as the Star Wars Medley, and Birdland, the students learned about the rarer instruments within the ensemble. They witnessed demonstrations of an oboe, bassoon, French horn, bass trombone and tuned instruments within the percussion section. During the week, students from St John's Campus who will be undertaking Year 7 at the Concordia Campus have received an application to take instrumental lessons in 2019.  It is hoped that this concert helped them to make a decision, should they wish to learn a musical instrument in the future.

Mat Noble
Director of Music

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Flute and Guitar Ensemble at Carinya

On Friday 21 September, the Flute and Guitar Ensembles travelled to Carinya on Fisher Street to perform for residents during their weekly Happy Hour. The audience were entertained by students who performed ensemble, duet and solo items. Thank you to Michelle Maddaford and Cathy Waldron for directing these two ensembles, and accompanying them on the day. We look forward to future small ensemble performances at Carinya.

Mat Noble
Director of Music

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Lunchtimes@Elder Percussion Concert

Percussion students who are members of the Percussion Ensemble, or percussionists in the Wind Ensemble, attended a concert at Elder Hall on Friday 21 September. Tertiary students at the Elder Conservatorium performed an impressive marimba and vibraphone duet titled Tank Girl, as well as tuned an untuned percussion ensemble repertoire. Students heard an untuned work titled Tin Play, which incorporated sounds generated from car brake drums, large springs, pots and drums. The Ivan Trevino work Catching Shadows concluded the concert, which involved six instrumentalists, 2 marimbas, 2 vibraphones and assorted cymbals and drums. The students enjoyed the concert and benefited from talking to the instrumentalists, who demonstrated various instruments, following the concert. 

Mat Noble
Director of Music

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Flute Quartet at August Principal's Tour

At the most recent Principal’s Tour, the Concordia Flute Quartet entertained visitors to the school, showing them one of the many ensemble opportunities open to students at the school. Georgia 12TMC, Heather 12RSO, Alex 10JWE and Bailey 10RDE performed beautifully as members of this ensemble, and we thank them for their service on this occasion.

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