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From the Concordia Campus Principal

Weinert Paul‘How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard’ - A.A. Milne 

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on society and forced schools to rethink their approach to delivering learning opportunities for students and as we worked with our entire community, we were particularly conscious of the need to assist our Year 12 students at pivotal moments during the final months of their schooling at Concordia College. 

Together, with the support of staff and our amazing families we were able to navigate how best to assist our Year 12s to ensure the positive outcomes. 

We looked at Year 12 as a marathon rather than a sprint – slowing the momentum to focus on self-management with a view to building resilience, and maintaining motivation to enhance productivity and capacity. Throughout this demanding year, those who have maintained a sense of optimism and remained future-focused have been able to thrive amongst the uncertainty.

Full credit to our Year 12 Home Class teachers for their enduring persistence in caring for and supporting our students throughout the year. 

At a time when our Year 12 students are completing their trial exams and preparing for their finals, we have been collaborating with Student Leaders and staff to create memorable and inspiring events at Concordia College as they transition to the next chapter in their lives. 

It has been a unique experience reinventing our Valedictory Service, Year 12 Assembly, Year 12 Dinner and Year 12 Parent Reception to enable attendance (COVID-19 specific) that allows as many guests as possible, ensuring that our new Old Concordians leave us filled with aspiration, pride and forever friendships. These organisational efforts have required flexibility and creativity. We thank parents for their patience as we have worked through the logistical issues involved.

We are not the first to face such challenges and we are by no means the last. However, our overriding concern has been that the students maintain dynamic and engaging learning whilst feeling secure and nurtured within a loving and caring community. The best indicator of whether we have been successful in this regard is the way the leaving Year 12 class views the College community at the end of their schooling. Whilst we are not there quite yet, you can already get a sense of a lovely warmth in the way they connect to the College as they move toward the finish line.

Paul Weinert 
Principal - Concordia Campus

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Year 10 Design, Technology and Engineering

Recently, our Year 10 classes have completed a unit that required them to design and manufacture a storage solution for a specific purpose. The task built upon previous learning experiences and allowed for the integration of traditional construction techniques with a range of new technologies that included 3D printing, laser cutting and electronics. The variety of such high-quality differentiated projects was a testament to the positive engagement and skill level demonstrated by the students.

Shane Beitz
Head of Design, Technology and Engineering

  • Yr10 DT Storage 1
  • Yr10 DT Storage 2
  • Yr10 DT Storage 3
  • Yr10 DT Storage 4
  • Yr10 DT Storage 5
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Forensics at Flinders

The Year 11 Biology Classes visited Flinders University in Week 9 to participate in a Forensic Biology workshop. The students were given the opportunity to engage in practical applications of the Biotechnology topic they are studying this term. In the University laboratories, the students used gel electrophoresis to separate samples to help them determine the origin of unknown samples. DNA profiling techniques were used to identify potential fathers in paternity testing, as well as looking at crime scene evidence to determine relationships between trace DNA at a crime scene and potential suspects.

Jennie Finch and Tara Palm
Year 11 Biology teachers 

Student feedback: 

“It was helpful to see applications of biotechnology and genetics in practice, and to experience working with lab equipment. The excursion made me rethink what I might study at university as I found ideas to do with forensic science really interesting.” 

“The excursion was an enjoyable experience and allowed me to see what we had been learning in class in a practical sense. It was also fun and enjoyable to do as well as helping with my understanding.”

“The excursion was worthwhile as it gave me an insight into the University labs and possibilities for future careers. Seeing the way electrophoresis worked with the colours running through the gel was exciting and something that wouldn't usually be possible at school. Overall, the excursion was fun and enjoyable and would be worthwhile for future classes.”

“The excursion to Flinders University was worthwhile as it exposed us to some of the high-end equipment that is used outside of high school. The experimentation with agarose gel helped us learn about the concepts in depth with some practical application. Overall it was a really fun trip.”

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Concordia Video Showcase 2020

Due to restrictions on audience size, in addition to a range of other factors, it has been decided that our annual Music Showcase (Concordia in Concert) will take the form of an online video presentation. There’ll be information on video release, etc., at a later date, but in the meantime all of Concordia’s Music ensembles have feverishly been recording their contributions to the show either in the Media Studio or the Chapel.

Whilst it’s difficult to replace the experience of performing to an audience, we hope the opportunity to gain understanding of the recording process offers our student a rare insight into its challenges and its rewards.

I want to thank the Media Department and Media students for their outstanding leadership and hard work in producing a fine product for our online audience.

We hope you’ll enjoy fruits of the students' labour when the video is released.

Mat Noble
Director of Music

  • Concordia in Concert Recording Sessions 033
  • Cello Quartet
  • Concert Vocal
  • Concordia in Concert Recording Sessions 010
  • Concordia in Concert Recording Sessions 011
  • The Tech side
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Year 7s' Acts of Service

From cooking meals and washing and ironing clothes, to cleaning up sports areas and visiting the elderly, our Year 7 students carried out a wide variety of caring and helpful activities in the service of others as part of their term’s Pastoral Care Acts of Service.

At the beginning of Term 3, Year 7 students were challenged to decide upon a community that they felt connected to, and then find a genuine need that they could fulfil in their own time outside school hours. They each planned their Act of Service, had photographs taken of them performing their service, and then, after reflecting upon the various aspects of this activity, created and gave an in-class presentation of their work. It was powerful to see how students developed an appreciation of authentic need, who would benefit from their service, and, importantly, how to plan and utilise resources to achieve their goals. Many students reflected that their service had taught them new skills that they would use again.

Just some of their valued Acts of Service included:

  • Visiting Old Concordians in a retirement home and bringing along College magazines to show how the College had changed over time;
  • Washing, folding and ironing clothes for a family for an entire fortnight;
  • Cleaning a church to COVID-19 requirements;
  • Helping a family prepare for the sale of a home, while also making meals for an elderly neighbor who had just lost their life partner;
  • Cooking for a family for a week because COVID-19 had increased the family’s workload and they ‘needed a break’;
  • Learning about native animals in their area and then helping scientists monitor the endangered local animals;
  • And making ‘joey-pouches’ for an animal sanctuary.

Kellie-Anne Spargo
Year 7 Home Class Teacher

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2020 School Immunisation Program - Years 8 and 10

2nd Visit Reminder for Parents of Year 8 and 10 Students

Year 8


Year 10


Pop Up Medics (, will be visiting the College on Friday, 6 November 2020 to complete the above vaccinations (Dose 2) for those students with parent/guardian consent.

If you did not receive an immunisation consent form from your child, please ask at the SSO for one. If unavailable, contact Pop Up Medics on 1300 858 047

If any information you gave on the original consent form has changed, please inform Pop Up Medics immunisation staff before the date of vaccination on 1300 858 047.

Please notify us if: 

  • Your child has already started the above program with another provider.
  • You wish to withdraw your consent.
  • Your child's medical condition has changed.
Remember: It is your responsibility to advise Pop Up Medics on the day of immunisation of any change in the information on the consent form, in particular, your child's medical condition. A signed and dated note presented on the day of immunisation from a parent or guardian in your child's diary is acceptable.
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Percussion Ensemble Performance

Percussion Ensemble at St John’s Campus Assembly, Monday, 21 September

Under the direction of Dr Nick Parnell, the Concordia Campus Percussion Ensemble performed two lively and exciting pieces for the St John’s Campus students during their assembly this week. The senior students displayed excellent performance skills and were tremendous advocates for their ensemble as they entertained the junior students.

Congratulations to the group for your hard work and dedication to this fantastic ensemble.

Mat Noble
Director of Music

  • Percussion Ensemble 2
  • Percussion Ensemble 21920
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Year 11 Reflections Day

On Friday 18 September, the Year 11 cohort and a number of their teachers travelled to Mount Lofty Summit to commence a day of hiking, reflections and team activities. From Mount Lofty Summit, we followed the Mount Lofty-Heysen Trail Loop Track, which first took us through the picturesque Piccadilly Valley to Mount Lofty Botanic Gardens. After a relaxed lunch and team games in the Gardens, we began the most physically challenging part of the day, hiking to the top of Mount Lofty Botanic Gardens. We then followed the Nangare Track, connecting with the Waterfall Gully to Mount Lofty Track and finishing at Mount Lofty Summit.

During the day, the students took part in fun small-group activities, including creating a Formal accessory out of natural materials. They faced challenges, worked with their peers and staff, and encouraged each other along the way. At the Botanic Gardens, the students were also able to reflect on the wonder of the natural environment and rediscover the joy that can be gained from simple pleasures such as climbing trees, running down a hill and completing hockey relays with a stick and table tennis ball. Upon reaching Mount Lofty Summit, everyone felt a genuine sense of achievement, and realised that the challenges they had faced along the way were worth it for the end result.

In many ways, the day emulated the journey the students will take in Year 12 next year. There will be plenty of challenges, but there will also be fun and enjoyment. The students will be surrounded by peers and staff who will encourage them along the way, and it will be important for them to remember that no matter how big a challenge one faces, tackling it step by step and not giving up will ultimately lead to a real sense of achievement.

Thank you to all of the students who participated in the day, particularly the Student Leader candidates, who led the small groups. Thank you also to all of the staff who took part in the event, especially Pastor Dale who led the reflections and was instrumental in planning the activities and schedule for the day.

Judy Harris
Year 11 Pastoral Leader

  • 20200918 143928
  • 6C7697CE 0649 4C65 8D8D 3E0EFE2EA2AE
  • A3146237 02BC 4E96 BFE3 865A53D184E3
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Planning a move? Please let us know!

Considering a move to another school is a significant decision. We value your family and your being part of our Concordia community. As a College we will always seek to work with you to maintain your positive connection to our community. If you are uncertain about continuing at Concordia next year, in the first instance we invite you to reach out and arrange a time to discuss your situation with either of our Principals - Michael Paech (St John’s Campus) and Paul Weinert (Concordia Campus) - or our Director of Community Relations, Jodie Escott. We would hope that through this conversation we gain a clearer appreciation of your family's specific needs and considerations. 

If you do make a decision to leave Concordia, please be aware that, in line with the Enrolment Policy - if your child is leaving Concordia College at the end of 2020, we require one full term’s notice to avoid penalties. We understand that this may not always be possible but sincerely appreciate your assistance with future planning. Withdrawal notification for 2020 should be received no later than close of business Friday 25 September 2020 and should be sent to the Principal of the relevant campus:

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