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Diary Dates

St John's Campus

Friday 25 Last day of Term 3, St John's Campus students dismissed at 3.15pm
Saturday 26 ELC Park Play Date
Monday 12 Start of Term 4
Friday 16 St John's Campus Disco, 6-8.30pm
Saturday 17 Year 3 Parent Event, 7.30-10pm
Wednesday 21

St John's Campus extra-curricular photos

Thursday 22

ELC Student Led Conference, 9-10am

Reception Parent 2021 Information Evening

Year Level Coordinators' Meeting, 9-10am

Sunday 25

Year 2 Riding Day

Sunday 1 Year 4 Mums' Lunch, 12-3pm
Friday 6 Reception Dads' Dinner, 6-9pm
Sunday 8 Year 3 and 4 Christmas Get Together, 4-7pm
Tuesday 10 ELC Information Evening 2021, 7-8pm
Wednesday 11 P&F Meeting, 7pm in the St John's Campus Staffroom
Thursday 12 Year Level Coordinators' 2021 Meeting, 9am @ Hudsons Coffee, Living Choice
Mon 16 - Wed 18 Year 6 Camp

 Concordia Campus

Thurs 10 - Fri 11 Year 12 Drama Production Public Performances, 7pm (sold out)
Friday 11 Year 9 Student Free Day
Mon 14 - Fri 18 SACE and IBDP Trial Exams
Tuesday 15 College Tour - St John's Campus, 9.15am
College Tour - Concordia Campus, 9.15am
Friday 18

Coffee Talk from 9am at Damien on Fisher, Living Choice. | Numbers are limited and  bookings are essential. Book online

Year 11 Reflection Day

Saturday 19

Veta Morphus Retreat, 9am - 6pm

Mon 21 - Fri 25

Year 10 Peer Support Camps and Alternate Program

Tuesday 22 Concordia Campus Non-Uniform Day
Friday 25 Last day of Term 3, Years 7-12 dismissed at 1pm
Monday 12 Start of Term 4
Wednesday 14 Year 12 Final Chapel (Communion) Service, 8.30am
Tuesday 20 Valedictory Service, 7.30pm in the Chapel
Thursday 22 Concordia Campus Non-Uniform Day
Friday 23 Year 12 Final Assembly, 8.30-10.15am
Mon 26 - Fri 13 Nov IBDP Exams
Mon 26 - Fri 30 Year 7 Civics Week
Tuesday 27 Year 11 Drama Production, 5-6pm
Thursday 29 Year 7 Introduction Day #1, 9am - 3pm
Mon 2 - Tues 17 SACE Exams
Thursday 5 Year 7 Introduction Day #2, 9am - 3pm
Friday 6 Year 8 and 10 Immunisations
Wednesday 11 P&F Meeting, 7pm in the St John's Campus Staffroom
Friday 13

IBDP Exams Finish

Concordia Campus Arts Show, 7pm | Bookings essential. Please note: this event is sold out.

Mon 16 - Fri 20

Year 8 Connected Concordians Week

Tuesday 17

SACE Exams Finish

Thursday 19

Year 12 Valedictory Dinner, 6.30pm
Year 12 Parent Reception, 6.45pm

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The School Shop

General trading – no appointment required. Physical distancing rules still apply. We thank you for your patience during this time.

General purchases may also be emailed to and The School Shop staff will contact you for payment and advise when orders are available to collect.

Opening Hours

Term Time

  • Mondays: 8am-4pm
  • Wednesdays: 12.30-4pm
  • Thursdays: 12.30-5.30pm

Holiday Opening

  • Thursday 8 October: 12.30-5.30pm
  • Friday 9 October: 10am-4pm
  • Monday 12 October: 8am-4pm (Start of Term 4)

Term 4 - Additional Opening Hours

  • Tuesday 13 October: 1-4pm (Week 1)
  • Tuesday 20 October: 1-4pm (Week 2)

The School Shop staff can be contacted on the direct phone line during opening hours – 8291 9302.

Secondhand Clothing

If you have uniforms you no longer need, they may be donated or sold on consignment in The School Shop.

Please note:

  • Blazers and winter skirts/pinafores must be dry cleaned with a receipt attached.
  • Jumpers must be washed using a wool wash detergent.
  • All other items must be in good condition, stains removed, washed & ironed ready for sale.
  • Summer hats must be hand washed.
  • Any uniform items in need of repair e.g. broken zips, seams unstitched, missing buttons, etc. must be repaired prior to acceptance for sale. Buttons are sold in The School Shop. 

Old logo and discontinued styles – Uniforms with the old school logo and discontinued styles are no longer saleable in The School Shop but can be dropped off for overseas charity donation.

Hand Sanitiser – handy 500ml pump bottles available - $14.00ea.

Summer Uniform Reminders

Concordia Campus:
  • Blazers are not required in Terms 1 and 4 except for formal occasions.
  • Middle School - blue jumper.
  • Senior School - grey jumper.
  • Straw hats - recess and lunch.
  • Sports cap or sun-smart hat during PE when outdoors.
  • Black lace up shoes - no sandals.
  • Girls: summer dress - no shorter than the top of the knee. White crew socks.
  • Boys: navy shorts with short sleeve shirt, or long sleeve shirt with tie and belt. White ribbed crew socks. 
St John's Campus:
  • Broad brimmed hat when outdoors. Note: Hats are to be worn from 1 September until 30 April.
  • Black school shoes. Navy sandals are optional, but must be worn without socks.
  • Blue jumper.
  • Girls: summer dress. White crew length socks.
  • Boys: short sleeve summer shirt, blue shorts and navy knee high school socks.
  • PE uniform is worn on the days students have PE.
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Celebrations around the Globe
13 September    
  Indigenous Peoples

United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
Today the Declaration is the most comprehensive international instrument on the rights of indigenous peoples. It establishes a universal framework of minimum standards for the survival, dignity and well-being of the indigenous peoples of the world and it elaborates on existing human rights standards and fundamental freedoms as they apply to the specific situation of indigenous peoples.

1 October    
Mid-Autumn (Moon) Festival East Asian The Mid-Autumn Festival is a popular East Asian celebration of abundance and togetherness, dating back over 3,000 years. The traditional food of this festival is Moon Cake.
National Day China  
National Day Cyprus  
National Day Nigeria  
National Day Palau Part of the Micronesia region in the Western Pacific Ocean.
Independence Day Tuvalu An independent island nation within the British Commonwealth.
Independence Day Guinea A country in West Africa.
2 October    
Sukkot (Tabernacles) begins in the evening of 2 October and ends the evening of 9 October Jewish

Sukkot commemorates the years that the Jews spent in the desert on their way to the Promised Land, and celebrates the way in which God protected them under difficult desert conditions.

The word sukkot means huts (some translations of the bible use the word booths), and building a hut is the most obvious way in which Jews celebrate the festival.

3 October    
National Foundation Day Republic of Korea  
National Day Iraq  
Day of Unity Germany  
4 October    
Queen’s Birthday Australia  
9 October    
Independence Day Uganda  
10 October    
Simchat Torah Jewish

It is a joyous holiday that celebrates the Jewish love of Torah and study.

Torah means Instruction, Teaching or Law.
National Day Fiji  
12 October    
Independence Day Equatorial Guinea A Central African country.
National Day  Spain  
17 October    
Birth of the B’ab Baháʼí Baha’i followers celebrate the birth of the B’ab on this day, a prophet and forerunner of their faith.
18 October    
Birth of Baháʼu'lláh Baháʼí On this day people of the Baha’i faith refrain from work and celebrate the birth of their faith’s founder.
19 October    
National Day Niue A small island nation in the South Pacific.
24 October    
Independence Day Zambia  
25 October    
Vijay Dashami (Dussehra) Hindu Festival marking the triumph of Rama, an avatar of Vishnu, over the 10 headed demon king Ravana, who abducted Rama’s wife Sita.
26 October    
National Day Austria  
27 October    
National Day St Vincent and the Grenadines A southern Caribbean nation. 
National Day Turkmenistan A country in Central Asia.
28 October    
National Day Czech Republic  
29 October    
National Day Turkey  
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Public Notices & Events
  • The City of Unley is seeking passionate community-minded young people aged 12-25 years who live, work, study or play in the Unley council area to join their Living Young Reference Group. The group sees members engaging with Council and other connected organisations about issues of importance to young people. If this interests you, click here for more information.
  • Taught and Bowled is offering a Term 4 Netball Academy program for ages 9 to 15. Download a flyer for more information.
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