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From the Student Culture Leader

Concordia's Got Talent

Profile photo of Ellen HoopmannOn Wednesday 15 September, St John’s Campus hosted the inaugural Concordia’s Got Talent Show!

Over 40 student acts (Year 3-6) registered to be part of this new event, including both solo and group entries. From the large number of registrations, a group of St John’s Campus staff had the difficult process of selecting 14 finalists - seven finalists in the Year 3-4 category and an equal number in the Year 5-6 category.

These finalists then took to the stage to perform live in front of an audience of parents, students and three guest judges. And what a performance did they put on!  A broad variety of talents were on show, including tap-dance, acrobatics, singing, comedy and instruments. As well as these talents, the confidence of these students and the support of their peer audience shone brightly.

Thank you to all those students who were willing to put themselves out there and take part in the Concordia’s Got Talent process. We look forward to seeing more amazing talents from our St John’s Campus students in 2022.

Ellen Hoopmann
Student Culture Leader

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ELC Bush Day - September 2021

Our second Bush Day of the year saw the ELC children exploring nature through their senses. They were excited to see animals including kangaroos and koalas and to listen to the bird life. We acknowledged that we were playing on Kaurna land and the children touched the environment with wonder and respect. A highlight was splashing in the creek and feeling the cool water on their skin. We appreciated the smell of the fresh air, gum leaves and flowers. There were so many amazing things to see and do, providing rich, open-ended experiences to stimulate the senses.

  • An ELC student smelling a flower at ELC Bush Day
  • An ELC student standing against a tree at ELC Bush Day
  • ELC students exploring at ELC Bush Day
  • An ELC student smiling at ELC Bush Day
  • An ELC student collecting flowers at ELC Bush Day
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ELC and Year 7 Buddies

The Year 7 students came to the ELC to read books they had written. It was a joy to observe the care and respect shown in the interactions between the younger and older students. The ELC children thoroughly enjoyed listening to the books and quietly chatting with their buddy. One set of cousins were thrilled to be buddied together to share stories. We are blessed to be part of an ELC-Year 12 College where students benefit from cross-campus learning experiences.

Here are some reflections from the Year 7s:

'I was most proud of how I read the book to the ELC children because I made it sound very interesting. Thank you for letting us read to the younger children.'James 7SPAC

'Something I did well in my book was making sure to show not tell. When I read it to the ELC children I realised that they do not know as much information about the world as we know. If I was starting my book again after this experience I would make the book less scary. I was most proud of when they were very happy listening to my book. The experience was very fun and taught me how hard it is to make a good children’s book.' - Emily 7SPAC 

'When I read my book to the ELC children I realised that I had written a really good book and they liked it a lot.' - Lola 7SPAC

'I am most proud of some of my drawings and drawing them all myself and having them on each page. When I went back in the ELC I remembered all the memories from Primary School and realised how much I have changed.'Lily 7SPAC (and former ELC student)

'I really think that my book did well because the red dog was on each second page hiding. When the kids found it, they were so excited and engaged.' - Nathan 7SPAC (and former ELC student)

'Something I did well in my book was the way I used rhyme to express character and importance in each page. Each one of my pages was linked to the next and made it intriguing. I feel like the children felt better to be around me as soon as they got to know me, which was nice.' - Jett 7SPAC (and former ELC student)

Kate Wood (ELC Director) and Louise Thomas (Year 7 Teacher)

  • ELC Yr 7 Reading 1 AI
  • ELC Yr 7 Reading 2 AI
  • ELC Yr 7 Reading 3 AI
  • ELC Yr 7 Reading 4 AI
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Planning a move? Please let us know!

Considering a move to another school is a significant decision. We value your family being part of our community. As a College, we will always seek to work with you for positive connection. If you are uncertain about continuing at Concordia next year, in the first instance, we invite you to reach out and arrange a time to discuss your situation with either of our Principals – Michael Paech (Primary Campus) and Paul Weinert (Middle/Senior Campus) - or our Director of Community Relations, Jodie Escott. We hope that through this conversation, we gain a clearer appreciation of your family’s specific needs and considerations.

If you do make a decision to leave Concordia, please be aware that in line with the Enrolment Policy – if your child is leaving the College at the end of 2021, we require one full term’s notice to avoid penalties. We understand that this may not always be possible, but sincerely appreciate your assistance with future planning. Withdrawal notification for 2021 should be received no later than close of business Friday 24 September 2021 and should be sent to the Principal of the relevant campus:

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St John's Campus Music Showcase

On Thursday 9 September, over 130 St John's Campus students took to the stage in the Concordia Chapel to share their musical talents with their families.

Performers included:

  • Concert Band
  • String Ensemble
  • Percussion Ensemble
  • Years 3 and 4 Choir
  • Years 5 and 6 Choir
  • Vocal Ensemble

All the performers were excited and nervous but full of enthusiasm. The Concert included a touching tribute to our colleague Mr Tim Williams and concluded with a massed choir singing “We Are One” from The Lion King ll.  A wonderful night showcasing the diverse musical talents of our students.

Julie Lugg and Jasmin Bartlett
Music Teachers

  • St John's Campus Concert Band performing at the Music Showcase
  • St John's Campus Percussion Ensemble performs at the Music Showcase
  • Year 3-4 Choir performs at the Music Showcase
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Year 2 Sleepover

On Friday 17 September, Concordia’s fifty two Year 2 students returned to school at 7pm for their Year 2 sleepover. A really important element in Concordia’s wellbeing and outdoor education programs, this rite of passage helps students develop in confidence, independence and self-awareness. The sleepover connects with the children’s 'Who We Are' Unit of Inquiry, which explored how the choices people make affect their wellbeing. Students planned a number of wellbeing strategies for the sleepover and made good choices about things such as doing exercise, brushing their teeth, eating healthily and getting a good night’s sleep to help their wellbeing.  

For many students, this was their first time sleeping away from their parents or away from home and it is a credit to the help of our families and the safe, supportive environment at Concordia that every Year 2 student joined us for this daunting experience.

The children showed their extraordinary courage and caring nature as they joined in positively and supported each other on this most exciting event of the year. The Year 2 sleepover is a key moment in our preparation of students for their first overnight camp away from school in Year 3 and if this year’s sleepover was any indication, these children will thrive on their camp next year.  

Well done Year 2s!

Graham Buxton, Emily O'Callaghan and Tammee Secombe
Year 2 Teachers

  • Two students doing an activity at the Year 2 sleepover
  • Two students smiling at the Year 2 sleepover
  • Two students at the Year 2 sleepover
  • Two students at the Year 2 sleepover
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Student Achievement

Teija with her medals at the SA Taekwondo ChampionshipsCongratulations to Teija who recently competed in the SA Taekwondo Championships and won gold in Individual Poomsae, Pairs Poomsae, Family Poomsae and Sparring. A fantastic achievement!





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