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Students serve abroad through Habitat for Humanity and the Kalahari Experience

Jazz legend James Morrison visits Concordia College

Staff and students take part in Walk My Way to raise funds towards the education of students in refugee camps 

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Founding Headmaster 1890-1901

Pastor Wilhelm Peters was the founder and first headmaster/director of Concordia. He was born in Nemitz in northern Germany, and after completing his theological training in 1877 he was sent to Australia to minister to Chinese people in the Victorian gold rush. The following year he accepted a position as pastor to the congregation at Murtoa, a small western Victorian town. Peters was firmly convinced of the value of Lutheran schools, and was concerned that there was no institution in the Lutheran Church dedicated to the training of teachers.

The College opened in mid-1890 and with just one teacher trainee enrolment. By 1892 the numbers grew with local students seeking a high school education; and the following year a theological strand was added for young men wishing to begin training for the ministry.

Pastor Peters went on to donate land for this venture and persuaded members of his parish to fund a building project to cater for the growing needs of the College. For a decade, until Concordia closed at Murtoa and re-opened in Adelaide, he juggled his demanding responsibilities as both headmaster and parish pastor.

Jenni van Wageningen

  • 1899 Pastor Wilhelm Peters and family