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Students serve abroad through Habitat for Humanity and the Kalahari Experience

Jazz legend James Morrison visits Concordia College

Staff and students take part in Walk My Way to raise funds towards the education of students in refugee camps 

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Service - The Heart of our Community

We talk a lot about ‘service’ at Concordia and within this Concordia CONNECT, you will learn more about some of the recent service activities undertaken at our school.

As a College, the concept of 'service' is very important to us, something that is at the heart of our community and for this reason it has been placed as a central component of our Vision Statement: Engage. Achieve. Serve.

We regularly hear stories highlighting the many ways in which people from our community selflessly serve those around them, without any expectation of reward or return. This kind of selfless service is not about earning credits or kudos with others because of our actions, rather it is simply about helping others around us.

Within our Christian context, we see service as a response to God's grace and undeserved love towards us. Because God blesses us in so many different ways each day, we feel called to respond in service back to God and through helping those around us. We are in fact blessed by God so that we can in turn be a blessing to others and the world in which we live.

As a College, we provide many opportunities for service across both of our campuses, from ELC through to Year 12, for students, staff, parents and friends of our community. Some of these are planned and intentional while others often just arise out of the fact that we live in community.

Communities are made up of individuals and we appreciate the fact that our Concordia community includes people from a wide range of cultural and spiritual backgrounds. This diversity is reflected in the many and varied ways people serve one another. Differences in background and life experiences lead to a range of motivations to serve, but all service is valued and is a blessing to our community.

While we may not seek any reward for service it is true to say that those who do serve often experience a sense of inner wellbeing, contentment and even joy. This is one of the strange things about genuine service... the more we look outside of ourselves and consider how we can help others, the better we feel about ourselves.

At Concordia College, we are thankful to God for the many ways that so many within our community seek to serve those around them as well as others around the world. We often hear amazing accounts of how this has happened within the context of our community and this is particularly encouraging.

Receiving the gift of someone's service towards us is very special as is the gift of sharing our time and resources with others.

Michael Paech
Principal - St John's Campus

Lester Saegenschnitter
Principal - Concordia Campus

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News from the College Board

The Concordia Board met in the last week of Term 2.

The College auditor was present for the first part of the meeting to talk about the 2016 Financial Statements. In the view of the auditor, Concordia is in a positive financial position and meets industry benchmarks for key performance indicators.

The Board agenda included the following items:

  • An update on the appointment of the new Principal of Concordia Campus and the communication strategy associated with the announcement. (The College community was subsequently informed of the appointment of Paul Weinert as the next Principal of Concordia Campus, commencing in January 2018.)
  • A decision to ‘call’ Pastor Dale Gosden to the position of College Pastor.
  • A Board member provided a report on a recent Association of Independent Schools governance workshop on “strategic foresight”.
  • Discussion regarding Government funding of Concordia College under the new Federal funding arrangements.
  • An update on current and future building development including a review of the Physical Master Plan.
  • A review and amendments of the content of the following policies were accepted: Fee Remission Policy; Privacy Policy; Staff Professional Development Policy; Staff Study Support for Concordia College Employees Policy.

Lester Saegenschnitter and Michael Paech

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