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Students serve abroad through Habitat for Humanity and the Kalahari Experience

Jazz legend James Morrison visits Concordia College

Staff and students take part in Walk My Way to raise funds towards the education of students in refugee camps 

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Year 8 Science

To conclude our Science unit on Chemical Reactions, all Year 8 students gathered in the Chapel at the end of Term 2 to witness a series of demonstrations involving chemical reactions and the kinetic particle theory. Students saw how sodium reacts in water, how magnesium reacts in fire, and how water can be split into hydrogen and oxygen. Experiments involving dry ice and liquid nitrogen also allowed students to gain a greater understanding of the concepts taught in our unit. We concluded with some hydrogen balloon explosions and a liquid nitrogen explosion involving 1000 ping pong balls. When students study Science and see how amazing the world is they are inspired to consider how incredible their Creator must be.

Jonathan Carpenter
Year 8 Teacher and Pastoral Leader

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Legacies of Shogun Japan

One of the many benefits of the amalgamation of St John's Lutheran Primary School and Concordia College is the opportunity for students at various ages and stages of schooling to share their learning experiences. In Week 9 of last term, the Reception students came to visit a Year 8 Humanities classroom and hear presentations on Shogun Japan. The Receptions heard an introductory film from Year 8 students Hana and Emma, providing them with a context and definition of key terms. Small groups then worked with the Reception students, learning about Shogun temples and significant figures of the time period. A big congratulations to 8RCR for their hard work; they had to think and plan very carefully how they would engage the younger students. We look forward to more visits from ‘across the oval’ soon!

Vanessa Narino-Terry
English and Humanities Teacher

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Indonesian Restaurant Visit

"On Friday 23 June, our Year 9 Indonesian class went on an excursion to the Indonesian restaurant, Hut and Soul. There we got to try traditional Indonesian food including spring rolls, ayam satay (chicken satay), mi goreng (fried noodles), nasi (rice), ayam (chicken) and some special green coconut pancakes (kueh dadar gulung). It was really interesting to try the food that we had been learning about and to experience it in an authentic Indonesian restaurant." 

Alex 9TPR and Jess 9SBR

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