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Students serve abroad through Habitat for Humanity and the Kalahari Experience

Jazz legend James Morrison visits Concordia College

Staff and students take part in Walk My Way to raise funds towards the education of students in refugee camps 

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The Joy of Helping Others

There is a fire in the forest, and all of the animals leave. They look in dismay as their beautiful forest burns. However, not the hummingbird. The hummingbird takes to the lake and puts a bit of water in its beak and drops it on the fire. It goes back and forth back and forth and the other animals watch. Even the elephant, with its big trunk, who could take much more water! They say, “You're too little, with your little beak and little wings. What can you do?” The little hummingbird says, “I am doing the best that I can.”

The hummingbird in this story, and many people who occupy tales like this one, are not necessarily the largest or loudest members of a community that can do the most good or have the greatest influence. Rather, those who aren’t afraid to contribute and are aware of what is at stake, can make the biggest difference.

In our culture today, advertisers aim to convince us that we are lacking and that having more of the right things will bring us happiness. Maybe we can fill a void by instead deciding to help others, because we all know it certainly brings satisfaction and joy. Giving resources away in order to feel “richer” appears counter-intuitive, but it works. When we help others, it can broaden our perspective too.

Students returning from the Kalahari Experience and Habitat for Humanity in July were served a reminder of the value in not only appreciating what we have, but also how much of a difference we can make to each others’ lives with what we do have.

John tells us that we ought to show love to each other, and through this God lives in us and his love is made complete (1 John 4:9-12). Every day we will have an impact on the environment around us; the impact can be good or bad. When we’re giving our time lending a hand, our lives aren’t defined by scarcity and easing someone else’s burden boosts our own mood. We have certainly been blessed, and it’s easy to forget this unless we purposefully remind ourselves. 

Morgan Brookes
Kalahari Experience Coordinator

Refresh - Student Ministry Group

The student ministry group, Refresh kicked off again today at lunchtime. Last term, many students across a range of year levels joined in with games, weekly challenges and worship. The group is growing in numbers and is delighted to welcome new faces so we encourage anyone who is interested to come along. There is no commitment required but just a willingness to get-to-know others and share in some fun and conversations about faith and Jesus. Refresh runs on Thursdays during lunch in G54. 

Bec Crouch
Spiritual Development Facilitator

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