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From the Concordia Campus Principal

Paul Weinert CC PrincipalForgiveness

If we were asked to come up with one Gospel story that is at the core of the Concordia ethos and best informs our daily operation, which story would we choose? For me the Parable of the Lost Son (Luke 15:11–32) would have to be right up at the top of the list. This is surely a much loved parable that has many layers of meaning that are instructive to our faith. Central to the story we see the unconditional love of the Father in action, as he pours out, with no strings attached, totally undeserved love and forgiveness.

God gives up on no one! Remember also, that the Father seeks us. The Father in this story was on the lookout for the younger son. He spots him a long way off and runs out to meet him. He also goes out looking for the equally lost older brother. How do we respond to those who show contempt, arrogance, obstinance, jealousy or other negative character traits? More importantly perhaps, do we persist when our attempts to demonstrate love in action are ignored or even rejected?

The key message from this passage for us at Concordia is profound. It provides a model for the way that we operate in the community around us. We generally don’t have too much trouble caring for those around us where the relationship is strong but the challenge of this parable is to unconditionally reach out, in the manner of the love of the Father, to also care for and unconditionally support those in our community where the relationship is broken. In these situations we are called to extend open our arms to our antagonist, and it is this act of love that is at the essence of the concept of grace. We need to make sure that everyone in our community has an opportunity to fully know and apply the meaning of that word. Just as the God of grace reveals himself to us through the Parable of the Lost Son, we show people Jesus when we consistently model grace and forgiveness within our College community.

From the Lutheran Education Australia website:

“Across the length and breadth of Australia, Lutheran schools are compelled by the love of Christ to bring forgiveness to the fore... 

Forgiveness is as much about the future as it is the past. The journey of forgiveness lies constantly before us. Lutheran schools are places where the joy and practice of forgiveness can be lived out on a daily basis, where the life-changing effects of forgiveness can be experienced, and where reconciliation, made possible by the love of God through the cross of Jesus Christ, enables everyone to be a peacemaker.”

Paul Weinert
Principal - Concordia Campus

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SPE Mathematics Competition

On the evening of the Friday, 27 July, three Concordia College students received awards for The Hamann School Mathematics Competition for the Society of Petroleum Engineers. In all, 3000 students took part in this competition over four levels; Primary, Junior, Intermediate and Senior. This year Concordia College entered 67 students in the Junior, Intermediate and Senior sections.

Tony 10JWE achieved First Prize in the Intermediate section, Samuel 8AMA achieved a High-Distinction and Alexander 8MRI achieved a Distinction in the Junior section. These are excellent results given the calibre of the students they were up against in this competition. The Mathematics Faculty is very proud of these results and extends congratulations to all students who took part this year.

Tony McCusker
Head of Mathematics

  • Maths Award 0009
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Ski Trip 2018

During the final week of the school holidays, 36 students and five staff headed to Falls Creek for a week of skiing and boarding. The week was full of fun and laughs with the students challenging themselves to develop new skills in sometimes challenging conditions. We experienced white out days and blue bird days and enjoyed the ski in ski out accommodation, allowing maximum time on the slopes. With the whole mountain being open with excellent levels of snow, Wombats Ramble through to the Summit, students with all levels of ability were able to enjoy the week. Thank you to the staff and students who enabled the smooth running of the trip with fantastic attitudes, enthusiasm and care for each other. The ski trip is always a highlight on the calendar for everyone involved.

Corrina Ridley

  • Ski trip 0394
  • Ski trip 0448
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World's Greatest Shave

On Friday, 22 June, Dylan 12SBAB, Mia 12SBAB, Sabrina 12CFI and I participated in the Leukaemia Foundation’s World’s Greatest Shave, a national fundraiser where people of all ages shave, cut or colour their hair to raise money for the Foundation. It’s one of Australia’s biggest fundraising events, and all the money goes to vital research to help more people survive blood cancers.

We had the idea while on the German Exchange over the summer holidays, but it wasn’t until the end of Term 1 that we suggested it to Mrs McAuliffe and Mr Weinert. We aimed to raise $5000 for the cause and the girls decided to donate their hair to the Little Princess Trust in England. We asked Lachlan 12CFI, who shaved his hair for the cause two years prior, to join us in our fundraising and the shave itself. From there, we started our fundraising and our team name ‘Crew Cuts for Cancer’ was created. We posted links to the team page on our Facebook pages and asked our parents to spread the word to their colleagues. We also spoke to the school during an assembly and on Saturday, 12 May, we had a movie night showing Marvel's ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ at the Capri Theatre. We sold homemade cookies and cupcakes and overall the night was a success with us raising over $600.

On Wednesday, 20 June, we were invited to the Leukaemia Foundation’s Thank You Function, held at the Bridgestone Leukaemia Foundation Village to thank those involved in the World’s Greatest Shave. The Village is home to patients who don’t live in close proximity to treatment for their condition and was built using the money raised by the World’s Greatest Shave. It was amazing to see so many people with shaved hair and to see how the money raised is helping them. The 22nd of June arrived sooner than expected and before we knew it Sabrina, Mia and I were putting our hair into ponytails in preparation to cut it all off. We had our friends, teachers and some of our family members cut off the ponytails, which was scary, but extremely exciting.

Unfortunately, Lachlan wasn’t be able to shave with us on the day, but will be shaving at a later date. We had a crowd of people cheering us on and donating their loose change to the shave. The day itself was extraordinary; overall, we passed our goal of $5000 and raised $7090.65 and donated almost 450 grams of hair to be made into wigs for people who have lost their own hair during their battle with blood cancer. We will forever be grateful to the people who helped us raise this much money and awareness for an amazing cause. If someone was to ask if I would do this all over again, I would do it in a heartbeat.

Nikhita 12CFI

  • Worlds Greatest Shave 18 059
  • Worlds Greatest Shave 18 221
  • Worlds Greatest Shave 18 329
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Reminder: Year 12 Parent/Teacher Interview Bookings

A reminder that Year 12 Parent/Teacher Interviews will be held from 4pm to 8pm next Thursday, 9 August.

If you would like to book an interview and have not yet had a chance to do so, please book online via PTO.

Please note that bookings will close at 4pm on Monday, 6 August.

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Chess Club Mid Season Update

This year a large number of students have taken the opportunity to develop their chess skills, playing against other students and even staff members on Tuesdays at lunchtime. It has been pleasing seeing so many students attend from across the year levels, and with a particularly strong showing from Year 7, the future for Concordia’s Chess Club looks bright!

For the first time in some years, Concordia College is also fielding a team in the Friday night inter-school chess competition. Oscar (12RSO), Jake (12RSO), Mihali (10PLO), Steven (8MRI) and Leo (7SSPA) have performed well against other teams who are in many cases older and far more experienced than our players. They have also shown excellent team spirit, encouraging each other and willingly engaging in friendly matches against students from other schools whilst waiting for their competition matches. All players have contributed to our points tally, and we are looking forward to the second half of the season.

Judy Harris

  • Chess 0006
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Parent Evening with Paul Dillon

"Adolescence is a risky time. As a teen’s body matures and they become more self-sufficient and independent, they experience dramatic hormonal changes, increasing social and peer pressure and have greater access to alcohol and other drugs.” Paul Dillon

Paul Dillon is a nationally recognised expert on young people, parties, drugs and alcohol. We are extremely fortunate to have Paul spend time with our Senior School students and staff during the day on Monday,
20 August.

Paul Dillon Session Promo 2018

We encourage parents to take advantage of this opportunity to receive practical advice around supporting their own children to make wise and informed choices, as well as guidelines on managing social events.

Please note that the information provided in the evening session is aimed at parents. Senior School students will attend a tailored session during the school day.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Maria Chiarolli
Senior School Counsellor

Linda Weddell
Middle School Counsellor

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P&F Parent Dinners

Year 9 Greek Dinner

On Friday, 22 June, Year 9 parents came together to enjoy their annual year level dinner. This Greek themed event featured a delicious banquet and live entertainment from a traditional Greek band.

Thank you to the Year 8 parents who provided help in the kitchen and front of house, and to the P&F members and other volunteers who themed up the room and helped to make this event a wonderful success.

Year 10/11 Indian Banquet 

We are really looking forward to the Year 10/11 Parent Dinner coming up on Friday, 10 August, which will be an Indian style banquet. If you haven't yet booked your ticket, please do so today.

Request for Volunteers

Year 9 parents have been invited to volunteer and we welcome any other parents who may like to join the team! Please contact Angela Warrick to register your interest and join in the fun.

This event is kindly supported by the Concordia Campus P&F.

Angela Warrick
Community Engagement and Events Officer

  • Yr 9 Parent Dinner 18 029
  • Yr 9 Parent Dinner 18 034
  • Yr 9 Parent Dinner 18 037
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Year 8s Read to Reception Students

We are continually looking for ways to foster relationships between our primary and secondary students. On Wednesday, 27 June, the Reception classes were invited to hear stories read by the Year 8s from 8VNT in the Murtoa building. The morning was a great opportunity for our Year 8s to adopt a mentoring role and the session was enjoyed immensely, ending in a game of ‘Phonic Categories’’, with the Reception classes claiming victory!

  • Yr8 read to REC 003
  • Yr8 read to REC 021
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40 Hour Famine Backpack Challenge

World Vision 40HFWe would love to encourage the Concordia community to support our 40 Hour Famine campaign.

“In 2018, the 40 Hour Famine will be supporting the biggest humanitarian crisis of our time: the refugee and displaced persons crisis. Globally, nearly 20 people are forcibly displaced every minute. This year's challenge is about a show of solidarity with refugees…to say we’re with you.”

Participants will commit to living out of their backpacks for 40 hours, packing only the essentials, to raise funds for refugee and displaced children. This experience will help participants to begin understanding what it's like for these young people to leave everything behind, like children in Syria, South Sudan and Myanmar.

If you'd like to make a donation towards Concordia’s fundraising efforts, visit the team's online donation page. The official weekend is 17-19 August, but participants can take the challenge when it best them suits.

To discover the amazing story of Jubaida, a displaced 11 year old girl from Myanmar, and others, visit the 40 Hour Famine website.

Jason Kupke
Youth Worker


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Entertainment Books

Support the Concordia Campus Parents & Friends as they seek to continue contributing to facility upgrades and other projects around the campus by purchasing your new 2018/19 Entertainment membership via the link below. The Entertainment Membership provides access to discounts on a wide range of activities, food outlets and restaurants, travel and hotel companies and more.

To purchase your membership, complete an online order.

  • 1819 3D Book Vouchers 2 Phones AU pic
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Ella's Space Camp Report on ABC's Behind The News

Having recently returned from the International Space Camp in the USA, Ella 11NFLE has shared her story with the ABC's Behind The News program in a clip which has aired twice this week, including as part of the BTN newsbreak on Wednesday, 1 August.

To watch the video, visit the BTN website.

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Where Inspiration becomes Insight

Last Thursday, 26 July, Concordia College hosted UK academics Julie Arliss of Academy Conferences and Dr Andrew Pinsent from Oxford University at a Middle Years ‘Stretch and Challenge Day’. Highly able students from Years 6-9 were invited to participate in a day of interactive mind-stretching learning. As well as Concordia, schools represented were Cabra Dominican College, Scotch College, Christian Brothers College, and Nazareth College.

In ‘Justice, Truth, Beauty and Mathematics’, Julie Arliss introduced students to philosophy and how various movements underpin the way we think and learn. Students relished the opportunity to engage with the practical complexities in a Community of Inquiry approach to the topic, ‘Do animals feel pain and have a right not to be eaten?’

Another highlight of the day was the insight into the nature of Science presented by Dr Andrew Pinsent. A CERN scientist and Catholic Priest, Dr Pinsent was present when the Internet was invented and is the Head of the Ian Ramsay Centre for Science, Religion and Philosophy at Oxford University. He explained that Science is primarily concerned with information and counting, but that it is from the Humanities that the metaphorical thinking and insights – the imagination and inspiration - necessary for scientific breakthroughs come.

The day finished with the Big Debate arguing the statement, ‘This house believes that it is never right to kill a person’. For once, Julie Arliss was defeated by her opponent.

A twilight session for teachers continued the application of philosophical debate to society and pedagogy, and explored the nature of insight.

We are extremely grateful to Oxford University and Academy Conferences for making this enjoyable, enriching experience possible each year, bringing international perspectives and pedagogical approaches to our IB World School.

Louise Thomas
Gifted Education

  • MS Gifted Conference 054
  • MS Gifted Conference 081
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The Magdalene Drop-in Centre

This term Concordia is again committed to providing much needed food for those in need at the Magdalene Drop-in Centre in the CBD on Saturday, 18 August. An email will soon be sent to parents of Middle School students containing further information.

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Manners in Murtoa Film Festival

In the last few weeks of Term 2 during Year 8 Pastoral Care, our Year 8s filmed their contributions for the ‘Manners in Murtoa Film Festival'. Students were required to make a short film (no longer than one minute) that communicated a 'manner' we need to be mindful of in Murtoa; such as opening doors for other people, correct laptop use or respectful behavior. They had to show the correct and incorrect course of action and finish their film with the ‘Manners in Murtoa’ jingle. On Wednesday, 27 June, the cohort came together for the film festival and to enjoy popcorn and view the entries. As judged by Concordia Campus Principal, Mr Weinert, the winning entry came from Caleb, Aaron and Ben from 8LSI. We congratulate them on their Spielberg-esque entry!

  • Yr8 Manners 0006
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St John's Campus P&F Quiz Night

Concordia Campus parents are invited to the upcoming St John's Campus P&F Quiz and Disco Night 'Through the Decades'. View more information and booking details.

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Student Achievements

Well done to Samuel 7KWA who has been selected in the state Sapsasa Hockey team to compete at the National Championships in Newcastle in August. We wish him and the team every success in the national carnival.

Congratulations to Archie 10ABR on his selection in the top ten for the state team to compete at the National Volleyball Championships in Brisbane in October.

On Monday, 16 July, Caitlin 11SBU competed in the Jack Newton Junior Golf State Qualifying event at Grange. Caitlin won the event on the first playoff hole with a birdie, after shooting one over par which resulted in a three-way playoff. As a result  of the win Caitlin has won a trip to play at the JNJG International event at Cypress Lakes during the October school holidays, involving winners from all states and about a dozen countries. Well done, Caitlin!

Congratulations to Lyora 8MRI who recently sat her AMEB Grade 6 Double Bass exam. Lyora achieved an A+ for this assessment. Well done!

Concordia congratulates old collegian Jacqui W (Class of 2017) who has received a sport/academic scholarship to attend Converse College in South Carolina, USA.

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From the Archives: The Wireless

This week, we take a look back at the introduction of wireless radio technology at a time when the technological landscape looked very different to the media rich learning environment enjoyed by Concordia students today.


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