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From the Concordia Campus Principal

Paul WeinertIt has been incredibly reassuring to begin Term 3 in our blessed Chapel, to return to regular assemblies and to recommence a significant number of our extra-curricular activities. We are certainly grateful to God that many of our valued programs have resumed. To see the heartfelt, welcome smiles on our students and staff, affirms a sense that regular face-to-face relationships are with us again. This causes me to reflect on the importance of family, friendships, our wonderful staff and the enormous support we have all provided each other during a pivotal six months.

Our many community events are an important part of our community relationship and we have missed those special opportunities for interaction. Concordia College remains vigilant by adhering to the South Australian government recommendations and requirements. However, we genuinely hope to welcome our community to events across the remainder of the year, albeit in smaller numbers. To enable events to occur, our staff are creatively adapting opportunities to be inclusive and maintain a sense of care, while adhering to the government’s agreed protocols. We will share, via email and SchoolStar, chances to attend events leading towards the end of the year.

At a time when many students are selecting their subject choices for 2021, I ask you to really consider where their personal passions lie and what will bring dedication, enjoyment and potential success. Across all our learning pathways – Sciences, Mathematics, Languages, Art and Performing Arts, Physical Education, VET, Humanities, Multi-Media and Design and Technology - we are very proud of the plethora of choices for learning we are able to offer for every student.

What will always remain core to our Concordia community is our sense of belonging, our faith and warmth. As we navigate successfully into Term 3, I once again thank you for your continued support and understanding in these extraordinary times. We are genuinely all in this together. I will continue to pray that South Australia maintains its positive outlook.

Paul Weinert
Principal - Concordia Campus

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World Vision

Each term at Concordia, as part of our ethos to serve others in need, we partner with a recognised charity. The aim is to build our community’s awareness of their work, and to raise funds to support them. Over the course of the year, we look to balance our support of overseas, national and local aid agencies. So far this year, we have supported Australian Lutheran World Service (Term 1) and The Salvation Army (Term 2). This term we are focused on partnering with World Vision. You may not be aware that our school currently sponsors a World Vision child in Burundi and a village community in Bangladesh. We will continue to give to those projects as part of a long-term commitment. In addition, this year World Vision have invited us to engage in their ‘First Nations’ focus. They have asked us to find ways to support some of their indigenous programs. Initially, we will look at the ‘Young Mob’ initiative which seeks to assist disadvantaged indigenous high school students who especially need support to complete their formal education. At Chapel on Monday we were introduced to some of the challenges our indigenous brothers and sisters experience and how COVID-19 has brought even greater complexity to their schooling. You can view a video about ‘Young Mob’ below.

In future weeks we will choose some fundraising/awareness raising activities. We will share and promote and invite the community to be involved. Look out for this in Connect or in other communication from class teachers. We encourage everyone to be involved.

Mark Rathjen
Spiritual Development Facilitator

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Bringing our Community Back Together

At Concordia, we actively seek pathways to bring our College together. This is of particular importance considering our recent challenges in these uncertain times.

Commencing this term, our Year 8 cohort is undertaking a Thematic Text Study on 'Red Dog', under the Statement of Inquiry: 'Circumstances take you places, but community keeps you there'. In conjunction with Emma Rieger and the Year 8 Language and Literature teachers, students will explore context, community and the construction of meaning through activities such as panel discussion, Sketch Note workshops and analysis of text. To commence the unit, staff were asked to send pictures of their own dogs, to enable us to create a mural entitled 'The Dogs of Concordia'. Almost fifty loveable pooches now adorn the walls of Murtoa, drawing comments such as 'Nawwww!' and 'How cute!' from passing viewers. We are also running a competition to match the dogs to their owners, with the winner being drawn at the conclusion of the unit. If your family would like to share your story about what brought you to Concordia, the Year 8 Team would love to hear from you!

Vanessa Narino-Terry
Year 8 Teacher

  • Year 8 Dogs of Concordia Competition 008
  • Year 8 Dogs of Concordia Competition 013
  • Year 8 Dogs of Concordia Competition 004
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SACE and SATAC 'You Can Ask That' Videos

The SACE Board and SATAC are producing a series of videos to answer students' questions about SACE as it relates to COVID-19.

Click below to watch Episode 2 and stay tuned to the SACE website for further updates.

You Can Ask That - Episode 2

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Learning Conversations and MYP Achievement Levels

At Concordia, we believe that parent engagement in student learning is incredibly beneficial. We were delighted to host a series of Learning Conversations for students in Years 7 to 11 prior to the first day of Term 3.

We thank all involved for being part of these conversations, which provided a wonderful opportunity for parents to talk with their child’s Home Class teacher and to hear their child’s reflections at the end of Semester 1.

Following these conversations, we offer an overview regarding the achievement levels for the Middle Years Programme (MYP) in Years 7-10.

Each band shows a level of achievement (obviously if a ‘0’ grade is awarded that means that there has been no work shown). In particular, please note that the MYP does not work on a ‘failure system’. The following provides some greater understanding of the expectations that teachers consider when awarding achievement levels.

  • A ‘0’ achievement level states that students have not shown any work in relation to the topic being covered.
  • Students who have achievement levels in the 1-2 band are developing their learning but it is below what is to be expected at that year level.
  • Students who have achievement levels in the 3-4 band show an understanding of what is to be expected at that year level.
  • Students who have achievement levels in the 5-6 band shows an understanding of what is to be expected at that year level, as well as some learning that is above those expectations.
  • Students who have achievement levels in the 7-8 band are working consistently at a level that is above what is expected at that year level.

Teachers standardise work to ensure that there is consistency across year levels for the different subject areas. If you have specific questions about student achievement, please speak with your child’s subject teacher in the first instance. If you are unsure of their contact details, please speak with your child’s Home Class teacher.

As always, we look forward to continuing to work alongside parents in helping each of our students achieve to the best of their ability.

Emily Johnson
MYP Coordinator

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Culture, Inclusion and Diversity

There are a number of days each year that celebrate cultural diversity and inclusion, and with students from 19 different cultural backgrounds at Concordia we are looking forward to highlighting these days as they occur. To read about culture, inclusion and diversity at Concordia, click here to view an article by Steve Eden, Head of International Student Programs.

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