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From the St John's Campus Principal

Looking Forward

Paech MichaelWelcome back to the beginning of Semester 2. I hope that you enjoyed the holiday break from the busyness of school and that you managed to find some time for rest and refreshment with your family.

As we returned to school last week, it was wonderful to gather together again as a whole campus to begin our term with Chapel. After over four months (129 days to be exact!) of not being permitted to meet together for Chapel it was amazing. The excitement and energy of students and staff was something very special. We were pleased to have Pastor Andrew leading our opening Chapel and reminding us of God’s incredible love and care for each of us, particularly in the context of challenges we face in life.

Semester 2 has started positively and it has been good to have students back at school as we now begin our journey to the end of 2020, a year that has certainly been very different in so many ways. The sense of ‘togetherness’ that we experience when we come together as school lifts our spirits and serves as a source of encouragement for us.

While it is true that we are enjoying some easing of COVID-19 restrictions, we continue to be vigilant in our adherence to the required protocols and rules that the government provides. Your support and compliance with this is appreciated. We are hopeful that in the not too distant future we will be able to ease regulations regarding parent/visitor access to classrooms, Chapel, Assemblies, etc. We will certainly let you know about any changes in this regard.

In these continuing times of uncertainty, I have personally benefitted from lifting my eyes and looking ahead to some of the positive plans that we have for the semester ahead.

In the coming months we will be proceeding with plans for a significant Master Plan project here at the St John’ Campus. Our Board Chair, Dr Loyd Fyffe, recently shared information about this exciting new initiative in a College communique.

This semester we are also re-engaging with two key Strategic Intentions flowing out of our ‘Toward 2025 – Strategic Plan’.

  1. Continuing work on implementing our 'Unlocking Futures' learning framework. This important project, happening in partnership with Melbourne University, will certainly enhance our commitment to preparing students for the future world in which they will be working.
  2. Progressing our work on the development of a new ELC – Year 12 wellbeing framework that will guide our planning and decision making within this important area of College life.

Knowing we have these positive and exciting plans ahead for our College is something that I hope generates significant optimism for the future. 

As we step into this new semester together, I look forward to continuing our strong partnership with you as we commit to supporting and nurturing the growth and development of our young people. 

‘Inspiring and equipping hearts, hands and minds for a world of possibilities’

Michael Paech
Principal - St John’s Campus

In this Section

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How the World Works

In our current unit inquiring into How the World Works, the Year 1 students have been learning about materials and how people use them. To begin this unit, students were given challenges to complete a bridge that could hold a toy car and a raft that could float. Students were asked to work with a partner to design their structure, thinking carefully about the materials they would use and why. We have had a great first week of learning and look forward to many more experiments and challenges to come this term!

Maddy Russell, Rachel Harrip and Jasmin Barlett
Year 1 Teachers

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Receptions Explore Woorabinda Reserve

The Reception children could have been mistaken for scientists at their recent excursion to Woorabinda Reserve in Stirling.

The children were exploring, predicting, testing, communicating and looking closely at things within the beautiful Stirling environment on a chilly but sunny winter’s day.

During this term, children will be inquiring into how “Living things survive based upon people’s actions”. This excursion served to engage and excite students about the many wonderful gifts of nature that God has provided us and was a springboard for future learning.

Sharon Cosh and Nicolette McClure
Reception Teachers

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Year 2 Non-Fiction Authors

Throughout Term 2, Concordia’s Year 2 students have been studying non-fiction books in their reading and writing units of work.

Children studied how to engage readers, gather and collate information, use images to support written text and edit their writing for accuracy.

These studies culminated in a book showcase at the end of the term, where students promoted and shared their published non-fiction books with each other.

The children published their books on their iPads and created a poster to promote their book to other students.

They then used 'airdrop' to share their books with interested classmates to create their own non-fiction library on their iPad.

This was a wonderful experience for the children as they were able to share their writing with each other and celebrate their successes.

Jenny Kowald and Graham Buxton
Year 2 Teachers

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Culture, Inclusion and Diversity

There are a number of days each year that celebrate cultural diversity and inclusion, and with students from 19 different cultural backgrounds at Concordia we are looking forward to highlighting these days as they occur. To read about culture, inclusion and diversity at Concordia, click here to view an article by Steve Eden, Head of International Student Programs.

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July Holiday Care in the ELC

The recent July holiday care period saw a very busy and engaging time in the ELC. The children had the opportunity to explore the concepts of curiosity, creativity and culture in many and varied experiences. They enjoyed making their own bread and Anzac biscuits, going on a nature hunt, experimenting with the basics of coding, exploring with foam and days immersed in different cultures, including Mexican day! We had a great time!

Sarah Neill
ELC Teacher


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ELC benefits from Woolworths Earn and Learn

At the end of last year families were asked to help collect Woolworths Earn and Learn stickers to assist us in acquiring some new learning materials for the students at the College. The ELC were lucky enough to receive some wonderful resources which have added a great deal of excitement and learning to our ELC space. Some of the items received were an overhead projector, a set of Cubetto robots for coding, architecture blocks and much, much more. A big thank you to all the families that assisted to make this happen!

Sarah Neill
ELC Teacher

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