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Pedal Prix Adelaide Race

The Concordia Pedal Prix team recently competed in the six-hour Adelaide race on 20 June at Victoria Park. This was the third day of racing at the track which included 100 school teams from around South Australia from both Middle and Senior School. The shortened 1.17km criterium loop track resulted in a very exciting day of racing with quick lap times being recorded in under two minutes and our teams reaching speeds in excess of 40km/h. The tight circuit made for some competitive racing with students using their race craft skills to overtake and find the fastest line around the track without any significant damage. On the sidelines, teams showed great spirit, teamwork and enthusiasm, resulting in faster changeovers assisting with their great on-track results, which included three top 10 finishes.

Team Shockwave, made up of younger Year 7 and 8 riders, showed significant improvement, with some standout individual results, finishing just out of the top 20. Team Matrix moved into the top 10 early in the race, holding their position by a couple of laps. A rear puncture late in the race threatened to lose their position, but the team powered on to finish 8th. Team Concorde has been competitive all season, continuing their impressive lap times and contention for a top three position, finishing 4th. Team Veloci, our senior team, moved from 11th position to an impressive 6th with some impressive riding times.

Thank you to all parents who assisted with several roles to make the day such a success.

Name Position / Category Laps
Veloci 6th - S3 / 37 190
Concorde 4th - S2 / 62 189
Matrix 8th - S2 / 62 171
Shockwave 21st - S2 / 62 150

Matthew Smart
Pedal Prix Coordinator

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Old Concordians' Association Soccer Club Update

The Old Concordians' Soccer Club has reached the halfway point of its third season in the Collegiate Soccer League. The season thus far has been successful both on and off the pitch. With all three teams sitting in the top three of their respective divisions in addition to the involvement of over 50 Old Concordians, it has been a great year so far for the Club. We have recently celebrated our second ever player to play 50 games for the Club, Josh Mcloughney (Class of 2015), who has joined Jaco Jordaan (Class of 2017) who achieved the milestone last year. With all three teams fighting for a title, it looks to be an exciting second half of the season. While we are not able to take new players at this time, we encourage those interested in joining the Club to come out to a game and express their interest in joining for the 2022 season. If you would like to get in contact with the Club, you can find us at our Facebook page or by contacting Club President, Cameron Basnec, at

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St John's Campus Sports Results

Thursday 17 June

Concordia Classics lost to Blackfriars Primary School: 12-14. All the boys played really well, especially with only five players and no subs.

Thursday 24 June

Concordia Classics lost to Blue Boys: 2-19.


Saturday 19 June

Concordia Under 8 lost to Mercedes: 0-5.
Concordia Under 10 drew against Brighton Primary: 3-3.
Concordia Year 6 defeated St Peter's: 12-0. Thomas DG accounted for four of those goals and was the player of the match in what was an outstanding display of teamwork and gamesmanship.  

Saturday 26 June

Concordia Under 10 defeated Ascot Park: 13-6.

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Concordia Campus Sports Results

Boys' Sport


Tuesday 15 June

7 Gold defeated St Anthony's: 58-9.
7 Blue defeated St Joseph's Kingswood Royals: 42-19.
7 White defeated Blackfriars Thunder: 34-4.

Saturday 19 June

Senior C lost to St Peter's.
Middle A defeated St Peter's: 61-49.
Middle B defeated St Peter's: 44-16.
Middle C defeated St Peter's: 28-25.
Middle D defeated Unley High School: 46-29.

Tuesday 22 June

7 Gold defeated Blackfriars Magic: 34-29.
7 Blue - Bye
7 White defeated Concordia Cannons: 26-14.


Wednesday 16 June

1st XVIII defeated St John's Grammar School: 10.5 (65) - 7.8 (50). Goals: Taran S (2), Reggie E (2), Raf L (2), Max T (1), Andrew J (1), Jacob H (1) and Noah P (1). Best players: Jaden TM, Max T, Reggie E, Harry K, Sam G, Taran S, Luke W and Harry L. 

Middle defeated St John's Grammar School: 16.14 (110) - 1.0 (6). Goals: Louis A (4), Ronan M (3), Kurtis R (1), Leon R (1), Isaac dB (1), Baily K (1), Paddy D (1), Fergus V (1), Angus M (1) and James P (1). Best players: Nick M, Louis A, Elijah M, Ronan M and Kurtis R.  

Wednesday 23 June

1st XVIII lost to Cabra: 3.4 (22) - 4.9 (33). Goals: Harry L (2) and Oli W (1). Best players: Jaden TM, Harry K, Cody J, Reggie E and Lachlan S. 

Middle defeated Blackfriars: 20.7 (127) - 1.5 (11). Goals: Kurtis R (7), Louis A (4), Sean W (3), James P (2), Hamish G (1), Angus M (1), Fela H (1) and Nick M (1). Best players: Kurtis R, Nick M, Elijah M, Tom C and Louis A.


Saturday 19 June

7B defeated by Cabra: 2-6. Goals: Charlie U (2). Best players: Charlie U, Zachary B and Lachie P. Coaches: Lachlan F and Kern M.

Girls' Sport


Friday 18 June

Senior A defeated St Peter's.
Middle A defeated St Peter's.
Middle B lost to Seymour.

Friday 25 June - No Game


Saturday 19 June

Senior A lost to Westminster. Most Valuable Player: Grace. Coach's Award: Saffron.
Senior B lost to Westminster. Most Valuable Player: Jessie. Coach's Award: Laura.
Senior B2 lost to Westminster. Most Valuable Player: Grace. Coach's Award: Ohmeah.
Senior C lost to Westminster. Most Valuable Player: Lauren.
9A lost to Westminster: 43-36. Most Valuable Player: Chelsea. Coach's Award: Issy.
9B lost to Westminster: 14-27. Most Valuable Player: Eliza. Coach's Award: Bella.
8A lost to Westminster: 30-43. Most Valuable Player: Sophie. Coach's Award: Ruby.
8B lost to Westminster. Most Valuable Player: Lexi. Coach's Award: Maddie.
7A lost to Westminster. Most Valuable Player: Freya.
7B defeated Westminster. Most Valuable Player: Halle.


Wednesday 16 June

Premier League lost to Wilderness.
Div 3 lost to Scotch: 2-5.

Wednesday 23 June

Premier League - No Game.
Div 3 - No Game.

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