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From the Principal and Heads of School

Concordia has had in place a ‘College Digital Charter’ since 2012. This has had advisory directions for our College community. It has outlined the responsible use of technology, e.g. when digital devices and resources are not required for learning activities, students will follow staff instructions to ensure their devices are logged off, in ‘sleep’ mode and safely stored, particularly at recess and lunch breaks.

There is increasing evidence to suggest that as educators (and parents) of young people we should be regulating (and in most cases, reducing) the amount of screen time they have each day.

At Concordia, we have been researching the impact that screens have on the adolescents in our care. Our concerns encourage us to make decisions ensuring that mobile phones are used as an educational tool, or for urgent communication with parents, rather than in a manner which results in the devaluing of authentic social interaction.

The health and social benefits of such decisions are well documented in research, and the case is becoming clearer and clearer.

There are countless articles on this subject and it is impossible to ignore the link between excessive internet consumption, use of smartphones and social media, and the decrease in the psychological wellbeing of teenagers.

Many studies show that happiness in young people decreases with social media usage, such as Facebook.

We understand that many of these programs are developed by using an algorithm, similar to that used for online gambling, with the explicit intention of making our young people addicted to the surge of dopamine they get when using it.

Of course, the other negative effects are also huge. Apart from a reduction in social interaction, we also acknowledge that there is (potentially) a reduction in ‘play’ – physical activity, attendance to lunchtime clubs, involvement in ‘real life activities’ and, at times, safety.

With all of this in mind we are currently revisiting our guidelines for the use of electronic devices at Concordia. Fiona McAuliffe (Head of Senior School) and Briony Carman (Head of Middle School) are working on this. Of particular interest is the student use of screens at recess and lunch and the limiting of this. Revisited guidelines should shortly be communicated to parents and students.

If you would like to look at some more research on this topic, please contact any of us via email and we can send you some links.

In the meantime, you might like to consider revisiting the use of screens in your own household, given the wealth of evidence highlighting its negative impact.

Paul Weinert
Principal - Concordia Campus

Fiona McAuliffe
Head of Senior School

Briony Carman
Head of Middle School

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Year 12s Celebrating with Cakes

Concordia has been celebrating with cakes created by the Stage 2 Food and Hospitality students. The stunning array of beautifully decorated and delicious cakes were showcased to proud parents at the Year 12 Parent/Teacher Interviews last Thursday.

Hannah Rosie
Acting Head of Food Design

  • Yr12 Cakes 054
  • Yr12 Cakes 011
  • Yr12 Cakes 018
  • Yr12 Cakes 062
  • Yr12 Cakes 014
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Year 8 Museum Exhibits

This Friday, 17 August, during National Science Week, the Year 8 students will be running a series of museum exhibits to share the learning from their recent interdisciplinary unit on the topic of rocks and landforms. Parents are invited to attend and view the exhibits from 12.15pm – 1pm. We hope to see you there!

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Sounds Like...

In Year 9 English, students have been engaged in a film-text study, focusing on the use of sound and how it influences the viewer’s experience. The unit began with an exercise using Greens ‘3D Model of Literacy’ for analysing text, where students are asked to view film through three lenses; operational, cultural and critical, viewing Shaun Tan’s animation The Lost Thing. They then moved on to the work of Tim Burton, giving focus to the director’s use of diegetic sound (heard by and originating from the film itself) and non-diegetic sound (that which is added later). The unit concluded with a visit from South Australian film industry sound professional Josh Williams who has worked on sets both on the local and international stage, including Wolf Creek and A Month of Sundays. Josh led the students through a practical session using microphones, speakers and looping recorders to highlight how sound can be manipulated to change the viewer experience. As seen in the photographs, the students adored hearing the inside ‘tricks of the trade’, including making the sound of rain by tapping aluminum foil! 

Vanessa Narino-Terry
English and Humanities Teacher

  • Year 8 Sound 1
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40 Hour Famine Backpack Challenge

World Vision“Back in Week 2, a group of students from Middle and Senior School participated in a workshop run by World Vision representative, Kelly. After introducing us to the roles that economy (spending power), philanthropy (volunteering) and society (our influence over others) can play in creating positive change in the world, Kelly shared the stories of some young and inspirational displaced people. We heard the story of Lilias, a girl who cares for her five siblings and still gets up every morning to further her education, despite watching her father get killed in front of her and not knowing where her mother is. We listened to Obada’s story and were uplifted by the hope he found in football and friends. Having learnt about the three refugee crises World Vision is focusing on (Syria, South Sudan and Myanmar), we began to plan ways of promoting the 40 Hour Famine Backpack Challenge; an incredible way of supporting young refugees such as Lilias and Obada. We are very grateful to Kelly for leading this workshop.”

27 Concordia students have signed up for the Backpack Challenge coming up this weekend, already raising over $2,500! If you would like to donate, check out our school’s fundraising page here.

Zanti 12HRO

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Year 10/11 Parent Dinner

We were delighted to have over 100 parents join us at the Year 10/11 Indian-themed Parent Dinner last Friday, a night of fun, friendship and fantastic Indian food!

Thank you to the Year 9 parents who provided help in the kitchen and front of house, and to the P&F members and other volunteers who themed up the room and helped make this event a wonderful success. 

We are really looking forward to the Father’s Day Breakfast on Thursday, 30 August 2018. Tickets are on sale now via Trybooking. Book online today to secure your seat.

  • Yr10 11 Parent Dinner 093
  • Yr10 11 Parent Dinner 054
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School to Work Simulation - Mock Interview Program

A call for Interviewers

In partnership with Maryke Palumbo, a Job Readiness Consultant, Concordia College will run a Mock Interview Program. The aim of this program is to provide our Year 10 students with a realistic experience of how they would prepare for and conduct themselves through an interview process. Students who participate in this Mock Interview Program will have a better awareness of the process and will gain relevant skills that can assist them in the future.

We are seeking interviewers who have a desire to share their valuable knowledge and experience with our students. The interviews are set to take place during the day between the hours of 8.30am and 1pm on Tuesday 25 and Thursday 27 September. 

We will hold a short session for our interviewers on the day of the interviews (Tuesday or Thursday) from 8.30am to 8.50am to provide you with an ‘interview guide/focus’ to support specific student outcomes.

To register your interest for one or both of these dates or for more information about the mock interview process, contact Maryke Palumbo via email or on 0413 791 990. Alternatively, for more information you may also contact Robert Gogel.

Robert Gogel
Careers/VET Coordinator

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Father's Day Breakfast

A reminder that tickets to this year's Father's Day Breakfast are now on sale. The event will be held on Thursday, 30 August from 7.15am-8.30am and we'd love to see as many fathers, grandfathers and their children there as possible. Book online

Request for Volunteers

The success of this ever-popular event relies on the help of parent volunteers, so if you'd like to join the team at either of the times listed below, we'd love to hear from you:

  • Wednesday, 29 August from 1pm-3.30pm (setting of the room and food prep)
  • Thursday, 30 August from 6.30am until around 9am (serving and clearing)

All volunteers will receive breakfast and the opportunity to have some fun catching up with other Concordia parents.

Please contact Angela Warrick, Community Engagement Officer, at or 8272 0444 to register your interest or for any further information.


  • Fathers Day Breakfast 2018 connectv2
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St John's Campus P&F Quiz Night

Concordia Campus parents are invited to the upcoming St John's Campus P&F Quiz and Disco Night 'Through the Decades'. View more information and booking details.

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Parent Evening with Paul Dillon

A reminder that Paul Dillon will be presenting a free seminar for parents in the Chapel on the evening of Monday, 20 August. Refreshments will be provided by the P&F in the foyer from 7pm, with the seminar starting at 7.30pm. For more information, see the advertisement below. Please note that the information provided in the evening session is aimed at parents. Senior School students will attend a tailored session during the school day.

Paul Dillon Session Promo 2018

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Year 8 Immunisation Program - Friday 14 September

2nd dose Human Papillomavirus Vaccine

Eastern Health Authority (EHA) will be visiting Concordia College (Friday, 14 September) to complete the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) immunisations for Year 8 students, where consent has been provided.

If you did not receive an immunisation consent form from your child, please ask at the SSO for one, if unavailable contact EHA on 8132 3600.

If any information you gave on the original consent form has changed, please inform EHA’s immunisation staff before the date of vaccination on 8132 3600.

Please notify us if:

  • Your child has already completed the HPV program with another provider.
  • You wish to withdraw your consent.
  • Your child’s medical condition has changed.

Remember: It is your responsibility to advise EHA on the day of immunisation of any change in the information on the consent form, in particular, your child’s medical condition. A signed and dated note presented to the Registered Nurse on the day of immunisation, from a parent or guardian in your child’s diary, is acceptable.

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Student Achievements

Congratulation to Trinity 7SSPA who recently achieved an A grade for her AMEB Grade 1 piano exam. Well done Trinity!

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From the Archives: Checkmate

This week we take a look back at Concordia's longstanding involvement with the game of chess which has been played for enjoyment as well as in a competitive setting against other schools. Archival photos of chess games in process at Concordia date all the way back to 1907, with the College's involvement now spanning over 100 years.


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