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Knockout Sport Round 1 Success

Students have recently competed in a range of statewide knockout sports competitions, with some excellent results!

Well done to our Year 6/7 football, Year 7 soccer and Year 7 netball players. All four of these teams were undefeated in their respective round robins during Week 3 and have won through to the semifinal round of the statewide knockout competition.

After two matches on Monday, 10 August, our Senior A Netball have advanced to the next round of the knockout competition.

We wish all of these teams every success for the remaining games. Go Concordia!

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St John's Campus Sports Results

Thursday 30 July
Concordia Champions were defeated by Mercedes: 8-16.
Concordia Chargers defeated Highgate Hustlers: 26-0.

Thursday 7 August
Concordia Chargers were defeated by Parkside Red: 11-14.
Concordia Champions were defeated by Unley Inspired: 7-29. 

Tuesday 28 July
Concordia Cannons defeated Highgate Heatwave: 16-0. 

Tuesday 4 August
Concordia Cannons defeated Burnside Thunder: 36-2.   

Wednesday 5 August
Concordia Celtics were defeated by Emmaus CC 4-30.


Saturday 1 August
Concordia Year 6/7 Boys defeated St Paul's College: 20.9 (129) to 2.2 (14).   

Saturday 8 August
Year 6/7 Boys were defeated by St Peter's College: 0.0 (0) to 18.11 (119).  


Monday 27 July
The Concordia Canaries were defeated by Concordia Celtics: 14-0.

Monday 3 August
The Concordia Celtics defeated Unley Blue Crew: 18-0. The whole team played well.
The Concordia Canaries defeated St Therese Stars: 6-0. 

Monday 10 August
Canaries Year 2/3 team defeated the St Thomas Tigers: 5-0. 


Saturday 1 August
Concordia Under 8s defeated Clapham: 2–0. Player of the match was Sebastian and two goals were scored by Noah.
Concordia Under 9s drew 1-1 to Stella Maris.
Concordia Under 11s were defeated by Highgate: 3-4.

Saturday 8 August
Concordia Under 8s were defeated by Glen Osmond: 8-0.
Concordia Under 11s were defeated by Craigburn Primary: 0-2. 


Friday 31 July
Concordia Gold defeated Rose Park Suteki two sets to one – 72 points to 70. The first and well deserved win with their wonderful new coach Amber.

Friday 7 August
Concordia Gold were defeated by Loreto Spikers two sets to one, 73 to 61 points.

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Concordia Campus Sports Results

Mixed Sport

Cross Country

Senior Girls
Isla 11RAMO, 3rd place in 20:19:40

Middle Boys
Rohan 8GGRA, 7th | 18:44:50
Marshall 7LAUS, 9th | 18:59:10
Alex 8VNAR, 16th | 20:08:50
Jacob 7RCRO, 19th | 20:29:40
Liam 7LAUS, 22nd | 21:02:80
Luke 7RHOG, 24th | 22:49:00

Middle Girls
Alexandra 7RHOG, 10th | 20:57:30
Ely 7RHOG, 12th | 21:47:60
Jess 7KSPA, 13th | 22:04:10


Wednesday 22 July
Middle Hockey defeated by PAC: 0-5. Best players: Kieran B, Sam W and Fergus C.

Wednesday 29 July
Middle Hockey defeated by Pulteney: 0-4. Best players: Kieran B, Fergus C and Charlotte S.

Wednesday 5 August
Middle Hockey defeated by St Peters: 0–6. Best players: Sam W, Asmitha R and Kieran B.

Boys Sport


Wednesday 29 July
Concordia Gold defeated Concordia Blue.

Saturday 1 August
Senior A defeated by Cabra: 42–87. Top scorers: Sam H (14) and Calvin Z (11). Best players: Sam H, Isaac H and Calvin Z.
Senior B defeated by Cabra: 37–51. Top scorers: Jack S (14) and Clark M (7). Best players: Jack S, Clark M and Will T.
Senior C defeated Cabra: 39–34. Top scorers: Harry N (11) and Will M (7). Best players: Harry N, Will M and Will P.
Senior D defeated by Woodcroft: 19–37.
Middle A defeated Cabra: 88–24. Top scorers: Oliver M (27), Tom S (24), Lachlan T (10), Kurtis R (10). Best players: Oliver M, Tom S, Lachlan T and Kurtis R.
Middle B defeated Cabra: 56–14. Top scorers: Fergus V (16), Elijah M (11) and Frederick B (9). Best players: Fergus V, Elijah M and Henry R-E.
Middle C defeated Cabra: 77-20. Top scorers: Angus M (32), Patrick S (20) and James P (14). Best players: Angus M, Patrick S and James P.
Middle D defeated St Peters: 28–24. Top scorers: Jack P (12) and Luke (8). Best players: Jack P, Michael S and Jacob S.

Saturday 8 August
Senior B defeated by Pembroke: 32–44. Top scorers: Jack S (12) and Will T (7). Best players: Jack Su, Jack St and Will T.
Senior C defeated Pembroke: 59–30. Top scorers: Jack S (22), Harry N (11) and Will P (10). Best players: Will P, Jack S and Harry N.
Senior D defeated Pembroke: 23–10. Top scorers: Ray (7), Aiden (4) and James (4). Best players: Jay S, Aiden M, James T and Ray Z.
Middle A defeated Pembroke: 58–27. Top scorers: Thomas S (20), Oliver M (17), Alex S (11). Best players: Oliver M, Thomas S and Alex S.
Middle B defeated Pembroke: 56–32. Top scorers: Henry R-E (17), Fergus V (6) and Ethan T (6). Best players: Henry R-E, Fergus V and Ethan T.
Middle C defeated Pembroke: 24–23. Top scorers: Patrick S (12) and Jackson G (6). Best players: Patrick S, Ethan B and Jackson G.
Middle D defeated PAC: 23–19. Top scorers: Jack P (10), Jacob S (4) and Michael S (4). Best players: Jack P, Jacob S and Archie A.


Wednesday 29 July
1st XVIII defeated Cabra: 13.8 (86) – 6.7 (43). Goal kickers: James K (6), Jack S (3), Josh G (2), Finn S (1), Ollie L (1). Best players: Ollie L, Taran S, Sam G, Jet W, James K, Josh C and Nick G.
Open B defeated by Pulteney Grammar A Grade.
Middle Football defeated by Nazareth: 6.9 (45) - 7.5 (47). Goal kickers: Max T (2), Jacob H (1), Jake D (1), Fergus V (1), Tadgh W (1), Ben P (1), Kurtis R (1), Noah P (1), Seb R (1), Angus M (1), Hamish G (1). Best players: Kurtis R, Noah P, Fergus V, Angus M, Rory F and Ben P.

Saturday 1 August
Year 7B defeated St Pauls. Goal kickers: Jake M (4), Fela H (4), Leon R (3), Louis A (3), Jack N (2), James P, Oliver E, Jett H and James C.
Best players: Jake M, Louis A, James P and Fela H.

Wednesday 5 August
1st XVIII defeated Norwood Morialta: 7.8 (50) – 5.6 (36). Goal kickers: Jet W (4), James K (1), Taran S (1), Zak B (1). Best players: Jet W, Oliver L, Taran S, Sam G, Fletcher S and Jaden T M.
Open B defeated by Cardijn: 2.2 (14) – 15.12 (105). Goal kickers: Dane H (1) and Jack S (1). Best players: Dane H, Cody J, Joey H-F, Jack S, Luke F and Harry N.
Middle Football defeated Unley: 13.13 (91) – 2.3 (15). Goal kickers: Harry K (2), Sean W (2), Tom S (2), Ben P (1), Kurtis R (1), Noah P (1), Michael S (1), Louis A (1), Leon R (1) and Joe S (1). Best players: Noah P, Kurtis R, Bailey K, Jake D and Ben P.


Saturday 1 August
Open B defeated Cardijn: 4–3. Goal scorers: Kyle G (2), Jack K (1) and Ben D (1). Best players: Kern M, Ben D and Kyle G.
Middle A defeated CBC: 8–1. Goal scorers: Max T (3), Tom T (2), Alex P (2), Fletcher D (2) and Kostas T. Best players: Alex P, Tom T and Oli M.
Middle B defeated Unley: 4–0. Goal scorers: Adam B (3) and Kostas T. Best players: Joe M, Lachlan H and Marshall H.
Year 7B defeated by PAC: 1–6. Goal scorers: Max. Best players: Lucas H, Elliot K and Leo V.

Wednesday 5 August
Senior A defeated by Immanuel: 1–4.

Saturday 8 August
Open B defeated Cabra. Goal scorers: Oscar H (5), Ben D (2), Kyle G (1), Piers H (1), Alex T (1), Joseph P (1), Angus L (1) and Jordan R (1).
Middle A defeated by Cardijn: 1–7. Goal scorer: Adam B. Best players: Alex P, Cormack K and Sam P.
Year 7B defeated Pulteney: 4–2. Goal scorers: Lucas H (2), Ned B and Luke B. Best players: Lucas H, Mitchell V and Charles L.

Girls Sport


Friday 31 July
Senior A defeated by Seymour.
Senior B had a bye.
Middle A defeated Seymour.
Middle B defeated by Wilderness in a close game.

Friday 7 August
Senior A defeated by St Ignatius.
Senior B defeated Seymour.
Middle A defeated Woodcroft.
Middle B defeated by Seymour in another close game.


Saturday 1 August
Senior A defeated by Westminster.
Senior B1 defeated by Westminster.
Senior B2 defeated Westminster.
Senior C defeated by Westminster.
Year 10 defeated by Westminster.
Year 9A defeated by Westminster.
Year 9B defeated by Westminster.
Year 9 Navy defeated Wilderness.
Year 9 White defeated Pembroke.
Year 8A defeated by Westminster.
Year 8B defeated Westminster.
Year 7A defeated by Westminster.
Year 7B defeated Westminster.
Year 7 Navy defeated Pembroke.
Year 7 White defeated Scotch.

Saturday 8 August
Senior A defeated by St Peters.
Senior B1 defeated by St Peters.
Senior B2 defeated Seymour.
Senior C defeated Seymour.
Year 9A defeated by St Peters in a close game.
Year 9B defeated St Peters.
Year 9 Navy defeated by Scotch.
Year 9 White defeated by St Peters.
Year 8A defeated by St Peters.
Year 8B defeated St Peters.
Year 8 Navy defeated by Westminster.
Year 8 White defeated St Peters.
Year 7A defeated by St Peters.
Year 7B defeated St Peters.
Year 7 Navy defeated Scotch.
Year 7 White defeated Pembroke in a strong win.

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