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Students explore the Science Week theme of 'Future Earth'

Reception students collaborate on creative house designs

Concordia hosts Middle Years Gifted & Talented Conference

COCA 70+ Reunion offers a wonderful chance to reminisce

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Year 12 Geography

Last week,Year 12 Geography students were learning about the connections between population growth, resource consumption, and provision of water as a basic necessity when they visited Happy Valley Water Treatment Plant and the Adelaide Desalination Plant. As part of their final unit of study, students were looking at the issues connected with making sure a population had adequate and safe water to drink. Students were privileged to be taken on guided tours of both plants by SA Water guides, through whom they learnt about the inner workings of providing clean water.

On Wednesday 8 August, half of the class went along to Adelaide University to hear lectures from two professors about energy alternatives for Adelaide, and environmental risks associated with population changes. Students found the lectures highly engaging, and were given an insight into the importance of geographical research in helping to solve many of the issues facing the world today.

Joanne Wegener

  • Geography Excursion
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State Theatre Company Drama Workshop

On Friday 4 August, we welcomed State Theatre Company actor, Patrick Klavins to Concordia. Patrick ran a two-hour workshop with Year 11 Drama students titled “Unlocking Shakespeare.” This was a fantastic opportunity for students to learn from an industry professional and they learnt more about Shakespearean language and acting. Later this term, the same students will see State Theatre Company’s production of Macbeth and they will also create their own Shakespearean-inspired performance later in the year.

Emma Williams
Head of Drama

  • Y11 Drama 3
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Personal Project Update

It is coming to the 'busy end' of the Personal Project for our Year 10 students. This is the culmination of their understanding of the key ideas presented through the Middle Years Programme and allows them to focus on an area of interest through the exploration of a Global Context. The Year 10 students have been working independently on their process journals and products over the last six months. There is an array of different projects that are being developed by the students, with some amazing ideas being generated. The Year 10s are finalizing their reports to explain the processes that they have undertaken ready for submission on Monday 28 August. The finished projects will be on display at the annual Personal Project Exhibition to be held in The Suaviter on Thursday 21 September from 4-7pm.

In the meantime, take a look at the images below which showcase some of the incredible projects from last year’s exhibition.

Emily Johnson
Personal Project Coordinator

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Paul Dillon Visit

On Monday 21 August our Senior School students will hear from guest speaker Paul Dillon from Drug and Alcohol Research and Training Australia (DARTA) about issues that are facing teenagers and young adults today with regards to drugs and alcohol. Paul has been working in the area of drug and alcohol education for 25 years and has been presenting workshops and seminars at Concordia for the last eight years and we look forward to welcoming him to the College again on Monday.

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Diary Dates

Click here for a list of upcoming diary dates.

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