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Diversity Within Community

Earlier this week, during a chapel presentation, I talked about repeating patterns that we experience and I showed images of regular patterns that exist in nature. These included:

  • The repeating hexagons in honeycomb
  • The arrangements of petals in a flower
  • The elegance of a snowflake
  • The patterns in Science shown through mathematical formulae
  • Patterns of vibrations in musical harmonies and in musical instruments
  • The patterns in a Haiku poem or a dance.

These patterns bring predictability and a certain type of beauty.

However, there are also less regular patterns that have a beauty of their own. If you think about the pattern of terraced rice fields or the flow of lava down a volcano or the meandering of a river system in a delta, the pattern is not regular or repeating but the combination of shapes combine to make an image that evokes positive emotional connections.

In particular, if we look closely at the cross-section of an igneous rock, we can see the variety of angular crystals that combine to make a sturdy and beautiful pattern.

So it is with a community like Concordia College. The strength and appeal of our community comes from having a collection of angular individuals, each with their own strengths and passions, that come together to form what we know as Concordia College.

At times, we fall into the trap of thinking that our view on life, our interpretation of an event or our opinion about another person is the only one that matters. Others should conform to us. However, I believe that our strength comes from diversity, respect and cooperation whereby all the angular components combine together.

This does require us to accept and value each other. In the book of Romans in the Bible (Chapter 15 verses 5-7) we read:

"May God, who gives this patience and encouragement, help you live in complete harmony with each other, as is fitting for followers of Christ Jesus. Then all of you can join together with one voice, giving praise and glory to God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Therefore, accept each other just as Christ has accepted you so that God will be given glory." 

This isn’t easy to accomplish. It means that we respect and support the work of a struggling student just as much as we acknowledge the genuine efforts of our teachers and our sports coaches to provide meaningful learning experiences for students.

The diversity and complexity of our community is its strength and deserves celebration.

Lester Saegenschnitter
Principal - Concordia Campus

  • Harmony
Board Report

The Concordia College Board recently purchased an Indigenous painting to be displayed on the wall of the Board Room at the Concordia Campus. At the beginning of the Concordia College Board meeting on Wednesday 23 August, a telephone link with Mrs Bonnie Coleman was set up to allow the artist to explain the significance of the artwork. There are many layers of depth to the painting, which at its core celebrates the spiritual connections between Bonnie’s Koonibba home area and Concordia College (which she attended as a boarder).

Following this, Briony Carman and Fiona McAuliffe provided information to the Board about the range of programs delivered in the Pastoral Care Programs at the Middle and Senior Schools of Concordia College.

Other key agenda items included:

  • Consideration of a grant opportunity through the Fund My Neighbourhood grant scheme
  • Information about the induction program for the new 2018 Concordia Campus Principal, Mr Paul Weinert
  • 2018 budget considerations
  • Approval of the Access to Information Policy and Property Acquisition Policy
  • Year 7 enrolment strategies as we move to add the final Year 7 class in 2020
  • Update on the progress of the Science building which is on track for completion by the end of Term 3 and within the allocated budget.

Lester Saegenschnitter and Michael Paech
Concordia College Principals

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