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Welcoming our Researcher in Residence

McAuliffe FionaFollowing our involvement with Flinders University’s wellbeing research through old collegian Dr Catherine Johnson (Research Fellow, Psychology; Concordia Class of '82), we are very excited to announce that this partnership has been officially recognised. Concordia College has been successful in obtaining a Flinders University Innovation Seed Grant to test a novel “Researcher in Residence” approach.

Developing a collaborative university/school model facilitates the piloting of innovative research ideas, and allows schools access to cutting edge knowledge around evidence-based mental health programs. We warmly welcome Dr Johnson as she begins working on campus this week.

Adolescent wellbeing, and implementing effective school-based programs, must be a major focus area in all schools, and Concordia is actively pursuing best practice in this area. Ernst and Young have estimated the cost of mental illness in young Australians to be $5.2 billion a year, yet young Australians are the least likely age group to seek professional treatment. School-based prevention programs offer a means of reaching this population at the broadest level.

There is presently an abundance of programs available to schools, but an absence of research that provides guidelines for how best to age-match wellbeing programs across the school journey. What needs to be included, and at what ages? This approach is a world-first undertaking. Through surveys and focus groups, Dr Johnson will undertake pilot work in this area at Concordia. This will provide us with a snapshot of current student wellbeing strengths and needs as a first step in building an evidence-based and sequenced wellbeing program. It is an exciting initiative which has the potential to put Concordia at the forefront in this area of research, and drive a much-improved holistic focus on student wellbeing.

Dr Johnson continues to conduct research into mindfulness at Concordia using a new Belgian 8-week program, and comparing its effect in Year 8 (easier to timetable, earlier upskilling) with Year 10 (more mature in terms of brain development). Preliminary results from these groups suggest a stronger benefit for depression and anxiety in Year 10 students. We are currently collecting more data to show whether this effect is replicated with greater numbers, justifying curricular time in the Senior School. Throughout these projects, we will continue to update you on the results. 

Fiona McAuliffe
Head of Senior School

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Find Your Treasure in Year 8

During Term 3 the Year 8 students have been undertaking activities related to Book Week. The topic was 'Find Your Treasure'. The Year 8s were appointed a task in which they had to write a letter to someone they admire or are inspired by. They had to ask many questions about books and write a bit about themselves, along with why they admired their chosen person. Some students were lucky enough to get replies from Maddie Robinson (Australian netballer), Rory Laird (Crows footballer), Mem Fox (author) and Amber Scott (ballet dancer). We have started to get replies throughout the term and other students are eagerly waiting for their letters to arrive. We learnt many new techniques for writing, along with learning how to correctly address an envelope. Along with the letter writing, we got the chance to have a library visit during Week 5 which involved tasks associated with Book Week. Every task had something to do with the topic Find Your Treasure and at the end a prize was given out from a treasure box for every group that participated. Overall, it was an amazing experience and the Year 8s are immensely grateful for all the work and effort that was put into making this year’s Book Week so memorable!

Saffron 8AMA

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Year 7 Grandfriends' Day Reminder

Grandfriends' Day is coming up on Friday, 7 September, and we look forward to welcoming grandparents and significant friends of our Year 7 students to the Concordia Campus for the morning. If your child's guests have not yet booked their place (limit of four guests per student), please ask them to do so or offer to make an online booking on their behalf as soon as possible.

We are still looking for some parents to help prepare and serve morning tea on the day, so if you can spare an hour or two between 9am and 11am on Friday, 7 September, please email Angela Warrick, Community Engagement Officer or phone 08 8272 0444.

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Father's Day Breakfast

This year's Father’s Day Breakfast was once again a success, with The Suaviter packed full of students and their fathers and grandfathers for a lovely breakfast. More than 110 guests were treated to a touching speech about fatherhood by guest speaker, Hon. Jay Weatherill MP, as well as beautiful music by Jazz Trio, In-Sync, featuring Henry 10PLO, Sam 10PLO, and Lewis 10RDE. 

Thanks to all who attended, to the P&F for their support of the event, and to our many parent volunteers who helped to ensure the event ran smoothly behind the scenes.  

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Year 8 Service as Action

Our College vision is clear: Engage, Achieve, Serve. Service is at the heart of the gospel message. God coming as Jesus to serve us. It is this foundation that we build upon when we look to serve others. Students from 8LSI, 8RCR and 8JCA, as part of our Service as Action unit in Pastoral Care, were given the opportunity to serve staff and students within the college community on Wednesday by washing cars in the Balmoral Street car park and the large car park on Winchester Street. Students brought buckets and washing equipment and worked in small teams to wash vehicles. The idea of doing something for someone else with no personal reward is such an important experience for our students. It grows a service ‘muscle’ in them that strengthens them and the community. It was great to see many students rise to this challenge. We will run another car wash event this term to complete the cars in the smaller car park on Winchester Street that we did not get to. It has been a great opportunity to “…serve one another humbly in love.” - Galatians 5:13.

Jonathan Carpenter
Year 8 Pastoral Leader

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Year 8 Immunisation Program - Friday 14 September

2nd dose Human Papillomavirus Vaccine

Eastern Health Authority (EHA) will be visiting Concordia College (Friday, 14 September) to complete the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) immunisations for Year 8 students, where consent has been provided.

If you did not receive an immunisation consent form from your child, please ask at the SSO for one, if unavailable contact EHA on 8132 3600.

If any information you gave on the original consent form has changed, please inform EHA’s immunisation staff before the date of vaccination on 8132 3600.

Please notify us if:

  • Your child has already completed the HPV program with another provider.
  • You wish to withdraw your consent.
  • Your child’s medical condition has changed.

Remember: It is your responsibility to advise EHA on the day of immunisation of any change in the information on the consent form, in particular, your child’s medical condition. A signed and dated note presented to the Registered Nurse on the day of immunisation, from a parent or guardian in your child’s diary, is acceptable.

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Middle School Serves at The Magdalene Centre

Those from the Concordia community who were able to serve at The Magdalene Drop-in Centre on Saturday, 18 August experienced something of the paradox of Christian service, of giving only to come away feeling more filled and blessed than when we went. Many thanks to the generous families of the College who provided the food and clothing we were able to give to the patrons of The Magdalene Centre. Seven students and three parents helped served 100 meals, along with several helpers from the Centre. In a week that was quite wintry, the wholesome, homemade 3-course meal and warm clothes were gratefully accepted.

Liz Sexton
P&F Member

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