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From the St John's Campus Leadership Team

St John's Campus Music Showcase

Arts are integral to the teaching and learning programme at the St John’s Campus. As an IB school, we value the opportunities given to the students to learn about music as well as through playing and performing music. The lifelong skills developed through the commitment and dedication to such programmes is what allows students to grow as musicians and members of a team. Through the preparation for and presentation of the musical items, the students are building confidence in taking risks and managing themselves, their time and resources. The Showcase also gives students an opportunity to communicate their creativity while progressing in their technical skills. Students learning a musical instrument at the St John’s Campus are afforded many opportunities to participate in such events as the upcoming Music Showcase, allowing them to shine as they share their musical talents and skills.

The annual St John’s Campus Music Showcase will be held on Thursday, 5 September at 7pm in the Concordia College Chapel. Approximately 120 students from Years 1 to 6 will be involved in the concert, showcasing their talents and hard work over the past three terms. The Showcase will feature the Concert Band, String Ensembles, Percussion and Guitar Ensembles as well as performances from the Years 3/4 and 5/6 Choirs, and the Vocal Ensemble.

Throughout the evening, an Art Exhibition of Year 2 and Year 4 artworks in the Chapel foyer will also be available for viewing.

Everyone is welcome to attend. There is no charge for the concert and we look forward to seeing you at the performance next Thursday evening to support our wonderful students.

Rachel Muldoon
St John's Campus Director of Student Learning

Julie Lugg
Music Teacher

Fabulous Fiesta!

On Saturday night, parents and staff from the St John’s Campus enjoyed a wonderful evening of fun, food and entertainment.

Authentic paella (cooked before our very eyes), tasty churros, delicious sangria, and a range of other beverages supplied by Tomich Wines and Coopers, provided us with much needed sustenance.

Our live entertainment for the night included a Latin dance floor show (presented by the Adelaide University Salsa Mania Club) and two sets of music provided by local dance band ‘Silverhair’.

It was great to see so many parents and staff enjoying themselves on the evening, with many going the extra mile and dressing up in colourful fiesta-themed outfits.

A huge thank you to everyone who helped to make our Fiesta event such a success. To our Events Coordinator Angela Warrick, our MC Dave Medlyn, our St John’s Campus P&F, our Year Level Coordinators and everyone else who supported the event.

A truly enjoyable evening that provided opportunity to further build our community spirit! 

Michael Paech
Principal - St John's Campus

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Book Week 2019

Book Week 2019 was celebrated last week with a Book Fair, book voting, craft activities at lunchtime, Book Tastings and a 'book character dress-up day'. The Book Week theme for this year was ‘Reading is my Secret Power’.

The students had lots of fun participating in the activities, especially the Book Tastings as most of the books hadn’t yet been seen by students. They also enjoyed having their photo taken in front of the green screen, dressed in a cape and mask, posing as a superhero. The reading nook was a favourite place in the Resource Centre too.

Nolene Gehling
Resource Manager for Learning and Teaching

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Year 1-3 Grandparents' and Special Friends' Morning

Grandparents and special friends visited students in Years 1 – 3 on Friday, 16 August. Our visitors were treated to entertainment from and participated in activities with the students followed by a delicious morning tea. One of the highlights was the singing of the Junior Primary Choir. The Concert Band, String Ensemble and the Year 3/4 Choir also performed during the morning. Many thanks to the students who represented our school so well and thank you to all our visitors for making it a very special morning.

Julie Lugg
Music Teacher

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Year 1 Time Travellers

On an excursion to the Migration Museum, the Year 1s travelled back in time to experience life as a child in the 19th century. The students dressed in smocks, marched into the school room and practised their handwriting on slate boards until it was perfect! After this lesson they played games of quoits, knucklebones and board games. 

Following on from this ‘hands-on session’ the children heard about the life of the Aboriginal people, the early settlers, and those who came to Australia on the convict ships during this time.

The visit to the Migration Museum provided the Year 1s with a provocation for the 'Where we are in Place and Time' unit of inquiry. The Central Idea for this unit is 'Learning about previous generations helps us understand the connection between past and present'. 

They are now full of ‘wanderings and wonderings’ about their history!

The children are ready to explore the past, the changes over time and to seek to make connections with the world today. 

Celina Read & Maddy Russell
Year 1 Teachers

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Exciting Musical Opportunities

Recently our students have had some exciting musical opportunities. Indra and Isobel were chosen to attend a Big Rehearsal Day with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra. Each student worked 1:1 with an orchestra member on the day. The students learnt a number of pieces before the event, including one written by our own violin teacher and Junior Strings conductor Ms Karen De Nardi! The girls were mentored by the players and experienced rehearsing and performing with a professional orchestra. What a great experience.

Jasmin Bartlett
R-2 Music & Year 2 Teacher

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Year 2 Excursion

On Monday, 19 August the Year 2s went to Warriparinga Living Kaurna Cultural Centre. The excursion was a delightful experience where students were given a taste of local Kaurna traditions. Everyone was amazed at the history and landmarks sitting right at our doorstep!

Some highlights from the students were:

  • We went on a big walk and learnt a lot about Kaurna stuff. - Samuel B
  • There’s an actual plant called Kangaroo Thorn that gets rid of warts. - Mia W & Teija
  • We saw old fish traps dug into the ground. When the water rose up in the river the fish were trapped. Then when the summer came and the Kaurna people came to camp there they could eat the fish. - Henry & Flynn
  • We did some dot paintings and learned some Aboriginal symbols. - Eliza & Cora
  • We drew stories in the sand in a meeting place/ceremony circle. - Farhana & Ozzie
  • We saw Kaurna shields carved out of the trees. – Dominic
  • The roof of the Centre was shaped like an ibis to represent the Dreamtime story of Tjilbruke. – Bethany

Jasmin Bartlett
Year 2 Teacher

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Balaklava Eisteddford

Recently, William (Year 4) competed in his first vocal Eisteddfod in Balaklava. Along with his sister Annabelle, they entered the Vocal Ensemble Division. They were entered into the Senior section and competed against 15-year-olds. Singing a lovely rendition of ‘True Colours’, they won the Senior section and ended up winning Grand Champion of the whole Division! We are very proud of him.

Lucy (Year 6) also competed on the same day as part of a trio. Lucy’s trio placed first in their section for Music Theatre Ensemble and were also excited to win the Overall Music Theatre Ensemble Champions for the day across all age categories. They were honoured to be asked to perform at the finale concert the following day. She also placed third in her Contemporary Vocal section and received an Honourable mention in her Music Theatre Solo. Well done, Lucy!

Julie Lugg
Music Teacher

  • Balaklava Eisteddford
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