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From the Head of Senior School

Watkins Clay

As we pass the halfway point of Term 3, it is a good time to reflect on how fortunate we are to have returned to an almost normal school experience. Many of the restrictions have eased and we are fortunate to be planning and offering excursions and camps again. The Year 12 Retreat occurred last week and was a highlight for the staff and students that were involved, and the Year 9 and 10 cohorts are now busy preparing for their camps later in the term.

However, it is important to remember that we need to focus on maintaining a healthy environment across the College and we ask that students who are not feeling well remain at home until they have recovered. Students can access their curriculum at home via ManageBac and can also contact their teachers via email.

This term has also seen the return of the winter sport program and it has been great to see so many students involved and being able to compete for the College in their chosen sport. This week also saw the return of the popular Champions Cup competition, which has been exceptionally well planned and organised by our Student Leaders. Aside from the benefits of taking part in sport and activities, it also provides an opportunity for other students to support players and build that sense of community that is a very important part of life here at Concordia.

The Year 12 Drama students are busy rehearsing for their final performance, which will take place on 10-11 September and Year 12 Visual Art students are excitedly preparing for the Art Show that will occurs on Friday, 13 September. Several exciting changes are also being planned for the end of year program for our Year 12 students. Some of the changes are born out of necessity with government guidelines determining restrictions on the number of people we can accommodate as an audience, but our Community Relations team is working hard to ensure that the events like the Valedictory Service and Year 12 Dinner are special and memorable this year. 

Wellbeing continues to be a large focus across the College and the Year 8 and 11 cohorts have recently taken part in programs in Pastoral Care that prioritise this key focus area. We look forward to sharing Wellbeing updates with you.

We trust that as we begin to look towards Term 4, students will reflect on 2020 acknowledging their achievements and look forward to a future joy and hope.

Clay Watkins
Head of Senior School

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Cross-Campus Collaboration – Service Learning

Each year, Concordia offers the Veta Morphus program to any interested Year 11s. Veta Morphus is a recognised Certificate III in Christian Ministry. For the most part, this course is offered after school and students commit many hours to study; attend retreats; and serve in their churches, youth groups and wider community. This year has posed a number of challenges, as COVID-19 restrictions have played havoc with the service learning aspects of the course. In order to complete some of the practical parts of the course, students have looked within our school community to find ways to serve. This term, six of the Veta group have arranged to work with students on St John’s Campus. These Veta students are volunteering their time to support the OSHC and ELC programs on Friday afternoons. They are working with the OSHC and ELC staff by helping to organise and assist in the running of activities. This is a great way for them to serve our younger students by giving of their time, talents and energy and in turn they are learning not only about service but also gaining some valuable work experience. We are thankful to the staff at St John’s Campus for welcoming these students and allowing them to find authentic ways to serve in our College and complete these significant course requirements. Another excellent example of cross-campus collaboration. 

Mark Rathjen
Veta Peer Group Supervisor

  • Year 11 Vetamorphus students serve in ELC 003
  • Year 11 Vetamorphus students serve in ELC 006
  • Year 11 Vetamorphus students serve in ELC 098
  • Year 11 Vetamorphus students serve in ELC 160
  • Year 11 Vetamorphus students serve in ELC 177
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Year 8 English Panel Discussion

What is your link to the Concordia Community?

To conclude their formative understandings surrounding their Statement of Inquiry, our Year 8 English students heard from a diverse panel of Concordia staff. Mr Tim Williams (Property Services), Mrs Connie Held (Teacher), Mr Paul Weinert (Principal) and Mr Steve Eden (Head of International Student Programs) chatted about the circumstances that brought them to Concordia and aspects of the community that have kept them here. For their summative assessment, our students will conduct their own interviews with someone they admire from a personal community. A timely reminder for us all that we remain connected as a College throughout the most difficult of times.

Vanessa Narino-Terry, Louise Thomas and Samuel Cooper
Year 8 Teachers

  • Year 8 English panel discussion 008
  • Year 8 English panel discussion 005
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Introducing Kerry Turner - Careers and Pathways Advisor

Students in Years 10, 11 and 12 now have an opportunity to talk with Mrs Kerry Turner, a Careers Advisor, about Senior School and post-school pathways.

Mrs Turner will be available during the school day on Mondays until the end of term, by appointment only. Half-hour appointments should be made through Mrs Powell in the Heads of School area (email or phone 8291 9382).

Appointments with Mrs Turner will be held in the Careers Office, in the corridor between Reception and the SSO.

You can read a brief introduction from Kerry below:

Hello Concordia,

I’ve been a fully qualified Careers Adviser for 20 years, my first appointment being at Pulteney Grammar School for 10 years. A family move interstate resulted in a position at Moriah College in Sydney where I was a full-time Careers Adviser for 10 years. I retired at the end of last year never expecting that I would again work in a school, but I’ve loved it and realise that I have missed being with young people - they have an energy and positivity that is contagious. Although this year has had its challenges, it is still very possible for students to engage in future study and work and I look forward to assisting them to navigate their post-school options based on how they like to work, which is just as important as what they work at.

Kerry Turner
Careers and Pathways Advisor

  • Kerry Turner - Careers and Pathways Advisor
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Celebrations Across the Globe

Ho Chi Minh statue in VietnamOn 2 September, Vietnam will celebrate its declaration of independence from France on this day in 1945.

In 1887, Vietnam became part of French Indochina. After the end of World War II, on 2 September 1945, following the ‘August Revolution’, Ho Chi Minh proclaimed the establishment of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (North Vietnam).

In 1976, North and South Vietnam were finally united into one country, the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, and 2 September was adopted as the key date in Vietnam’s road to independence.

Steve Eden
Head of International Student Programs



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Cake Decorating in Year 8 Food Design

In Year 8, students study Food Design for a trimester and recently one of our classes tried their hand at cake decorating for their final lesson of the trimester. The results were fantastic with many creative cakes produced. Well done, Year 8s!

  • Yr8 Cake Decorating collage
  • Yr8 Cake Decorating collage2
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