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The Arts at St John's Campus

Wells NancyBartlett JasminOur St John’s Campus students experience a broad range of learning experiences in the Arts from ELC through to Year 6, including Music, Visual Arts, Drama, Dance and Media Arts. This equips students with the knowledge and skills to express their experiences, thoughts and feelings through the creative arts. We believe children benefit greatly from these experiences, as learning in the Arts encourages creative thinking, builds confidence and self-esteem, and strengthens social skill development.

Recently, Year 2 students proudly exhibited artworks in the Aboriginal rarrk style, while the Year 1 students explored organic shapes in nature and art. Our ELC children are learning about pattern through visual arts and music. Year 5s have explored a range of binding and weaving techniques, including traditional Aboriginal coil weaving with raffia.

In Drama, the Receptions are having fun creating a range of characters and the Year 4 students have engaged in a variety of performance activities with a strong focus on character development and narrative structure. Years 5 and 6 students are also involved in drama this term using this medium to communicate and evoke emotions in an audience. Year 6 students are creating slam poetry for their PYP Exhibition.

While the Year 1s are investigating Glockenspiels in Music, Year 3s have been creating their own jingles as part of their collaborative Programme of Inquiry unit. Year 4s have had fun learning how to play a range of pieces on the Boomwhackers, including creating their own interesting compositions.

Year 2s have been exploring the elements of dance and have choreographed some short dance sequences, putting into practise all they have learned.

Despite the challenges presented by COVID-19 our talented students continue to rehearse in Concert Band, String Ensemble, Percussion Ensemble, Vocal Ensemble and three choirs. The students are very enthusiastic and committed to these groups. It is so exciting to see their development. During the next two weeks the Concert Band and String Ensemble will be recording their entries for the ABODA competition.

Jasmin Bartlett, Julie Lugg, Nancy Wells
St John's Campus Arts Teachers

  • Art 1
  • Reception Drama
  • Year 4 Music
  • Yr1 Art 2
  • Yr1 Art 2a
  • Yr4 Drama 1
  • Yr4 Drama 2
  • Yr5 Art
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Running like Wild Things

Recently, as part of a provocation to explore our new Programme of Inquiry, the Year 4 students went for a visit to Fullarton Park. We investigated how plants and animals are interdependent on each other for their survival. Students had to seek out food and water and some had to avoid being eaten by predators. Of course, Mrs Death and Mrs Destruction were always close at hand (aka Mrs Ruggiero and Mrs Reu) trying to upset the natural balance.

A fast and furious game with lots of great learning outcomes!

Anita Ruggiero and Libby Reu
Year 4 Teachers

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Year 4 German - Gummibaerchen

Over the course of this term the Year 4 classes have been exploring a new and innovative unit of work in German titled “Gummibaerchen” (Gummy Bears). This unit connects authentically with Maths and Science as well as exploring a range of new German vocabulary and grammar structures in a fun and meaningful way. Students have learnt the origins and history of the gummy bear, how to count to higher numbers (above 20) in German more accurately, and how to accurately measure objects and use question words effectively to formulate a German question correctly. In addition, students have learnt to make predictions and observations in German through completing a Science experiment. 

The culmination of our unit has been conducting an experiment where students have each grown their own gummy bear from one humble Haribo gummy bear. Given the variables of water, salt and white vinegar, students had to predict and observe the changes in their individual gummy bears and overwhelmingly students were excited to see their gummy bears grow and change over the period of three days. 

It has been great to see students’ enthusiasm and excitement throughout this unit of work.

Jane Graham
German Teacher

  • Yr4 German Science 004
  • Yr4 German Science 013
  • Yr4 German Science 014
  • Yr4 German Science 016
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