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Knockout Sports Update

Year 7 Netball (Monday 9 August)

  • Concordia defeated Magill: 48-11.
  • Concordia defeated Walkerville: 43-16.
  • Concordia lost to Loreto in overtime: 39-41.

Congratulations on the high standard of netball played and even better sportsmanship displayed.

Thanks to Jessie, Eva and Jacqui for coaching the team over the knockout competition.

Senior Volleyball (Friday 13 August)

Both the boys’ and girls’ teams played brilliantly, being undefeated on the day. They will head on to the finals round on Thursday 2 September.

Year 6 Knockout Basketball (Wednesday 18 August)

Congratulations to our Year 6 boys' and girls' basketball teams who recently competed in the Statewide Knockout carnival at Wayville.

The boys had a very successful day, placing third on a countback after finishing on top of the ladder with two other schools. Our girls were dominant in their early round matches and progressed to the grand final. In a nail-biting finish, they were able to overcome an early deficit and won by four points in overtime, moving them onto the state final early next term. Congratulations to all the players on an outstanding day of basketball.

Year 8/9 Netball (Wednesday 18 August)

  • Game 1 - Concordia defeated Nazareth. Best players: Issy S and Gemma H.
  • Game 2 - Concordia lost to Henley High School. Best players: Ebony S and Macy F.
  • Game 3 - Concordia lost to Westminster. Best players: Ava H and Amalia O.

Year 7 Basketball (Monday 23 August)

On Monday 23 August, the Year 7 girls' and boys' basketball teams competed in the statewide carnival at the Lights.

The girls played six games and were undefeated, winning a spot in the statewide grand final in Week 9.

The boys were also dominant in the minor round games and defeated Vale Park 51-11 in the final game to also go through to the statewide final in Week 9.

Congratulations to the coaches, James and Laura, and especially to the players for a fantastic day of success.

  • Year 6 Knockout Basketball Boys and Girls teams
  • Year 7 Knockout Basketball Boys Team
  • Year 7 Knockout Basketball Girls Team
  • Year 7 Knockout Netball Round 2
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St John's Campus Sports Results

Monday 16 August

Concordia Chasers defeated Concordia Champions: 31-6. It's always hard when playing against friends in the other team!


Friday 13 August

Concordia Gold drew with Walford Gold: 1.5 all. Thank you to Christian for filling in at short notice.
Concordia Blue drew with Westminster Green: 2 all. Thank you to Curtis for filling in at short notice.

Friday 20 August

Concordia Gold defeated Walford Blue: 3.5 - 0.5.
Concordia Blue lost to Walford Gold: 1.5 - 2.5.
Concordia Blue lost to Concordia Gold: 1-3.


Saturday 7 August

Concordia Year 6 lost to St Paul's: 2-5.

Saturday 14 August

Concordia Under 8s lost to Immanuel: 0-2.
Concordia Under 10s defeated Ascot Park: 8-5.
Concordia Under 11s defeated Warradale: 11-0 with penalty shooting!
Concordia Year 6 defeated PAC: 6-2. A great game!

Saturday 21 August

Concordia Under 8s lost to Mitcham: 0-4. The player of the match was Lucas!
Concordia Under 10s soccer team defeated Highgate: 5-4.

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Concordia Campus Sports Results

Boys' Sport


Saturday 14 August

Senior A defeated Westminster: 45-43. Best players: Grigoul, Sutton and Tosch.
Senior B drew with Westminster: 35-35.
Senior C lost to Westminster: 36-16.
Middle A defeated Modbury: 63-61.
Middle B defeated Modbury: 37-5.
Middle C lost to Modbury: 22 - 15.
Middle D defeated Nazareth: 28 - 22.

Tuesday 17 August

7 Gold - Bye
7 Blue - Bye
7 White - Bye

Saturday 21  August

Senior A defeated Pulteney: 53-51. Best players: Tom S, Noah D and Isaac H.
Senior B defeated Pulteney: 56-34.
Senior C defeated Pulteney: 32-15.
Middle A defeated St John's: 76-33.
Middle B defeated St John's: 59-19.
Middle C defeated St John's: 55-8.
Middle D defeated Immanuel: 37-30.

Tuesday 24 August

Concordia Blue defeated Blackfriars Priory School: 47-9.
Concordia White defeated Concordia Chargers: 30-11.


Wednesday 11 August

Senior B defeated Pulteney:  6.8 (44) - 6.6 (42). Goals: Max T (2), Finn P, Lachlan S, Kern M and Jacob H. Best players: Kern M, Max T, Jacob H, Oliver W and Mitch W.  
Middle lost to Nazareth: 7.13 (55) - 11.3 (69). Goals: Louis A (3), Ronan M (2), Paddy D (1) and Kurtis R (1). Best players: Elijah M, Hayden S, Kurtis R and Bailey K. 

Saturday 14 August

Year 7 lost to Blackfriars: 3.6 (24) - 5.10 (40). Goals: Cooper H (2) and Tom B (1). Best players: Hunter G, Jamie M, Jackson M, Oli E and Cameron H.

Wednesday 18 August

1st XVIII defeated St Paul's: 10.5 (65) - 7.6 (42). Goals: Charlie F (2), Andrew J (2), Taran S (2), Jack S (1), Noah P (1), Sam G (1) and Raf L (1). Best players: Sam G, Charlie F, Reggie E, Lachlan S, Taran S, Tom P and Noah P. 
Senior B lost to St Paul's: 7.3 (45) - 15.14 (104). Goals: Jacob H (2), Max T (2), Oli W (1), Ben D (1) and Kern M (1). Best players: Max T, Kern M, Oli W, Lachy F, Jacob H and Nik L.

Saturday 21 August

Year 7 defeated Pedare: 9.9 (63) - 3.1 (19). Goals: Archie E (2), Will K (2), Cam H (1), Hunter G (1), Jai N (1), Jett H (1) and Nathan C (1). Best players: Archie E, Oli E, Jett H, Will K, Angus H and Jai N. 


Saturday 14 August

10B lost to Cabra: 3-6.
Middle A lost to Immanuel: 2-6.
Middle B lost to Cabra. 

Saturday 21 August

10B lost to Rostrevor: 2-3. Goals: Adam B (1) and Theo F (1). Best players: Adam B, Sam S and Marcus N. 
Middle A defeated Rostrevor: 10-0.

Girls' Sport


Friday 13 August

Senior A lost to Scotch.
Middle A lost to Scotch in a very close game, fighting for top position.
Middle B lost to Pembroke in a very close game.

Friday 20 August

Senior A lost to Immanuel.
Middle A – Forfeit
Middle B defeated Scotch convincingly. 


Saturday 14 August

Senior A lost to Scotch. Best players: Claudia L and Sophie E.
Senior B lost to Scotch: 34-45. Best players: Lucy K and Aleisha M.
Senior B2 lost to Scotch: 20-38. Best players: Grace F and Ruby C.
Senior C lost to Scotch. Best players: Lauren G and Amelia.
Inter B lost to Scotch. Best players: Jess and Issy R.
9A lost to Scotch. Best players: Amalia.
9B defeated Scotch: 30-28. Best players: Bella V, Chloe and Katie.
8A lost to Scotch: 50-43. Best players: Winnie T and Jess G.
8B defeated Scotch: 28 - 27. Best players: Lexi and Isla.
8C lost to Immanuel: 6-13.
7A lost to Scotch: 27-29. Best players: Issy and Genevieve.
7B defeated Scotch: 38-13. Best players: Ruby and Halle.

Saturday 21  August

Senior A defeated Wilderness: 46-38. Best players: Mackenzie, Grace and Saffron.
Senior B defeated Wilderness: 54-30. Best players: Millie, Eloise and Lucy B.
Senior B2 defeated Wilderness.
Inter B had a good contest against Wilderness.
9A defeated Wilderness: 53-29.
9B defeated Wilderness: 25-17.
9 Navy - Bye
9 Gold lost to Pulteney. Best players: Erin, Alexis and Crystal.
8A defeated Wilderness: 56-23. Best player: Sophie.
8B defeated Wilderness: 43-4. Best player: Kelsey.
8C drew with Seymour: 10-10.
7A lost to Wilderness: 17-32. Best players: Izzy P and Genevieve.
7B defeated Wilderness: 44-26. Best players: Ruby and Halle.
7 Late defeated Scotch: 30-8. Best players: Laura, Silvi and Lola.
7 Early defeated Immanuel: 32-7. Best players: Sabra and Olivia.


Wednesday 11 August

Premier League - no game due to wet weather wash out
Div 3 - Bye

Wednesday 18 August

Premier League - Mercedes Forfeit
Div 3 defeated Seymour. Goal scorers: Mia (2) and Elyse (1).

Co-educational Sport


Wednesday 11 August - PAC FORFEIT 

Wednesday 18 August - Concordia lost to Pembroke 

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