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In this issue...

Year 7 students welcome their 'grand friends' to the College

Year 8 Science students explore the anatomy of the heart

St John's Campus students perform at the annual Music Showcase

Senior Drama students shine in summative performances

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Year 12 Drama

The Year 12 SACE Stage 2 Drama Class presented their Externally Moderated Practical Exam on 10 and 11 August. Proud parents and friends of the Concordia College Drama Department witnessed wonderful comedies and saw how fifteen students can concentrate for up to two hours on stage. So much preparation goes into these events including hours of rehearsal and planning, exacting on-stage moments, sets and costuming. In particular, I would like to praise Hamish 12HRO for his lighting design and operation under the guidance of Mr Jono Roesler.

The feedback from our audiences was very encouraging and extremely positive. Congratulations to Cast #1 – Jaco 12HRO; Elise 12HRO; Alex 12HRO; Will 12HRO; Daniel 12HRO; Jess 12LNE and Christine 12LNE, as well as Cast #2 – Kate 12HRO; Luke 12SBU; Caelan 12NFLE; Sophie 12LNE; Daniel 12HRO; Charles 12LNE; Christine 12LNE and Sarah 12ABR.

Gaenor Roeger
Drama Teacher

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The Physics of Show Rides

Last week, Year 11 SACE and IB Physics students headed to the Royal Adelaide Show to study the science behind the motion produced by some of the show rides. The SACE students conducted some research before the excursion, devising their own investigation questions and choosing three rides to study. For the IB students, the excursion fell at the end of a unit on Uniform Circular Motion, so the students practised applying the equations learnt in the theory component of the unit to the motion they observed in various rides.

The excursions were a great opportunity to see how the concepts learnt in Physics apply to real-world situations.

Joanne Rogers
Head of Science

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Diary Dates

Our Year 10 students will display their Personal Projects at an exhibition in The Suaviter from 4pm to 7pm on Thursday 21 September. We look forward to seeing the incredible variety of projects produced by our students as they look towards their completion of the IB Middle Years Programme.

Click here for a list of upcoming diary dates.

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