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From the Director of Student Learning

Bannister Paul“It’s not what you know; it’s what you do with what you know that matters”.
This quote by American entrepreneur Darren Hardy was the ‘catch-cry’ for a conference I attended earlier this year which focused on future schooling and preparing our students for a rapidly evolving world.

The world which our students will enter when they leave school will still require them to be knowledgeable, however the need for them to use their knowledge in a caring, ethical and collaborative manner to solve many of our global economic, environmental and social issues will be what truly ‘matters’. Essentially, we want our young people to be able to apply their knowledge and skills to make a difference in our world.

The philosophy, framework and associated practices that we implement as a three Programme International Baccalaureate (IB) school are vitally important for us in preparing our students for this future. The mission of the IB is to “develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect”. We see this mission statement in action in our school community where students, through their engagement in our IB Programmes, develop a broad range of capacities and responsibilities that support their growth far beyond just their learning.

As an authorised IB World school, we are evaluated every five years to receive feedback, commendations and recommendations on the implementation of our IB Programmes. Based on the recent College amalgamation, we have taken this opportunity to align the evaluation of each of our IB Programmes (PYP, MYP and DP) to occur at the same time. As a whole College, this has facilitated some wonderfully engaging and future-focused conversations amongst our teaching staff, leadership teams and parent and student representative groups, regarding how, as an IB World school, we can further develop our capabilities to prepare our students for the future.

To have the opportunity as a recently amalgamated College to stop and collaboratively reflect on how the implementation of our IB Programmes can be strengthened is immeasurably beneficial. I am sure that this opportunity will have a significant impact on how we educate our students, especially in enabling them to be young people who can engage and make a difference in our increasingly globalised and rapidly changing world.

Paul Bannister
Acting Director of Student Learning 

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Grandfriends' Day

On Friday, 7 September, the Year 7 students welcomed their ‘Grand friends’ to the College. We had over 350 guests join us for a morning of musical presentations, children's book readings, a Geography in the News quiz and a campus tour. Guests were treated to beautiful musical performances from our Year 7 Special Interest Music group in which they performed a Gamelan song on traditional percussive instruments, followed by a song called Count On Me. Year 7 students Hugo 7KWA and Emma 7KWA both read very well the original children’s books that they each wrote based on the IB Learner Profile. It was a wonderful way in which to connect our students with significant people in their lives right here in our community.

Mark Gaskin
Year 7 Pastoral Leader

  • Grandfriends Day 2018 Canon 187
  • Grandfriends Day 2018 Canon 166
  • Grandfriends Day 2018 Canon 177
  • Grandfriends Day 2018 Canon 212
  • Grandfriends Day 2018 Canon 219
  • Grandfriends Day 2018 Canon 228
  • Grandfriends Day 2018 Nikon 057
  • Grandfriends Day 2018 Canon 155
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Physics at the Royal Adelaide Show

The Year 11 Physics students completed a practical deconstruction at the Royal Adelaide Show. They researched their choice of carnival rides prior to attending the excursion. On the day, they collected data, performed calculations and analysed their results. The method of data collection was evaluated for assumptions, limitations and possible sources of random and systematic error. Based on the evidence collected, one ride was selected for further investigation and a research question formulated.

Joanne Rogers
Head of Science

  • IMG 7044
  • IMG 7042
  • IMG 7043
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Year 9 Bluetooth Speakers

This year our Year 9 Design & Technology students have undertaken a newly developed Bluetooth speaker project. This involved the integration of woodworking skills with laser cutting, 3D printing and electronics. After building the unit, students were able to connect their phone to the speaker via Bluetooth and listen to their favorite music. The motivation level throughout the process was extremely high as was the impressive quality of the finished products as can be seen in some of the completed examples below.

Shane Beitz
Head of Design & Technology

  • DSCN2537
  • DSCN2453
  • Emma Jenke
  • Jasmine Milton
  • Kayla Lanyon
  • Lachlan Strelan
  • Lily Arnold
  • Ryan Shubert
  • Tait Kigariff
  • Zach Mortimer
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Shoe Shine

Last Friday, 8AMA, 8MRI and 8VNT, as a part of our Service as Action component of Pastoral Care, held a “Shoe Shining and Dining” event outside the chapel narthex. Our goal in doing this was to serve others by giving up our lunch time to get down on our hands and knees and polish people’s shoes. The shoe shine was free for everyone but we also had a bake sale full of baked goods created by the Year 8s. All funds from this stall were donated to the Cambodian Children’s Fund. This was a great experience for us because we learnt how to provide service for others without receiving anything in return. 

Vanessa Narino-Terry
Year 8 Teacher

  • Yr8 Shoe Shine 068
  • Yr8 Shoe Shine 074
  • Yr8 Shoe Shine 075
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60+ Old Collegians Reunion Lunch

Food and Hospitality

It was a privilege and a pleasure for Stage 2 Food and Hospitality students to cater for the Concordia Old Collegians Association 60+ Years Anniversary Lunch last Thursday. Students aimed to create a nostalgic atmosphere by wearing vintage Concordia College uniforms and preparing a "School-Day" inspired menu. It was a wonderful opportunity for students to not only put into practice their practical skills, but also to engage with past students who commenced at the college over 60 years ago and learn about the history of our College. Thanks also to the Concert Vocal Group who performed for guests. The day was a great success all round!

Hannah Rosie
Acting Head of Food Design

  • 60+ Lunch 18 144
  • 60+ Lunch 18 047
  • 60+ Lunch 18 074
  • 60+ Lunch 18 054
  • 60+ Lunch 18 018
  • 60+ Lunch 18 067
  • 60+ Lunch 18 070
  • 60+ Lunch 18 132
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Fundraiser and Mascot

The Student Leaders, in conjunction with Forum and the Year 12 cohort, have purchased our very own school mascot, THE CONCORDIA HAWK. We have called for help from the Concordia campus student body to select a name for our school’s newest ambassador! Students have been voting for the name that they believe should be given to the Mighty Concordia Hawk and results will be announced soon.  The Mascot made an appearance at the Champions Cup Soccer Final this week and was popular with the students including spectators from St John’s Campus.

Thank you to everyone who got involved in the fundraiser and Champions Cup yesterday. The proceeds from the fundraiser will be going to World Families Australia. Year 10 student, Eli P, will be traveling to Ethiopia this October holidays with World Families Australia and in keeping with the theme of the day all the money raised will be put towards purchasing basic health gear as well as soccer boots that the charity will take over with them to distribute to struggling communities in rural Ethiopia. A very worthy cause, it’s great to have the opportunity to support Eli and the team.

Ben Klingberg
Student Leader

  • Champions Soccer Cup 139
  • Champions Soccer Cup 045
  • Champions Soccer Cup 030
  • Champions Soccer Cup 078
  • Champions Soccer Cup 137
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From the Archives: 80 Years Ago

This year we take a look back at what life was like at Concordia in 1938, some 80 years ago.


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Student Achievements

Well done to Caitlin 11SBU who recently captained the South Australian Schoolgirls golf team at the School Sports Australia 17 and Under Australian Championships. The team won two matches and finished fourth. Caitlin played at number one for South Australia and won four of her matches. She also earned selection in the All Australian team. A fantastic achievement!

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Quality Schools Survey

Earlier this year parents, staff and students participated in a survey initiated by Lutheran Education Australia to collect feedback about all Lutheran schools across Australia. We have received the data from this survey and will ensure that it is appropriately analysed and duly considered in our future planning processes.

As a College we wish to thank all who participated in the survey. Your feedback about our practices and performance as a school is valued and appreciated.

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