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From the Director of Student Learning

It’s not what you know but what you can do with what you know

Bannister PaulI first heard this quote at a futures-based learning conference I attended in Sydney at the start of last year, and the quote has stuck in my mind ever since. The quote was used as part of a keynote address given by Valerie Hannon, co-founder of the Innovation Unit and a thought leader in education innovation. In her presentation, Valerie discussed the changing purpose of education and spoke of the specific capabilities and skills children will need to learn if they are to flourish in this emerging world and help shape it for the better. It was in this context that she used this quote, where her main point was that knowledge alone (i.e. ‘what you know’) will be insufficient preparation for students to thrive in and navigate their future worlds. She spoke about students needing to engage in education and learning experiences that enable them to apply their knowledge (i.e. ‘what you can do with what you know’) in real-life and relevant contexts that connect with the technological, ethical, social and environmental. In essence, she was calling for schools to transform how they engaged their students to actively apply their discipline-based knowledge in creative, critical and collaborative ways. 

The College, over the past 18 months, has been conducting some significant research, planning and trialing in relation to how we as an ELC to Year 12 school can most effectively support our students to develop these key future-based capabilities and skills. A key aspect in assisting us to achieve this has been a three-year partnership into which we have entered with the University of Melbourne. In summary, the nature of the project focuses on building the capacity of leaders and teachers in the school to implement teaching and learning experiences that explicitly support students to develop future-based competencies (e.g. critical thinking, entrepreneurial or enterprise skills, collaborative problem solving and creativity). The project is facilitated through a network environment, which includes the opportunity for us to connect with other nation-wide schools, as well as University of Melbourne educational research experts.      

In 2020, we will use this partnership to review and reorientate our approaches to supporting our students to develop their ‘self-management’ skills. In particular, we will focus on programs and approaches that support each student's capacity to ‘reflect on their learning process and state of mind in order to select and implement strategies that enable their personal growth’. This partnership and focus links directly to our Future Learning directions at the College and will become a key strategic initiative for us throughout the next one to two years.

Paul Bannister
Director of Student Learning

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Year 8 Interdisciplinary Unit Museum Exhibition

Throughout Term 3, the Year 8s have been working on an Interdisciplinary Unit (IDU) in Year 8 Humanities and Science. In the MYP, students demonstrate interdisciplinary understanding when they bring together concepts, methods, or forms of communication from two or more disciplines so that they can explain a phenomenon, solve a problem, create a product, or raise a new question in ways that would have been unlikely through a single discipline. In this case our Year 8 students learnt about different landforms throughout Australia and worked collaboratively to explore different preservation strategies for the landforms. Students created a Museum Exhibition in order to share their new knowledge with their peers, the Year 5 and 6 students from the St John’s Campus, and also adults - teachers, parents and carers. This took place on Friday of Week 5. 

Our Statement of Inquiry was: Natural landforms change over time, due to various processes, and we can work collaboratively and thoughtfully to preserve them for the future. 

Thank you to the amazing Year 8 teaching team for leading our students through this engaging and challenging process. Thank you also to our supportive parents and carers who attended the Year 8 Museum Exhibition, which was the culmination of this Unit. We also enjoyed sharing our work with the Year 5 and 6 students from the St John’s Campus - thank you for joining us! 

Winners for the Year 8 IDU Museum Exhibition were as follows:

Most Visually Appealing 
First: Group 18 - Talia, Lachie and Andrew from 8MRID.
Second: Group 41 - Oscar, Lottie and Mia from 8RCRO.

Best Interactive Component
First: Group 18 - Talia, Lachie and Andrew from 8MRID.
Second: Group 41 - Oscar, Lottie and Mia from 8RCRO.

‘People’s Choice Award’ (Best Overall)
First: Group 18 - Talia, Lachie and Andrew from 8MRID. 
Second: Group 41 - Oscar, Lottie and Mia from 8RCRO.  
Equal Second: Group 5 -  Claudia, Mina and Lian from 8AMAR. 

Congratulations to these students on their effort and success! 

Amy Martin
Year 8 Pastoral Leader

  • IMG 1077
  • DSC 0361
  • IMG 1071
  • IMG 1119
  • IMG 1124
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IB Diploma Extended Essays

To the great joy of the IB Diploma cohort, Extended Essays have been submitted over the last few weeks.

The Extended Essay is a 4,000 word component of the ‘Core’ of the Diploma. It provides students the opportunity to undertake research on a topic of personal interest (chosen from their subjects) and present a formal, academic piece of extended writing under the guidance of a supervisor. It is done entirely outside of class time, and so develops a student’s ability to plan and implement a major project. These skills are valuable for university and in the workforce.

The 2019 cohort again came up with a range of varied and interesting topics:

  • To what extent are biomedical and psychological interventions effective in treating supragastric belching?
  • By finding relationships in the RSA method and hash theory, how is encryption theory used to protect personal information online?
  • The price determination of game market and further impacts.
  • How does the exchange rate of Chinese and Australian currencies affect the Sino-Australia wine trade?
  • To what extent is the government provision of the HPV vaccine an effective policy to reduce cervical cancer? An analysis of the effect of applying HPV vaccination for female students in Australia.
  • To what extent are there cross-cultural differences in the symptoms of schizophrenia?
  • To what extent has Bitcoin acted as a substitute for a stable financial system to influence development in developing countries?
  • The attitude of the German public towards ethnic minorities. (Written in German)

The Year 11s have recently been introduced to the Extended Essay, and are in the process of researching their broad topics and formulating research questions. I look forward to sharing their topics with you next term!

Brendan Toohey
IB Diploma Coordinator

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Year 8 Manners in Murtoa Video Competition

Our Year 8s were set a challenge to create an interesting and engaging short video, acting out their very own Manners in Murtoa. The short videos were one to two minutes in length and they were used for our Manners in Murtoa Film Festival attended by all of the Year 8s. This challenge asked students to incorporate aspects of our College values, with a particular focus on the value ‘Responsibility.’ 

Thank you to Mrs Crossing for organising popcorn for the Film Festival; this was thoroughly enjoyed by our Year 8 cohort. Our Head of Middle School, Mrs Carman, was one of our esteemed judges on the day. 

The winning teams were as follows. Congratulations on your success. 

Team number 1 from 8MRID:

  • Oliver
  • Harry 
  • Will
  • Lachlan
  • Tom
  • Noah

Team number 2 from 8MRID:

  • Louisa
  • Zoe B
  • Lucy
  • Zoe W
  • Olivia

Amy Martin 
Year 8 Pastoral Leader

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Save the Date - Valedictory Service

Year 12 students and their families are asked to please save the date for the annual Valedictory Service, to be held at the Adelaide Town Hall at 7.30pm on Wednesday, 23 October. Further information will be distributed to Year 12 families via email.

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Business Breakfast

Members of the Concordia College community are warmly invited to our next Business Networking Breakfast on Tuesday, 22 October at 7.30am in The Suaviter, Concordia Campus.

Our guest speaker is Michael Hewitson AM, Mayor of the City of Unley, and Member of the Australian Board of Education, overseeing the Australian School Curriculum and NAPLAN. Michael and his wife Rosslyn have lived in Unley for the last 17 years, and two of their grandchildren currently attend Concordia. Michael began his career as a microbiologist before branching into education. In 1984, Michael established Trinity College in Gawler where he was Headmaster for 17 years, growing it to the largest school in the Southern Hemisphere. Michael is passionate about education, building inclusive culture and valuing people and we look forward to hearing him share some fascinating insights with us.

Please book online or contact Sue Spry, Donor Relations and Alumni Manager, for more details on 8291 9339.

We hope to see you there!

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Year 11 IB Students Explore the Physics of Show Rides

Recently, our Year 11 IB Physics students visited the Royal Adelaide Show to investigate and analyse the physics of show rides. Here are some of their reflections.

'I found the show Physics excursion to be a really worthwhile experience which allowed us to apply the skills that we have learned in class to new and unfamiliar problems. I also liked how the activities developed our problem solving and communication skills. I also enjoyed the amount of freedom that we were given once we had finished the required work.' Stuart 11RGOG 

'The excursion to the show was great fun. We had to study uniform circular motion of four rides and the information that can be drawn from them (velocity, frequency, force). We also had some time to wander around and buy some showbags (even go on a ride).' Josh 11MHAR 

'I found the Adelaide Show excursion an enlightening experience, where we put our knowledge of circular motion into a real-life application, through calculating the velocity and angular velocity of many of the rides at the show. It provided us with an out of school experience, where we were not stopped by the walls of the classroom.' Angus 11JHAR

Joanne Rogers
Head of Science

  • Yr11 Physics Show Excursion 005
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Student Achievement

Congratulations to Samuel 8LBRO who has been selected for the Under 13 State Hockey Team and will represent South Australia at the National Under 13 Carnival to be held during the October school holidays.

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From the Archives: Testing Times

With summer sport just around the corner, this week we look back at some of the successes and challenges encountered by the Concordia First XI during the 1940s under the expert coaching of Mr Clarrie Grimmett.


  • 1940s Mr Grimmett and the First XI
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