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From the Director of Student Learning

Bannister Paul“What ATAR score did you get?” In mid-December every year, this is the question that every Year 12 SACE student gets asked. In many ways, the success, achievement and self-esteem associated with a student’s 13 years of schooling is based on the number they use to respond to this question. For some students this is a proud moment, but for others their answer does not accurately demonstrate the unique and personalised skills and capabilities that their schooling has enabled them to develop.  

Well, in two to three years’ time, the question that every Year 12 SACE student gets asked in mid-December will change. The new question will be “What did your Learner Profile look like?” or “In your Learner Profile, what capabilities were your strongest?”. The excerpt below from Professor Martin Westwell, SACE Chief Executive, outlines the reasons for this shift.      

“Our 2020-2023 Strategic Plan is a promise that every student will finish their secondary schooling with their own unique ability to thrive. It’s what our students are entitled to, more than ever, in this uncertain world. We are ensuring that as the demands on students change, the SACE is responding to these changing demands, and giving students the ability to live their best life throughout the rest of the 21st century. A key part of our Strategic Plan is the development of a Learner Profile – a living document that will help universities, TAFE, industry and employers form a more holistic view of the capabilities of the 21st century student. A student’s success should not be defined wholly on their grades, but on their overall capabilities.”  

As a three-programme IB World School, the concept of a ‘Learner Profile’ is very familiar to us! Our entire approach to educating students is centered on a holistic philosophy and approach, where the skills and capabilities of that our students demonstrate through our IB programmes, both inside and outside the classroom, are explicitly nurtured, acknowledged and celebrated. Many of the capabilities and attributes that the SACE Learner Profile will capture have a strong correlation to the skills and attributes that are at the core of the IB. Perhaps most excitingly, the development of our new learning framework, Unlocking Futures, will enable us to turn the vision of the SACE Board into reality for all our students, from ELC to Year 12.  

The concept of any student, not just a Year 12 student, reflecting on and discussing their strengths and areas for growth in key capabilities associated with their ‘Learner Profile” is both an empowering and future-proofing experience and skill. As a College we are in a great place not just to understand these SACE changes, but to lead the charge in the benefits and opportunities it will offer all Concordia students.  

For more information on the SACE Board’s New Strategic Plan – Thrive, please visit their website:  

Paul Bannister
Director of Student Learning

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Year 7 Grandfriends Activity

Each year, our Year 7 students look forward to welcoming their grandparents and special friends to the College to visit classrooms, meet our teachers, enjoy a delicious morning tea as well as hearing from the Principal, Paul Weinert, and our Student Leaders. However, due to the COVID-19 environment, the Year 7s approached this significant event a bit differently.

Throughout their Pastoral Care time, the cohort wrote letters to their grandparents/special friends explaining their schooling and retelling their school highlights so far. On Wednesday, 9 September, the Year 7s walked to the post box on Fullarton Road to post their letters. The letters have allowed students to make contact with grandparents and special friends who wouldn’t normally be able to attend an in-school event, as some of the packages were even sent as far afield as Germany and Ireland! 

We look forward to welcoming our students’ grandparents and special friends back to Concordia College when it is appropriate to do so.

Rachel Hogan
Year 7 Pastoral Leader

  • Year 7 Grandfriends letter pile 075
  • Year 7 Grandfriends letter posting
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2020 ABODA Band Festival

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, it was not possible for this year’s Australian Band and Orchestra Directors Association (ABODA) Festival to occur in its usual format, or for the ensembles to perform to a live audience. Instead, each ensemble was required to submit a videoed performance of their selected program. As a result, last week 11 of Concordia’s ensembles spent considerable and focussed time recording their pieces for this important competition.

Although results won’t be known for a few weeks, each group should be congratulated for their outstanding preparation and efforts. We wish the following groups the best of luck:

  • Concert Band
  • Wind Ensemble
  • St John’s Campus Concert Band
  • Percussion Ensemble
  • St John’s Campus Strings
  • String Ensemble
  • Chamber Strings
  • Orchestra
  • Big Band 1
  • Big Band 2
  • Big Band 3

Mat Noble
Director of Music

  • Big Band 2
  • Percussion Ensemble
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Year 12s Teaching Media Skills

Recently our Year 12 Media students ran a full-day workshop for a group of Y7 students. In groups they took it in turns to deliver key information and skills linked to documentary/promotional filmmaking – before taking the students out to film footage footage for their documentaries around the College. Each group of Year 7s produced a short film based on an element/area of Concordia. We called it 'Doco in a Day’ and it was a wonderful learning opportunity for all involved, with the Year 12s getting some insights into what it's like to 'be the teacher', and our Year 7s learning some valuable video production skills.

Chrissie File
Head of Media

  • IMG 6809
  • IMG 6816
  • IMG 6825
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2020 School Immunisation Program - Years 8 and 10

2nd Visit Reminder for Parents of Year 8 and 10 Students

Year 8


Year 10


Pop Up Medics (, will be visiting the College on Friday, 6 November 2020 to complete the above vaccinations (Dose 2) for those students with parent/guardian consent.

If you did not receive an immunisation consent form from your child, please ask at the SSO for one. If unavailable, contact Pop Up Medics on 1300 858 047

If any information you gave on the original consent form has changed, please inform Pop Up Medics immunisation staff before the date of vaccination on 1300 858 047.

Please notify us if: 

  • Your child has already started the above program with another provider.
  • You wish to withdraw your consent.
  • Your child's medical condition has changed.
Remember: It is your responsibility to advise Pop Up Medics on the day of immunisation of any change in the information on the consent form, in particular, your child's medical condition. A signed and dated note presented on the day of immunisation from a parent or guardian in your child's diary is acceptable.
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Student Achievement

Congratulations to Marco (12TMCC) on his 1st place finish in the recent U20 State Cross Country Championships. Marco ran 8km on grass in 25 minutes and 33 seconds. An amazing effort!

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Year 7 Water Sustainability Interdisciplinary Unit

Year 7 students this term have been looking at water through different lenses from Humanities, Science and Mathematics. They participated in the SA Water Sustainability Challenge where students explored the UN Sustainable Development goal relating to ‘clean water and sanitation’.

Here is a reflection from Fergus 7RCRO and Mae 7RCRO, following their participation in the SA Water Sustainability Challenge:

'Cam from SA Water came to our school to teach the year 7s about the water cycle and water sustainability. We investigated different aspects of five types of sustainability: waste water sustainability, water sustainability, social sustainability, environmental sustainability and financial sustainability. Using our newly obtained knowledge we had fun designing our own amazing sustainable cities. Each group came up with different ideas which they then explained how they worked to the class. Overall, we had a great time learning about sustainability.'

  • Year 7 Science Week SA Water incursion 159
  • Year 7 Science Week SA Water incursion 040
  • Year 7 Science Week SA Water incursion 115
  • Year 7 Science Week SA Water incursion 065
  • Year 7 Science Week SA Water incursion 096
  • Year 7 Science Week SA Water incursion 077
  • Year 7 Science Week SA Water incursion 183
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Parenting Information Workshop with Mark Le Messurier

The City of Unley is running an online parenting information workshop with guest speaker Mark Le Messurier on Monday, 21 September.

Click for more information, including details of how to register for this online event.

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