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Diary Dates

St John's Campus

Friday 11

Year 1 Coffee Morning at Damien on Fisher, 9am

ELC Coffee Morning at Damien on Fisher, 9.15am

Saturday 12

Reception Mums' Dinner at Damien on Fisher, 7-9pm

Tuesday 15 College Tour - St John's Campus, 9.15am
College Tour - Concordia Campus, 9.15am
Friday 18 Coffee Talk from 9am at Damien on Fisher, Living Choice. | Numbers are limited and  bookings are essential. Book online
Wednesday 23 Year 4 Coffee Morning, 9am
Friday 25 Last day of Term 3, St John's Campus students dismissed at 3.15pm
Saturday 26 ELC Park Play Date
Monday 12 Start of Term 4
Friday 16 St John's Campus Disco, 6-8.30pm
Saturday 17 Year 3 Parent Event, 7.30-10pm
Wednesday 21

St John's Campus extra-curricular photos

ELC Student Led Conference, 9-10am

Thursday 22

ELC Student Led Conference, 9-10am

Reception Parent 2021 Information Evening

Sunday 25

Year 2 Riding Day

Sunday 1 Year 4 Mums' Lunch, 12-3pm
Friday 6 Reception Dads' Dinner, 6-9pm
Sunday 8 Year 3 and 4 Christmas Get Together, 4-7pm

 Concordia Campus

Thurs 10 - Fri 11 Year 12 Drama Production Public Performances, 7pm (sold out)
Friday 11 Year 9 Student Free Day
Mon 14 - Fri 18 SACE and IBDP Trial Exams
Tuesday 15 College Tour - St John's Campus, 9.15am
College Tour - Concordia Campus, 9.15am
Friday 18

Coffee Talk from 9am at Damien on Fisher, Living Choice. | Numbers are limited and  bookings are essential. Book online

Year 11 Reflection Day

Saturday 19

Veta Morphus Retreat, 9am - 6pm

Mon 21 - Fri 25

Year 10 Peer Support Camps and Alternate Program

Tuesday 22 Concordia Campus Non-Uniform Day
Friday 25 Last day of Term 3, Years 7-12 dismissed at 1pm
Monday 12 Start of Term 4
Tuesday 20 Valedictory Service
Thursday 22 Concordia Campus Non-Uniform Day
Mon 26 - Fri 13 Nov IBDP Exams
Tuesday 27 Year 11 Drama Production, 5-6pm
Thursday 29 Year 7 Introduction Day #1, 9am - 3pm
Mon 2 - Tues 17 SACE Exams
Thursday 5 Year 7 Introduction Day #2, 9am - 3pm
Friday 6 Year 8 and 10 Immunisations
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Uniform Update - Logo Transition

Concordia College and St John's Lutheran School amalgamated in 2016. With the amalgamation, a new logo was created for use by the entire College. At this time, a five-year transition was implemented to enable all students to have the correct uniform with the correct logo by the end of 2020.

However, given the events of 2020 and to assist families, we are extending the transition period until the end of 2021. This means that your child(ren) must be wearing all uniform items with the correct logo by the beginning of 2022. 

New and secondhand uniforms with the correct logo are sold in The School Shop. Old logo uniforms may be dropped off for overseas charity donations.

The School Shop Staff are happy to assist you with any uniform enquiries.

Thank you for your understanding and ensuring that all students wear their uniform with pride. 

Jodie Escott
Director of Community Relations

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The School Shop

General trading – no appointment required. Physical distancing rules still apply. We thank you for your patience during this time.

General purchases may also be emailed to and The School Shop staff will contact you for payment and advise when orders are available to collect.

Opening Hours

Term Time

  • Mondays: 8am-4pm
  • Wednesdays: 12.30-4pm
  • Thursdays: 12.30-5.30pm

Holiday Opening

  • Thursday 8 October: 12.30-5.30pm
  • Friday 9 October: 10am-4pm
  • Monday 12 October: 8am-4pm (Start of Term 4)

Term 4 - Additional Opening Hours

  • Tuesday 13 October: 1-4pm (Week 1)
  • Tuesday 20 October: 1-4pm (Week 2)

The School Shop staff can be contacted on the direct phone line during opening hours – 8291 9302.

Secondhand Clothing

If you have uniforms you no longer need, they may be donated or sold on consignment in The School Shop.

Please note:

  • Blazers and winter skirts/pinafores must be dry cleaned with a receipt attached.
  • Jumpers must be washed using a wool wash detergent.
  • All other items must be in good condition, stains removed, washed & ironed ready for sale.
  • Summer hats must be hand washed.
  • Any uniform items in need of repair e.g. broken zips, seams unstitched, missing buttons, etc. must be repaired prior to acceptance for sale. Buttons are sold in The School Shop. 

Old logo and discontinued styles – Uniforms with the old school logo and discontinued styles are no longer saleable in The School Shop but can be dropped off for overseas charity donation.

Hand Sanitiser – handy 500ml pump bottles available - $14.00ea.

Summer Uniform Reminders

Concordia Campus:
  • Blazers are not required in Terms 1 and 4 except for formal occasions.
  • Middle School - blue jumper.
  • Senior School - grey jumper.
  • Straw hats - recess and lunch.
  • Sports cap or sun-smart hat during PE when outdoors.
  • Black lace up shoes - no sandals.
  • Girls: summer dress - no shorter than the top of the knee. White crew socks.
  • Boys: navy shorts with short sleeve shirt, or long sleeve shirt with tie and belt. White ribbed crew socks. 
St John's Campus:
  • Broad brimmed hat when outdoors. Note: Hats are to be worn from 1 September until 30 April.
  • Black school shoes. Navy sandals are optional, but must be worn without socks.
  • Blue jumper.
  • Girls: summer dress. White crew length socks.
  • Boys: short sleeve summer shirt, blue shorts and navy knee high school socks.
  • PE uniform is worn on the days students have PE.
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Planning a move? Please let us know!

Considering a move to another school is a significant decision. We value your family and your being part of our Concordia community. As a College we will always seek to work with you to maintain your positive connection to our community. If you are uncertain about continuing at Concordia next year, in the first instance we invite you to reach out and arrange a time to discuss your situation with either of our Principals - Michael Paech (St John’s Campus) and Paul Weinert (Concordia Campus) - or our Director of Community Relations, Jodie Escott. We would hope that through this conversation we gain a clearer appreciation of your family's specific needs and considerations. 

If you do make a decision to leave Concordia, please be aware that, in line with the Enrolment Policy - if your child is leaving Concordia College at the end of 2020, we require one full term’s notice to avoid penalties. We understand that this may not always be possible but sincerely appreciate your assistance with future planning. Withdrawal notification should be sent to the Principal of the relevant campus: 

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LLL Survey

The LLL values the opinions of its customers and a depositor survey is currently being conducted.

Please view the image below for more information and click here if you wish to complete the survey.

2011 lll customer survey 20 dl flyer


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Parenting Workshop with Mark Le Messurier

Is your parenting style working for you?

Do you know it? Can you name it? Did you choose it? Is it working, healthy and sustainable?

Date: Monday 21 September, 2020.  
Start time: 7pm.  
Join meeting on ZOOM from 6.50pm. Meeting will be locked at 7.05pm.

Let’s reflect on parenting styles with good humour and support for each other. In this online forum you’ll discover: 

  • What your parenting style is
  • Whether you’re comfortable with your style
  • Whether its working for you, and for the kids
  • And, is it sustainable into the teen years?

Come along and learn about the 'social control window'. Then, the next time you’re faced with one of those ‘tricky moments’ with the kids, you’ll be able to ask yourself:

  • Which window do I ‘feel like’ reacting from?
  • Which window ‘should I’ move to?
  • How do I keep my composure?
  • Which window is most likely to result in a positive solution, and has the best chance of strengthening a healthy relationship?

Oh yes, there is an art to parenting and managing children! Kids need parents who understand what their parenting style really looks like, what the consequences of that style are, and what other choices are available.

To register for this online event, which is being arranged by the City of Unley, email

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Public Notices & Events
  • The Variety Heart Scholarship Program supports children with an existing talent, who are disadvantaged or living with a disability, to achieve their full potential and to follow their dreams. Applications are now open. Visit the Variety website for more information. 
  • Code Camp are running camps in the upcoming spring 2020 school holidays. Download a flyer for more information.
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