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Golf Australia SA Primary Schools Golf Challenge

On Thursday, 3 September, five students participated in the Golf Australia SA Primary Schools Golf Challenge. Myles B (5K), Rex B (5K), Joel J (5K), William F (5S) and Innes H (6B). This was the first time the boys competed in the event and all scored very well in the windy conditions. Congratulations to William who has progressed to the State Final that will be held in November and to Rex who just missed a place by one stroke and will be the reserve player for the Final.

Nicole Fielke
PE Teacher/St John's Campus Sports Coordinator

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Year 7 Knockout Sports Update

The Year 7 netball team headed to Westminster on Monday, 7 September to play for a spot in the finals round robin for the statewide KO competition.

They defeated Fulham Gardens and fought hard to defeat East Adelaide for two solid wins. Unfortunately, they were defeated by Westminster but stood tall and played confidently as a team. Congratulations to the team and the coaches, Rachel and Alex, for the successful run in the knockout competition.

Corrina Ridley
Year 7 Sports Coordinator

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1st XVIII Football Grand Final

Well done to our 1st XVIII Boys Football Team who played in yesterday's Grand Final. Unfortunately, the result didn't go our way, but we commend the boys for being excellent in their endeavour and playing the game in the right spirit.

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St John's Campus Sport

Tuesday 25 August
Concordia Celtics were defeated by BFPS Suns: 10-23. 

Monday 31 August
Concordia Champions defeated BFPS Bulls: 15–6.
Concordia Chargers were defeated by BFPS Eagles: 14-15. 

Tuesday 1 September
Concordia Celtics were defeated by NAPS 1: 12-38.

Tuesday 8 September
Concordia Celtics were defeated by Plympton International College: 7–19.


Saturday 22 August
Concordia Year 6/7 Boys defeated St Michael's: 9.4 (58) to 3.5 (23).

Saturday 5 September
Concordia Year 6/7 Boys defeated Mercedes College: 9.7 (61) to 4.5 (29). 


Monday 24 August
Concordia Canaries defeated St Therese Stars: 5–2, a great win (and a close game).
Concordia Cats drew with St Therese: 9–9. Fantastic game, all shooters developing accuracy and those in centre court playing so well as a team with an always-strong defence! 

Monday 31 August
Concordia Cats were defeated by Unley Lions: 7–11. Played well against great competition! 

Monday 7 September
Concordia Canaries defeated Sunrise Stars: 5–0, a fantastic game against a team with tall defenders!


Saturday 29 August
Concordia Under 11s defeated Warradale: 3–0.
Concordia Senior Primary defeated Paringa Park: 5–2. 

Saturday 5 September
Concordia Under 8s were defeated by St Thomas: 5–1.
Concordia Under 9s were defeated by St Thomas Team 2: 3–2. 


Friday 28 August
Concordia Gold were defeated by Forbes Phantom: 68–30.
Concordia Gold were defeated by WPPS Hornets: 41–58. 

Friday 4 September
Concordia Gold defeated WPPS Vikings: 71-37. An excellent day for the team - the first day playing Years 4/5. 
Concordia Gold defeated Forbes Fighters: 63–59.

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Concordia Campus Sport

Boys Sport


Saturday 29 August
Concordia Senior A defeated by Rostrevor: 46–59. Top scorers: Nick G (20) and Isaac H (16). Best players: Nick G, Isaac H and Sam H.
Concordia Senior B defeated by Rostrevor: 27–46. Best players: Ashton S, Clark M and Daniel W.
Concordia Senior C drew with Rostrevor: 44–44. Best players: Damon T, Sam W and William M.
Concordia Middle A defeated by Nazareth: 51–54. Top scorers: Oliver M (23), Lachlan T (15) and Kurtis R (11). Best players: Oliver M, Lachlan T and Kurtis R.
Concordia Middle B defeated by St Michaels: 34–36. Top scorers: Elijah M (8), Hamish G (7) and Fred B (7). Best players: Henry H, Elijah M and Hamish G.
Concordia Middle C defeated by Nazareth: 15–41. Top scorers: James P (5) and Patrick S (4). Best players: James P, Jack P and Ethan B.
Concordia Middle D defeated St Michaels: 30–19. Top scorers: Michael S (12) and Jacob S (8). Best players: Michael S, Jacob S and Owen T.

Saturday 5 September
Concordia Senior A defeated by St Peters: 47–65. Top scorers: Nick G (20), Isaac H (11) and Sam H (10). Best players: Nick G, Sam H and Isaac H.
Concordia Senior B defeated by St Peters: 33–59. Top scorers: Jack Su (14) and Clark M (5). Best players: Jack Su, Jack St and Clark M.
Concordia Senior C defeated by St Peters: 43–59. Top scorers: Harry N (17) and Damon T (8). Best players: Harry N, Damon T and Alex M.
Concordia Middle A defeated Sacred Heart: 69–60. Top scorers: Oliver M (24), Lachlan T (14) and Paddy D (10). Best players: Oliver M, Lachlan T and Paddy D.
Concordia Middle B defeated by Sacred Heart: 46–58. Top scorers: Ethan T (13), Henry H (10) and Henry R-E (10). Best players: Ethan T, Henry H and Henry R-E.
Concordia Middle C defeated by Sacred Heart: 34–36. Top scorers: James P (7), Jackson G (6) and Ethan B (6). Best players: James P, Jackson G and Ethan B.
Concordia Middle D defeated Pembroke: 46–24. Top scorers: Patrick S (18), Michael S (12), Jacob S (4) and Owen T (3). Best players: Patrick S, Michael S and Jacob S.


Wednesday 26 August
Concordia 1st XVIII defeated Cardijn: 10.7 (67) to 6.5 (41). Goal kickers: Jack S (3), Taran S (2), Nick S (2), Finn S (1), Josh C (1) and Oliver L (1). Best players: Josh G, Jaden T M, Ronald C, Jack S, Jet W, James H and Nick G.
Concordia Open B defeated Unley High School: 8.15 (63) to 5.3 (33). Goal kickers: Jack S (3), Raf L (2), Will J (1), Henry F (1) and Harry N (1). Best players: Zak B, Sam H, Lachlan F, Tom G, Harvey M and Tim C.
Concordia Middle defeated Nazareth: 12.7 (79) to 7.6 (48). Goal kickers: Ben P (5), Harry K (2), Max T (2), Leroy T (1), Kurtis R (1) and Jacob H (1). Best players: Joe S, Bailey K, Harry K, Ben P, Max T and Nick M.

Wednesday 2 September
Concordia 1st XVIII defeated Unley High School: 17.11 (113) to 2.1 (13). Goal kickers: Jack S (3), Finn S (3), Joey H-F (2), Oliver L (2), Josh G (2), James K (2), Nick S (1), Will T (1) and Nick G (1). Best players: Charlie F, Oliver L, Josh G, Nick G, James H, Finn S and Jack S. 
Concordia Open B defeated by Pulteney: 3.6 (24) to 13.7 (85). Goal kickers: Josh J M (2) and Zak B (1). Best players: Josh J M, Zak B, Tom P, Raf L and Lachlan F.
Concordia Middle Football defeated Woodcroft: 6.11 (47) to 0.2 (2).


Saturday 29 August
Concordia Open B defeated Scotch: 4–2. Goal scorers: Oscar H (1), Jack K (1), Yiannis K (1) and Kyle G (1). Best players: Kyle G, Hugo C and Jake H.
Concordia Middle A defeated by Immanuel. Best players: Jack C, Theo F and Max T.
Concordia Middle B defeated Westminster: 4–3. Goal scorers: Max C, Lucas H and Fraser W. Best players Liam R, Joseph C and Jared S.
Concordia Year 7B defeated Pulteney: 4–3. Goal scorers: Luke B (2), Lucas H and Thomas W. Best players: Lucas H, Luke B and Thomas W.

Saturday 5 September
Concordia Open B defeated Unley: 4–0. Goal scorers: Ben D (2), Ethan G (1), Jack K (1). Best players: Ben D, Lucas T and Elliot F.
Concordia Middle A defeated by Rostrevor: 2–5. Goal scorers: Max T and Kostas T. Best players: Max T, Oliver M and Sam P.

Girls Sport


Friday 28 August
Concordia Senior A defeated by St Peters: 2.6 (18) to 3.1 (19). Goal kickers: Elena S and Eliza C. Best players: Hannah P, Eden B, Layla W, Teliah S, Elena S and Sarah H.
Concordia Senior B defeated Scotch: 31-22.
Concordia Middle A defeated by St Peters: 4.2 (26) to 4.5 (29). Best players: Keira M, Gemma G, Chelsea, Miriam T and Amara K.
Concordia Middle B defeated by Pembroke: 2.2 (14) to 7.1 (43). Best team player: Jess G.

Monday 31 August
Concordia Senior A defeated Wilderness: 8.2 (50) to 2.2 (14). A strong team effort by all players.
Concordia Middle A defeated Wilderness: 68–1. All girls played well.


Saturday 29 August
Concordia Senior A defeated by Scotch: 29–61. Best players: Eva F and Teagan R.
Concordia Senior B1 defeated by Scotch: 32–44. Best players: Layla W and Hannah B.
Concordia Senior B2 defeated Scotch: 50–37. Best players: Aleisha M and Rahni B.
Concordia Senior C defeated by Scotch: 22–43. Best player: Emma.
Concordia Year 10B had a bye.
Concordia Year 9A defeated by Scotch: 27–52.
Concordia Year 9B defeated by Scotch: 33–39.
Concordia Year 9 Navy defeated St Peters: 37–29. Best player: Sophie. Top goal scorer: Tansy.
Concordia Year 9 White defeated Wilderness: 23–10. Best player: Issy. Top goal scorer: Lanlang.
Concordia Year 8A defeated by Scotch: 23–46. Best player: Olivia Q.
Concordia Year 8B defeated Scotch: 38–23.
Concordia Year 8 Navy defeated by Pulteney’s first team: 3–48. Best player: Chloe. Coach's award: Mackenzie.
Concordia Year 8 White defeated by Pulteney: 10–18. Most consistent shooter: Eve. Most intercepts: Pia. Best attacking play: Mia.
Concordia Year 7A defeated Scotch: 40–19. Best player: Gemma H.
Concordia Year 7B defeated Scotch: 29–6. Best player: Winnie T.
Concordia Year 7 Navy defeated Scotch: 27–5. Best players: Natasha G, Madeleine M and Lucy B.
Concordia Year 7 White defeated Pembroke: 36–0. Best players: Maddi F, Niamh and Charlotte B.

Saturday 5 September
Concordia Senior A defeated by Wilderness: 29–42. Best player: Eva F.
Concordia Senior B1 defeated Wilderness: 48–34. Best players: Millie H and Lucy M.
Concordia Senior B2 defeated Pulteney: 50–37. Best players: Aleisha and Rahni.
Concordia Senior C defeated by Pulteney: 22–43. Best player: Emma J.
Concordia Year 10B won by forfeit to St Peters.
Concordia Year 9A defeated Wilderness: 55–33. All girls played well.
Concordia Year 9B defeated Wilderness: 50–23. A team effort on the day.
Concordia Year 9 Navy defeated Pembroke: 22–21. Top scorer: Jess. Best player: Tahlia.
Concordia Year 9 White defeated by Scotch: 13–26. Top scorer: Emily. Best player: Isobel.
Concordia Year 8A defeated Wilderness: 33–21.
Concordia Year 8B defeated Wilderness: 22–15.
Concordia Year 8 Navy defeated by Seymour: 7–38. Best defensive players: Chloe and Lucy.
Concordia Year 8 White defeated by Seymour: 3–20.
Concordia Year 7A defeated Wilderness: 48–10. Best player Gigi.
Concordia Year 7B defeated Wilderness: 58–4. Best player: Winnie.
Concordia Year 7 Navy defeated Seymour: 16–10. Best players: Mette, Phoebe and Madeleine M.
Concordia Year 7 White defeated Seymour: 20–9. Best players: Bella W, Maddi F and Amelie B.


Wednesday 26 August
Concordia Soccer defeated by Scotch: 1–3. Goal scorer: Joanna K. Best player: Joanna K.

Wednesday 2 September
Concordia Soccer defeated by St Peters: 1–4. Goal scorer: Hannah W. Best players: Phoebe, Fleur, Estella and Hannah T.

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