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From the Principals

Dear Parents/Caregivers 

We trust that you are all well. It has certainly been lovely to welcome the warmer Spring weather over these past few days. 

First and foremost, thank you for your ongoing support and commitment to our College community. Together, we are conscious of the many pressures and challenges that families face in their own lives navigating forward in the current context of life, the uncertainty and how challenging this pandemic environment can sometimes be. 

  • We thank you for the way that you continue to support the guidelines that we are sending out regarding COVID-19.  
  • We appreciate your flexibility when activities and events sometimes shift with short notice. Please know that your patience and understanding are not taken for granted. Our staff also experience frustration and disappointment as we are often required to make very quick decisions regarding the responsible and safe operation of the College.  
  • Thank you for your efforts at helping us maintain a sense of calm and security for our students. This is underpinned with a focus on maintaining our normal routines here at school as much as is possible. We know that these joint efforts help our students’ wellbeing.  
  • We also appreciate the constructive feedback that you provide us with as we seek to reflect on, refine and improve our practices and processes. This was most recently evident with the feedback received regarding our ‘Connected Learning’ program during the beginning of term lockdown.  

Leading the Concordia community is something that we personally value highly. Knowing that we have a clear sense of who we are, why we are here and where we are headed as a College provides a real sense of hope and optimism.  

Wishing you God’s rich blessing as we continue to move towards the end of term three, and then towards the end of our school year together with encouragement. 


Michael Paech
Principal - Concordia College ELC to Year 6

Paul Weinert 
Principal - Concordia College Year 7 to Year 12

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From the Director of Student Learning

Paul Bannister profile photo

Further Strengthening our Learning Ecosystem

As a passionate Science and Biology teacher, one of my favourite concepts to explore with students is ‘Ecosystems’. It brings so many different interconnecting elements of Science and Biology together in a way that students can connect with and see the relevance in. They come to understand how distant weather patterns can influence the survival of a specific species or how the extinction of a type of insect can have catastrophic impacts for an entire ecosystem.   

In general terms an “ecosystem” is a complex network or interconnected system that is formed to assist those that belong to the group. Over the last few years, I have noticed a growing trend amongst Educational Leaders and Innovators, encouraging schools to view themselves as learning “ecosystems”, to more deliberately connect, network and interact with experts, groups and institutions ‘outside’ the traditional school structures to enhance the learning experiences for our students. The ‘argument’ or purpose of this approach, is a recognition that the goal of contemporary school education is to prepare our young people for a complex, ever-changing and globally connected world. Success in this space requires schools and teachers to more deliberately create learning opportunities, connections, experiences and partnerships through which we can support our students in this context.   

One of the key ‘principles’ that underpins the College’s ‘Unlocking Futures’ learning framework is ‘Connection’. The purpose of this guiding principle is to further strengthen our ability to develop curriculum and learning experiences that facilitate students to connect, communicate and learn from a diverse range of people, communities and experts, in supporting them to develop key future-focused skills and dispositions. 

As an illustration of this, recently all our Year 9 students - in preparation for their City Week experience - engaged in an ‘Innovation Sprint’. This was conducted by the ‘Innovation Academy’, which is led by a group of industry ‘innovation’ experts who are connected with the Concordia College community. The program provided the opportunity for students to develop their understanding of the key concepts and knowledge involved in ‘innovative thinking’ and a model that industry experts use to create, develop and ‘pitch’ an innovative idea that has value for others. The students then had the opportunity to apply this new knowledge to develop an ‘innovative’ idea that would add value to the City of Adelaide.

It is through the creation and development of this type of deliberate and explicit connection, that we as a College are looking to further strengthen our learning “ecosystem”! An interconnected system and approach that is developed for the primary purpose of supporting and preparing Concordia College students to flourish in and serve our communities of both the present and the future.

Paul Bannister
Director of Student Learning

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Book Week in the Middle and Senior School

We were very fortunate to have author Rosanne Hawke present to Year 7, 8 and 9 students during Book Week. Rosanne is a prolific author of children’s and young adult literature. Her many years living in Pakistan greatly influenced her writing, with a number of her books being set in Pakistan and Afghanistan. With her direct knowledge and experience she was able to talk to our students about different cultural clothing, customs, values, the history of the Taliban and the impact that they have had in the region. She spoke to students about the process of writing books, and the importance of knowing and developing your characters. Escape into a different world and borrow one of Rosanne’s books to read!

The Yangadlitya Centre was buzzing with a range of activities in break times during the week, including Old World games such as jacks, pickup sticks, marbles, hopscotch, tiddlywinks, dominos, and snakes and ladders. Students undertook a range of quizzes, scavenger hunts and puzzles.

By far the most exciting and popular activity has been the Old Worlds Escape Room which continued for the following week by popular demand.

Next year’s theme is: Dreaming with eyes open …. time to start planning your costumes!

Hajnalka Molloy
Learning Resources Manager

  • CC Book Week lunchtime 230821 003 AI
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Year 11 Drama Presents... Accidental Death Of An Anarchist by Dario Fo

Accidental Death Of An Anarchist posterWith excitement, the Concordia College Drama Department and our Year 11 Drama students would like to invite you to our Year 11 Production of Accidental Death Of An Anarchist. With our current political powers and law enforcers constantly chasing their tails - and COVID-19 - and underdogs and protesters holding those with responsibility accountable with gusto, this play is ripe for our times, even though it is based on a real-life event that occurred in 1969!

A play as absurd and paranoid as the times in which we live!

A man has fallen to his death from a police station window. Did he jump or was he pushed? The cops want a cover up, but first they have to contend with an unlikely detective – a certified lunatic with a knack for impersonation.

Written by Italian Nobel laureate Dario Fo in 1970, this farce with a political sting in its tail has become an absurdist classic. It’s a glorious battle of the individual against the establishment, of underdog against overlord, of anarchy against tyranny, of corruption and ineptitude against freedom and justice. 

“It’s so funny, resistance is futile... [a] rare thing, a political farce that is genuinely funny while also making a serious political point.”
The Telegraph, UK

The students have been rehearsing throughout the term to bring this hilarious, slapstick political farce to life! Please head to TryBooking via the link below for tickets and we look forward to seeing you at the theatre.

>> Book Tickets

Zoe Tidemann
Head of Drama

  • Year 11 Drama AI
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Father's Day Breakfast

A father is someone you look up to no matter how tall you grow 
~ Author Unknown

Damien on Fisher was alive from 7.45am on last Thursday when around 120 students, fathers, grandfathers and special friends enjoyed a delicious coffee and breakfast to celebrate Father’s Day on Sunday 4 September.

We were privileged to hear from Darryl Wakelin, current Concordia parent, pharmacist, and former Australian Rules footballer who played for St Kilda and Port Adelaide in the AFL as a defender. Some of Darryl’s career highlights include:

  • 115 games with the St Kilda Football Club
  • 146 games with the Port Adelaide Football Club
  • Winning the SANFL premiership with Port Adelaide in 1994 and receiving the Jack Oatey Medal for best on ground in the grand final
  • Winning an AFL premiership with Port Adelaide in 2004.
  • Receiving the award for Port Adelaide Best Team Man in 2005.

Guests also enjoyed a fabulous performance by the Concordia College Testosterphones (our gentlemen’s choir) and a heartfelt message from our School Captain Tom Diprose, who acknowledged the incredible role and influence fathers have in the lives of their children.

We thank all who attended for helping to make this a wonderful College-wide celebration of love, care and wisdom of the fathers, grandfathers and special friends in our community.

We hope you all had a very happy Father's Day on Sunday.

  • Fathers Day Breakfast 2021 005 AI
  • Fathers Day Breakfast 2021 007 AI
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Testosterphones entertain at Concordia’s Father’s Day Breakfast

Congratulations to Dr Smith (Testosterphones Director) and all the members of Concordia’s most manly Choir for a great performance, accompanied by Bron Elsegood, at the Concordia’s Father’s Day Breakfast held at Living Choice last week.

It was a delight to hear this group of young men sing as guests arrived. We particularly thank Simon Kuchel for ensuring the boys were heard as a result of his excellent work with the PA system which he so ably operates.

Mat Noble
Director of Music

  • Fathers Day Breakfast 2021 024 AI
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Ukaria Chamber Music Concert

On Saturday, 4 September Concordia College presented its first small ensembles concert at the world-class venue Ukaria Cultural Centre in Mt Barker. The performance space not only has exceptional acoustic qualities, it is also one of the most picturesque buildings and locations in Australia.

The 75% capacity audience was treated to a huge variety of music from the Percussion Ensemble, Chamber Strings, String Quartets 2 and 3, Rock Band, Flute Trio and Flute Quartet, Cello Quartet, Brass Ensemble, Clarinet Ensemble and Guitar Ensemble.

It was a joy for the students to finally play to a live audience after 18 months of having to record all performances, and this joy was shared with all who were able to attend.

My special thanks to Jenni Watkins, Bron Elsegood, Barnabas Smith and Lee Pfitzner, Casey Hassbroek, Ben (Year 12), Simon Kuchel and Ethan Hurn (Class of 2020) for their outstanding support. I’d also like to thank the wonderful Friends of Music who assisted on the day. This dedicated team made this important event possible.

Mat Noble
Director of Music

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  • Ukaria Chamber Music Concert 0138 AI
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Wellbeing and Pastoral Care

Paul Dillon Drug and Alcohol Education Workshops

Concordia College was pleased to recently host Paul Dillon (Drug and Alcohol Education) and Headspace Youth Ambassadors who presented Talking About Your Mental Health Workshops.

Paul Dillon has over 30 years’ experience in alcohol and drug education and is a renowned, high-calibre speaker and educator. He is the Founder and Director of DARTA and hosts a helpful website, including resources such as fact sheets, and a blog providing great advice for parents and carers in relation to adolescents, alcohol and drugs.

This year, Paul added content that explored how teens have adapted to the restrictions due to COVID-19 and their impact on their socialising and alcohol and other drug use. There was focus on the dangers and harmful effects of the use of e-cigarettes and ‘vaping’, nitrous oxide and cannabis. The seminars evidenced the link between alcohol and other drug (AOD) use and mental health.

The Lutheran Counsellors network-initiated Paul’s visits to Lutheran Schools in SA in 2009 and we acknowledge with gratitude the generous support of the LESNW for this project for the past 10 years through annual grants which have contributed to the travel and accommodation costs.

Relevant Links
  • DARTA provides samples of some of Paul’s presentations here.
  • Paul maintains a blog through which parents and caregivers can stay up to date and have questions answered here, and one directed at young people here

Headspace Interactive Mental Health Workshops

The Interactive Mental Health Workshops were facilitated by trained volunteers, to increase the capacity of young people to gain awareness and knowledge of mental illness, services available, how to support a friend going through a hard time and how to reduce the stigma around mental health.

Every year, four in every 16 young Aussies experience a mental health issue. But three of those four won’t get the help they need. 

A key message throughout the workshop was that young people are not alone, they are usually not the only ones going through what they are going through and there are a range of supports available to them. The facilitators emphasised the importance of family support and networks but also informed students of other support services.

52 percent of young people aged 12–25 that have identified having a mental health problem in the last 12 months state they would be too embarrassed to discuss the problem with anyone, and 49 percent would be afraid of what others think.

Headspace Adelaide is located at 173 Wakefield Street, Adelaide, South Australia.

Maria Chiarolli
Senior School Counsellor

  • Headspace presentation 01
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City Week 2021

City Week is a four-day cross-disciplinary program held for Year 9s. All students are involved in an initial ‘Innovation Sprint’ run by Jeff Smith and Andrew Macdonald to expose students to the Gaddie Pitch and how to develop ideas to respond to a ‘How Might We’ statement. This year, students explored how they might make the Adelaide CBD a greener, smarter or more liveable place using current technology and new ways of thinking.

Throughout Weeks 6 and 7, the Year 9 students explored different aspects of the CBD to further design and consider how they would respond to their ‘How Might We’ statement. In class groups, students attended sessions at the Central Market, Botanic Gardens, City Library, Riverbank Precinct, City Beach and Lot Fourteen, as well as small group (4-6 students) experiences exploring the various architectural changes, religious buildings, transport use and street use around the CBD. In their small groups, students also completed an interview with someone who works in the CBD to have an added primary source to their research. The learning outside of the traditional classroom allowed students to build their own resilience, self-management and collaboration skills when working in smaller groups and ensuring they attend the various scheduled sessions on time, completing their booklet and pitch by the deadlines.

We are so very grateful that this was able to go ahead in 2021 and hope to continue to build on the fantastic work by all Year 9s who attended City Week.

Emily Johnson
Middle Years Learning Leader

  • City Week AI 01
  • City Week AI 02
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Year 11 Assembly - Leadership Perspectives

With the announcement on Monday of Week 7 of the shortlisted 2022 Student Leader candidates, and with a range of other leadership opportunities on the horizon, the Year 11 students are being encouraged to think about what leadership really involves, and what makes an effective leader.

On Thursday 2 September, a diverse panel of speakers shared their perspectives on leadership at a Year 11 Assembly. We were privileged to welcome guest speakers Mrs Amanda Macky AO (former owner and manager of Dymocks bookstore, former State Commissioner of Girl Guides South Australia and former National Commissioner of Girl Guides Australia) and Ms Shi Fang (Sandy) Khor (laboratory manager from the University of Adelaide, and Girl Guide leader), who joined Concordia College panelists Clay Watkins (Head of Senior School), Pastor Dale Gosden, Ben Klingberg (Youth Worker and former Student Leader) and Hana Ireland (current College Captain).

Whilst the speakers had very differing backgrounds and experiences, they all emphasised the importance of qualities such as empathy, communication and integrity, and they spoke about the unique experiences that their leadership journeys had provided, as well as the opportunities for self-discovery and consequent growth in self-confidence and self-belief. We look forward to seeing the Year 11 students learn and benefit from the leadership activities and roles that the coming terms will present.

Judy Harris
Year 11 Pastoral Leader

  • Year 11 Assembly 01 AI
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ABODA Festival Recording Sessions

Sadly, the ABODA Festival was forced to take place “virtually” again this year due to COVID-19 restrictions preventing our large ensembles from performing to a live audience. As a result, last week the following groups recorded their programs for entry into this statewide competition – Orchestra, String Ensemble, Chamber Strings, Concert Band, Wind Ensemble, St John’s Campus Concert Band, Percussion Ensemble and Big Bands 1, 2 and 3.

Both the Chapel and the Harmony Room served as recording studios for capturing the outstanding work done by these ensembles. All students and their directors should be very proud of their musical achievements so far, and we look forward to the results of the competition being released in Week 10 of this term.

Mat Noble
Director of Music

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YMCA Youth Parliament Program

International student Steven 11RGOG commenced at Concordia College in Year 8 and has embraced his new home and the opportunity to become a future leader by joining the YMCA SA Youth Parliament program. This is a non-partisan program that provides a platform for young people aged 15-25 to have their say on important issues, build skills and provide parliamentary understanding. It focuses on personal development, empowerment and connecting politicians and decision makers with youth voices and opinions.

Steven said…’joining this program has provided an excellent educational opportunity to better understand how government works and learn how to represent my community.’

Steve Eden
Head of International Student Programs

  • YMCA Youth Parliament AI
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Lily wins State and National Rostrum Voice of Youth Competitions

This year, over 800 students across Australia took part in the Rostrum Voice of Youth Public Speaking competition. At a recent assembly, we celebrated the achievements of Lily 9CRID in this year’s competition. We welcomed Ms Julie Cranswick, SA / NT Zone Rostrum Voice of Youth Coordinator, and Mr Einer Herringe, National Coordinator of the Rostrum Voice of Youth. Lily competed in and won the State Final in the Junior section. Her speeches were delivered in the SA House of Assembly at Parliament House on Saturday 26 June. Ms Cranswick presented Lily with a trophy and a perpetual ceremonial mace in recognition of her success. Due to COVID-19 and border restrictions, the planned National Final could not proceed in-person this year. Five adjudicators from across Australia viewed recorded speeches from all the State Finals. On Saturday 31 July, the National Final results were announced via a special zoom celebration. Lily was awarded first place. Einer Herringe presented Lily with a perpetual shield to be stored in our College reception for the coming year, to acknowledge her place as National Junior Voice of Youth Champion. It was a thrill to see Lily achieve success on both the State and National stage, in a competition that is very highly regarded. Congratulations, Lily. 

Emma Rieger
Enrichment and Extended Learning

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Duke of Edinburgh's International Awards

Congratulations to Alicia (10ELCU), Tahlia (10VNAR) and Eloise (11JHAR) who were recently awarded their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh’s International Awards. These students worked very hard and managed to overcome the interruptions and complications presented by COVID-19. Each student set goals related to their instrumental learning for their skills section. For the physical section, Alicia and Tahlia set individual fitness and flexibility goals while Eloise focused specifically on her team sport of netball. For the service component of the Award, Tahlia and Alicia knitted scarves to donate to the Hutt Street Centre, helping people facing homelessness. Eloise volunteered at a local church op shop. Congratulations on showing persistence and determination to achieve this highly regarded Bronze Award.

Students can commence the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award from the age of 14. Anyone who is interested is encouraged to contact Emma Rieger for details and support. Visit to learn more.

Emma Rieger
Enrichment and Extended Learning

  • Duke of Ed T3W6 Assembly AI
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Old Concordians' Association Year 12 Breakfast

Thanks to the Old Concordians' Association for hosting a beautiful breakfast for our Year 12s on Wednesday 1 September. Our Alumni Manager, Sue Spry (1974), and Committee Vice President, Cameron Basnec (2015), had an opportunity to talk to students about the Old Concordians' Association. We also welcomed Laraine Nelson and James Gerhardy as Honorary Old Concordians in recognition of their service to the College and our students over many years. Laraine and James join Mavis Herbert and Lester Saegenschnitter who became Honorary Old Concordians in 2016 and 2017 respectively. Together, their combined service to Concordia totals a staggering 130 years, with the College now in its 131st year.

  • OCA Breakfast 2021 AI
  • OCA Year 12 Breakfast 005 AI
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  • OCA Year 12 Breakfast 010 AI
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Uniform for Weeks 9 and 10 of Term 3

With warmer weather and Spring in the air, all students are permitted to wear either their Winter or Summer Uniform for the last two weeks of Term 3. Commencing Term 4, students wear their Summer uniform.

In addition:

  • Sport Uniform requirements for the Primary School remain unchanged
  • Sport Uniform may be worn by Middle and Senior students on days that they have PE with the current COVID-19 guidelines.

Any questions, please contact Jodie Escott 08 8291 9363.

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Vale Tim Williams

Tim Williams

The passing of Tim Williams has had a profound effect on many in our Concordia Community. Tim was a much-loved groundsman of the College since 2003. His funeral was held in St John’s Church on Tuesday 7 September.

With COVID-19 limitations in the church, we livestreamed the Service in the Concordia College Chapel for friends, family and staff to attend.

The love shared by family and friends of Tim during the Memorial Services held at the Primary and Middle/Senior Campuses last week and at his funeral was in abundance.

Some of the memories shared:

“Tim’s smile meant that you walked away with a smile yourself”

“Tim’s pure and child-like faith was an inspiration to us and a great witness. His gentle presence around the school will be missed”

“Tim’s reliability, his infectious laugh, his enduring faith, his love of chatting about the weather, his fantastic softball skills, his gentle manner and the dignity he displayed in his work and in the way he treated others”

Following the funeral, bagpipes played as guests from the livestream in our Chapel formed a Guard of Honour to pay final respects to Tim as the hearse travelled along Cheltenham Street prior to moving to Centennial Park.
Our hearts and thoughts continue to support the Williams family at this sad time.

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Planning a move? Please let us know!

Considering a move to another school is a significant decision. We value your family being part of our community. As a College, we will always seek to work with you for positive connection. If you are uncertain about continuing at Concordia next year, in the first instance, we invite you to reach out and arrange a time to discuss your situation with either of our Principals – Michael Paech (Primary Campus) and Paul Weinert (Middle/Senior Campus) - or our Director of Community Relations, Jodie Escott. We hope that through this conversation, we gain a clearer appreciation of your family’s specific needs and considerations.

If you do make a decision to leave Concordia, please be aware that in line with the Enrolment Policy – if your child is leaving the College at the end of 2021, we require one full term’s notice to avoid penalties. We understand that this may not always be possible, but sincerely appreciate your assistance with future planning. Withdrawal notification for 2021 should be received no later than close of business Friday 24 September 2021 and should be sent to the Principal of the relevant campus:

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