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Celebrating with our Year 12s at the annual Valedictory Service

Students make a difference through Football Outreach Vanuatu

Year 2 students explore 'How the World Works' through a visit from SciWorld

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Valedictory Service 2017

Each year our Valedictory Service provides an opportunity to formally farewell our Year 12 students and wish them every blessing as they conclude their classes and prepare for final examinations. Last night's service was a wonderful time of celebration with around 1,000 people in attendance at the Adelaide Town Hall.

A number of Valedictory service awards are presented to students who have enhanced the College community and served as role models for their peers through their commitment, enthusiasm and leadership in a range of areas.

The award recipients for 2017 are:

Bronze Medals

Principal's Service Award - presented to students who have displayed loyalty and voluntary commitment to the College Community through particular extra-curricular activities or opportunities:

  • Nadia B 12LNE
  • Tobias B 12LNE
  • Alicia M 12LNE
  • Hamish M-F 12HRO
  • Elise O 12HRO
  • Emma S 12HRO
  • Mitchell T 12ABR
  • Lily T 12SBU
  • Harrison W 12HRO
Silver Medals

These medals are presented to students who have displayed significant, leadership, organisation, encouragement of others, support for and enthusiasm in a range of College sporting, musical or community activities over a number of years.

Sports Award - Presented by Rev Brian Schwarz ('58)

  • Brianna A 12LNE
  • Daniel S HRO

Arts Award - Presented by Stacey Tonkin ('14)

  • Hannah H 12ABR
  • Ella S 12LNE
  • Zachary T 12SBU

Community Award - Presented by Sandi Petersen ('80)

  • Madeline H 12RSO
  • Ben L 12NFLE
  • Georgina L 12ABR
Gold Award

Concordia Award

  • Isabella B 12SBU
  • Valedictory Service 1 AI
  • Valedictory Service 2 AI
  • Valedictory Service 3 AI
  • Valedictory Service 4 AI
  • Valedictory Service 5 AI
Year 12 Final Exams

Both SACE and IBDP examinations begin shortly, with the first exam (IB Physics) scheduled on Tuesday 31 October. We wish all of our Year 12 students every success over the coming weeks as they embark upon this final component of their senior schooling.

For your information we have included the examination schedules below:

Aliki Papapetros
SACE and Acting IB Diploma Coordinator

Louise MacMahon
Acting IB Diploma Coordinator

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Year 12 Pastoral Care

This is the final school week of formal lessons for Year 12s. They have been heavily engaged in finishing off assignments and final preparation for the upcoming examinations.

Meanwhile, to alleviate some stress, Mr Kleidon has organised some lunchtime sports games for the Year 12 students to compete against the staff. Netball, basketball, touch football and volleyball games were being played during their final week at school. In most games the Year 12s were closely matched by the enthusiasm of the staff.

We wish them all the best leading up to the end of their high school education here at Concordia College and hope they enjoy success with their subject results. We pray they remain safe at all times, especially during this particularly busy stage of their lives. 

Since the commencement of Term 1, the Year 12 students have been involved in Community Service in the Unley area - an initiative that has seen our Year 12 cohort Engage, Achieve and Serve the community of Unley. All Year 12 students are involved in one or a number of activities including: afternoon music performances at aged care facilities, stobie pole art, seed propagation, letterbox drops to aid community awareness of Unley events, seedling planting, gnome painting and delivery to residents who have planted their verge, and consultation about Unley Council programs.

Students have seen the benefits they can give back to our local community by assisting in a number of activities. Unley Council have been integral in developing the program to suit the needs of the local area and the interests of our students.

On a number of occasions we have had calls from members of the public positively commenting on the enthusiasm and contribution our students are making to the Unley area.

Rick Sommariva
Year 12 Pastoral Leader

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SAYTV Now Showing on Channel 44

The 2017 season of SAYTV produced by Concordia Media students is now showing on Channel 44. This season is screening across six episodes on Thursdays at 6pm. Each episode will also be replayed on Fridays at 7.30am, Mondays at 8am and Wednesdays at 4.30pm. At the end of the season, the cycle will repeat for those who did not see the first run!

Click here to download a flyer listing the session times.

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Diary Dates

Click here for a list of upcoming diary dates.

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