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From the St John's Campus Deputy Principal

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Classrooms Transformed

Our Year 2 and Year 5 students were excited to see that during the holidays their classrooms were transformed with new furniture. As part of the agenda for the Learning Spaces team, consisting of classroom teachers, OSHC staff and Single Subject Teachers, we are implementing a strategy to transform all of the classrooms with flexible style furniture that adheres to our Learning Spaces vision. As staff, we believe that the learning space needs to be flexible to cater for students’ differing learning styles and to allow for individual and collaborative learning and teaching.

“Flexible learning spaces allow students to position themselves in different places in the room for different purposes: sometimes sitting at a table, sometimes in a bean bag, sometimes standing at a bench, sometimes on the floor.” Kath Murdoch, The Power of Inquiry.

We believe that students’ curiosity for learning and independence can be enhanced by the way that their learning environment nurtures inquiry and collaboration.

We are also developing our understanding that the classroom environment can be seen as a child’s third teacher (with parents and teachers being the child’s other teachers as described by the Reggio Emilia philosophy.)

The Year 2 and Year 5 students have commented that they like to be able to stand to work, that the colour of the tables is nicer and that the chairs and stools are more comfortable.

We have embarked on a strategic plan as we transform the students' learning spaces. Next year we will have two more year levels that will be transformed with new furniture.

Sue Drogemuller
Deputy Principal - St John's Campus

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Staff Updates

With the resignation of Rachelle Fairlie (our Community Carer) at the end of Term 3, we have been fortunate to  secure the services of Mrs Tamara Martin on a temporary contract for Term 4. During the coming weeks we will also be advertising for a more permanent replacement who will commence work in this area next year.

Tamara comes to us with a range of valuable knowledge and experience in the counselling area and is currently working at St Andrew's School, Walkerville (one day a week) and also at Lutheran Community Care. Tamara holds a Graduate Diploma in Counselling and is currently completing her Masters of Counselling Practices at Tabor College.

We welcome Tamara into our community and look forward to serving alongside her in this important role this term.

Please note that Tamara will be at school each week during the following hours:

  • Monday: 9.30am – 2.30pm
  • Tuesday: 12.00am – 2.00pm
  • Thursday: 8.30am – 4.45pm

During this past week Tamara has already begun to set appointments with students who were meeting regularly with Rachelle. She will also respond to other needs as required and as her time permits.

Please feel free to contact Tamara should you have a need for any support within this area either via the School Office or email .

Please also note that during Term 4, Sue Drogemuller will be managing any administration relating to our Year Level Coordinators. This will not be something that Tamara will be responsible for during Term 4.

Michael Paech
Principal - St John's Campus

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ELC Physical Skills Session

The ELC children recently had the opportunity to showcase the physical skills they have been developing in our daily Fun and Fitness sessions and in PE lessons with Miss Fielke.

They enjoyed participating in relays, target throwing and a giant obstacle course.

It was delightful to observe and reflect on the children’s growth in confidence and physical skill development.

Kate Wood
ELC Director


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School Disco

On Friday, 19 October, St John’s Campus students danced the night away at their annual School Disco. With themes of 'pyjamas and onesies' for the junior primary students and 'mix n’ match' for the upper primary students, everyone was dressed to impress and had lots of fun.  

DJ Thiele ran the music for the night with music ranging from ABBA and the Grease mega mix to a range of more contemporary artists. Particular highlights were the Chicken Dance, Macarena, Limbo and the Nutbush dance, where Year 6 students led these dances that had been practised by many students throughout the week.  

Thank you to the Student Leaders and SRC for organising the night.

Dan Keylock
Year 5 Teacher

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Year 3s Visit Morialta Park

Last week the Year 3 students went to Morialta Park as part of our Programme of Inquiry unit. We looked at the natural environment and how things have changed over time. It was a misty day and yet the smiles and enthusiasm of the students were evident and their learning was real and lasting. We now look forward to the culmination of this unit as we prepare to ride from the city to the beach and look at those changes.

Anita Ruggiero and Mike Kriewaldt
Year 3 Teachers

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