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From the Concordia Campus Principal

Future Approach to Gifted and Talented at Concordia Campus

Weinert PaulIn 2016, the College undertook an Inclusive Learning review. The scope of this review was to develop a contemporary and holistic teaching and learning framework that effectively utilises learning and teaching resources at the College in an inclusive, collaborative and structured manner to support quality learning outcomes and strong progress for all students. The implementation of this model was strategically planned.

This year, a key initiative at the Concordia Campus has been to review our approach to our Gifted and Talented program, which has included a detailed analysis of the effectiveness of our current model and practices in supporting the learning needs and progress of our students with exceptional strengths and ability. Based on an internal review that was underpinned by our Inclusive Learning model, we have developed a renewed focus and resourcing structure for our Gifted and Talented program, starting from 2020.   

These planned changes have resulted in the College creating and recruiting for a new position to lead the Concordia Campus in this area. We are pleased to announce that Emma Rieger will be joining the College in 2020 in this role. Emma has a strong association with the Lutheran Education system, where she has been a strongly committed and valuable employee at Cornerstone College since 1995. In recent years as Cornerstone College’s Gifted Co-ordinator, Emma has developed and led their ‘STRETCH Program’, which has resulted in supporting many students to experience extended and enriched learning experiences. We are excited to have Emma join our College, and wish her God’s blessing in this role. 

At this time, we would also like to take this opportunity to thank Louise Thomas for her outstanding passion, leadership and expertise in leading our Gifted and Talented program over recent years. Her dedication and work in this area has meant that we have numerous strengths which as a campus we can build upon moving into the future.

Paul Weinert
Principal - Concordia Campus

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2019 Valedictory Service

The 2019 Valedictory Service was once again held at the Adelaide Town Hall to celebrate the graduation of the Class of 2019. The theme for the night was “Words of Encouragement,” (Philippians 4:7) and it was a fitting motif as the students prepare for the challenges of their final assessments and taking control of their futures. Pastor Dale Gosden encouraged the Year 12s to seek a “good life” in the true sense of the word. Concordia Campus Principal, Mr Paul Weinert, reflected on the way the cohort had lived out their Concordia values in their approaches to life every day. In the Valedictory address, outgoing Head of Senior School, Mrs Fiona McAuliffe, urged the students to celebrate the little things in life, be present in the moment, and always make your bed. We were also very lucky to have several Old Concordians present the Valedictory Service Awards. Mr Max Guehrer presented the Sports Awards and Mrs Nadine Williams OAM presented the Arts and Community awards.

The winners of the Valedictory Service Awards were as follows.

  • Community Awards: Ian 12CFIN, Jacob 12HROS
  • Arts Awards: Ella 12RSOM
  • Sports Awards: Annie 12HROS, Luke 12TMCC
  • Principal's Service Awards: Liam 12SBUD, Tara 12CFIN, Zoe 12SBUD, Erin 12TMCC, Lauren 12LNEL, Jess 12CFIN, Alex 12TMCC, Francesca 12CFIN, Finnegan 12RSOM and Tom 12LNEL.

Clark Roberts-Thomson
Assistant Head of Senior School

  • donbrice 8147
  • donbrice 8173
  • donbrice 8135
  • donbrice 8144
  • donbrice 8584
  • donbrice 8155
  • donbrice 8497
  • donbrice 8517
  • donbrice 8522
  • donbrice 8114
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Year 12 Examination Schedules

Year 12 SACE Oral Language exams have commenced and the rest of the SACE and IBDP examinations will occur from Monday, 4 November through to Friday, 22 November.

Please click the links below to download the examination schedules for 2019:

We wish our Year 12 students all the very best as they prepare for and undertake their final examinations.

Aliki Papapetros
SACE Coordinator

Brendan Toohey
IBDP Coordinator

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Students Teaching Students

Year 7 German students made the long trip across the oval late in Term 3 to teach their Year 4 counterparts elements of their own learning through the medium of Tiny Books. Year 7s consolidated their own learning in an area of their choice and were able to release their creative talents using one of a range of Tiny Book templates. Year 4s then sought to emulate those skills and both groups came away with a mini library of resources – well done Year 7s, great work Year 4s!

Frau Bennett
German Teacher

  • Tiny Books 1
  • Tiny Books 2
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Music Notes

2020 Ensemble Auditions

Auditions for 2020 ensembles begin in week 3

Band Audition Excerpts

Band students who have registered to audition have been sent instrument-specific excerpts via email. Students who are new to Concordia in 2020 have also been invited to audition. Students will be presented with sight-reading in their audition. A schedule of audition times will be distributed to students via email at the end of Week 2.

Strings Auditions

String students should prepare one page of a piece of music which they are currently working on to present at their audition, a piece which demonstrates their true ability. If students are playing from memory, they must bring their music with them for the audition panel. Sight-reading and scales will be asked, based on the demonstrated level of proficiency. Therefore, if you have just completed AMEB Grade 2, please do not present with a Grade 5 piece as you will be asked to perform scales and sight-reading at Grade 5 level.

Audition Days

The following afternoons have been set aside for auditions so please note them in your diary now so that you are available.

Term 4 - Week 3 (includes any Year 7 students going to Canberra in Week 4 – students must communicate with the Music Office.)

Monday 28 October Years 9, 10 and 11 Brass - trumpet, trombone, French horn, tuba, euphonium
Tuesday 29 October Years 9, 10 and 11 Saxophone - alto, tenor and baritone
Wednesday 30 October Years 9, 10 and 11 Wind instruments - flute, clarinet, oboe, bassoon
Thursday 31 October Years 9, 10 and 11 Rhythm - guitar, bass guitar, keyboard, drums, snare, tuned percussion

Term 4 - Week 4


4 November Years 6, 7 and 8 Brass - trumpet, trombone, French horn, tuba, euphonium
Tuesday 5 November Years 6, 7 and 8 Saxophone - alto, tenor and baritone
Wednesday 6 November Years 6, 7 and 8 Wind instruments - flute, clarinet, oboe, bassoon
Thursday 7 November Years 6, 7 and 8 Rhythm - guitar, bass guitar, keyboard, drums, snare, tuned percussion

Term 4 - Week 5

Monday 11 November Years 9, 10 and 11 Violin, viola, cello, double bass

Term 4 - Week 6

Monday 18 November Years 6, 7 and 8 Violin, viola, cello, double bass

Mat Noble
Director of Music

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Winding up Year 12 Digital Technologies

The end of schooling for Year 12s is fast approaching and with it comes a range of essential requirements for our Year 12s to end connections with Concordia technologies. Access to Concordia technologies – Office 365 and Google, email, ManageBac, school files – will cease as of December 31 2019. To ensure nothing is lost, all Year 12 students must:

  1. Have or create a personal email address for contact after December 2019.
  2. Advise tertiary institutions and other essential contacts of their personal email address. This will also mean contacting current contacts to ensure they have the new personal email address and not a Concordia email address.
  3. Download or sync school files to a personal storage space, either to a personal online account or to a personal hard drive.
  4. Download reports from ManageBac for future reference.
  5. Ensure there are no personal files stored on the College laptop.
  6. Return the laptop AND charger in good order to ICT before they leave the College, preferably as soon as they no longer need to use the device for study or final submissions. 

Please note, there is no option to purchase the College devices as they are marked for re-use in 2020.

We wish our Year 12s every success for the future and thank them for being responsible digital citizens in their time at Concordia.

Tony Shillitoe
Director of Digital Resources

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Year 8 Service As Action

Bake Sale Fundraiser

Service is a core component of our Year 8 Pastoral Care Program. 8AMAR and 8LBRO have been working collaboratively to support Backpacks 4 SA Kids. This is an organisation that helps to provide resources that contribute to the care, safety and wellbeing of children and young people during periods of dislocation from home and routine care.

In Week 9 of last term, 8AMAR and 8LBRO held a circus-themed fundraiser/bake sale with delicious baked goods sold and balloon animals free with each purchase. We even had some volunteers dressed up as clowns! Over $250 was raised on the day. Thank you very much to everyone in the College community who supported the Year 8s and our bake sale. 

In Year 8 this year we are also supporting The Salvation Army in Unley. We are looking forward to our Year 8 Connected Unley Program which is held later in Term 4. 

Amy Martin
Year 8 Pastoral Leader

Bread Tags 014 2

Bread Tags for Wheelchairs

The Year 8 team are currently undertaking their annual Service as Action activities, which have included a bake sale, collecting items for Backpacks 4 SA Kids and the collection of bread tags for a local Robe artist who recycles them, creates artwork and then uses the proceeds to purchase wheelchairs for communities in South Africa. 

For the next two weeks, 8RCRO and 8VNAR will be running a competition where students are given the opportunity (for a gold coin donation) to guess how many bread tags are in the box. The winner will receive a fifty dollar Krispy Kreme Voucher! Students can make their guesses with payment for the next two weeks at the Year 8 office in Murtoa. You are also still able, until the end of the year, to drop off your bread tags in Murtoa or SSO for recycling.

Ms Narino-Terry
Year 8 Home Class Teacher

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Does listening to music aid in study?

As we come towards exams in the Senior School, our attention turns towards study timetables and techniques. One of the age-old questions was addressed in ‘The Conversation’ on the weekend: is it ok to listen to music while studying?

The conclusion was that having lyrics with the music is distracting, but instrumental music is fine, especially if it puts us in a good mood. It also debunked the theory that listening to classical music makes you smarter – the perceived effect was from being in a good mood. The full article can be read here.

So, when it comes to studying, here are a few tips:

  • Have a study timetable – including breaks, exercise, time for family, friends and jobs.
  • Plan what you will study in each timeslot.
  • Revise for each subject, not just whatever is next.
  • Be active: write, speak, explain (you could teach your siblings while you are washing dishes together…)
  • Stick to your study timetable.
  • Celebrate when you are done.
  • (For Year 12s) Move on to your next phase of life!

Good luck!

Brendan Toohey
IB Diploma Coordinator

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Oliphant Science Awards

Congratulations to Lian 8AMAR and Isaiah 9PSIM who were recognised in the 2019 Oliphant Science Awards. Lian received a High Commendation for her model “Penguin Buzz” and Isaiah won second prize for his computer program that predicted genotypes in genetic breeding.

Dr Joanne Rogers
Head of Science

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Upcoming Performance: Year 11 Drama presents 'OZ'

It is not long now until our Year 11 Drama students step onto the stage in their production of “OZ”, and we are looking forward to sharing this show with the Concordia community!

Reeling from her sibling’s death, young Beth suddenly finds herself on a journey through a world suspiciously resembling the classic film, The Wizard of Oz. But with the yellow brick road sold to foreign investors after a financial meltdown, the Scarecrow revelling in his ignorant bliss, the Cowardly Lion acting like a paranoid sociopath and the Tin Man embracing his emotional numbness, Beth wonders what role she plays in this classic story gone awry. A hilarious and often heart-warming exploration of grief and perseverance on the road to acceptance.    

The students have been working hard to prepare for this production and parents are warmly invited to attend one of the two shows, to be held on Tuesday 29 October (Week 3) at 5.00pm and 6.30pm. The run time is approximately 50 minutes.

Tickets are selling fast. Please book online ASAP to avoid disappointment.

We hope to see you there!

Emma Williams
Head of Drama

  • Yr11 Drama 2019 OZ Connect Graphic
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Business Networking Breakfast

We were delighted to welcome parents, Old Concordians and other friends of Concordia to our ninth Business Breakfast bright and early on Tuesday morning.

Attendees were very fortunate to hear from guest speaker Michael Hewitson AM, Mayor of Unley and grandparent of two Concordia students. Michael, who is also an author and member of the Australian Board of Education, shared his vast knowledge of and passion for education, as well as some insights into what it means to be Mayor of Unley. Thanks to all who attended!

Sue Spry
Alumni and Donor Relations Manager

  • IMG 6125
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Past Staff Reunion

It was wonderful to welcome back to Concordia around 40 past staff who taught at the College from the 1960s until recently for our biennial past staff reunion. Our past staff have a very special place in the life of the school and it was great to reconnect.

  • Past Staff Reunion 19 038
  • Past Staff Reunion 19 032
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Student Achievement

Congratulations to Ethan 12SBUD who has been accepted into the Navy and will join the Australian Defence Force Academy in January 2020.

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