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From the Concordia Campus Principal

Weinert Paul

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” Mahatma Ghandi 

It was wonderful to observe our students returning to College in Term 4 with energy and happiness. This term is always a whirlwind of subject choices, end of year exams, celebratory events and meeting new students who will be joining us in 2021.  

Last week Pastor Dale Gosden held our final Year 12 Communion Service in our Chapel. He shared with us the meaning behind The Lord’s Prayer. This was a poignant and pertinent reflection on how far we have travelled as a community in 2020. The service was inspirational and a proud moment to see both our Year 12 students and their parents blessed together.   

Concordia College has a rich and traditional history spanning 130 years. While respecting our history, we continue to evolve with new initiatives for a striving 21st century while maintaining our Christian values, sense of humility, and strong focus on community.  

In 2021 we will be introducing a new learning leadership model which will involve realigned senior and middle years learning positions as well as four leadership positions across key integrated learning areas. The intent of this new model will focus on building the strengths of our teachers particularly in the area of embedding future-focused skills into their teaching practice which will in turn prepare our students for a different future workplace. When we change and adapt, we move forward. Globally, education is constantly changing, and Concordia is always seeking opportunities to ensure each and every student is offered the greatest potential to be their very best. Our continuing partnerships with the University of Melbourne Network of Schools and Flinders University have enhanced our vision for a future filled with amazing possibilities as we create and implement the new initiatives across all curriculum and pastoral care areas. Our students leave us with humility, resilience and a heart for servant leadership and quietly achieving their best. Amidst the many changes faced this year, it is wonderful to witness how our students have worked collaboratively and maintained a sense of strength and solidarity.  

Notably at our Valedictory Service held on Tuesday evening, our Year 12 students were affirmed many times for their outstanding efforts in maintaining resilience and self-management under pressure. The determined response of this group has been a wonderfully positive influence in the College. 

On behalf of Concordia College, we wish students every success in their forthcoming exams and as they look forward to discovering the new changes in their future beyond the gates of the College.  

Paul Weinert
Principal Concordia Campus 

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Valedictory Service 2020

For many years, Concordia’s Year 12 Valedictory Service has been held at the majestic Adelaide Town Hall. Due to restrictions placed on us this year, with the Town Hall bearing a capacity of 222 people in total, this became an unviable option. We were very fortunate, however, to have a venue in our own backyard that could legally hold all of our Year 12 students, two guests per student, and a small number of other special guests.

The Concordia Chapel, while not holding the number of years of history of the Town Hall, plays a significant role in the history of departing students. A place of gathering, reflection, spiritual development, peace and comfort; the Chapel served as a symbolic place for our students to farewell their formal schooling.

It was with pride that we could honour our departing graduates and acknowledge the award winners who made outstanding contributions to Concordia throughout their time at school. We were very fortunate to have many of our awards presented by Dr Lauren Thurgood, an inspiring Old Concordian (2000) who has made such an impact in several areas including cancer research and as a tertiary educator in the field of Medical Science. Perhaps the most heartwarming time of the Service was the Valedictory speech given by retiring teacher Marjorie Ridenour, who eloquently expressed her love and best wishes for the departing students – condensing into a few short minutes the care that so many of the students had experienced from Marjorie in their years at Concordia.

Thanks needs to go to the many staff members who adapted to the changing conditions of 2020. Many contributed to make the Chapel such a beautiful venue where the students could be farewelled in such a meaningful and intimate way.

We wish the Valedictorians of 2020 the very best as they embrace life beyond Concordia.

The winners of the Valedictory Service Awards were as follows.

  • Concordia Awards: Sarah 12TMCC, Joshua 12CFIN and Hannah 12RSOM
  • Community Awards: Samuel 12RSOMChelsea 12CFIN and Ethan 12RSOM
  • Arts Awards: William 12KBEN, Laura 12CFIN and Kaelah 12LNEL
  • Sports Awards: Jessie 12LNEL and Oliver 12TMCC
  • Principal's Service Awards: Hugo 12RSOM, Eden 12KBEN, Lewis 12KBEN, Jacqueline 12KBEN, Hugo 12HROS, Anne 12TMCC, Eva 12RSOM, Ashleigh 12KBEN, Henry 12LNEL, Joshua 12LNEL, Thomas 12CFIN, James 12CFIN, Alexandra 12RSOM, Kate 12LNEL, Archie 12KBEN, Nicholas 12TMCC, Layla 12TMCC and Allyssa 12LNEL.

Adrian Bright
Assistant Head of Senior School

  • casson 2
  • casson 474
  • casson 014
  • casson.261
  • casson
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Book Week

The theme this year for Book Week is 'Curious Creatures, Wild Minds' and the week was started by the staff with a 'Find your Literary Character Match' competition. Well done to Sherlock Holmes (Ms Jane Healey) and Dr Watson (Ms Emily Johnson) who found each other very quickly.  The Yangadlitya Resource Centre has been abuzz with activities at lunchtimes with students creating Curious Creatures, painting Rock Art Curious Creatures, making Curious Creature corner book marks, completing scavenger hunts to find a Curious Creature and solving many different fun quizzes. Later in the week students have had the opportunity to watch the Curious Creature movie Abominable.

Thank you to Belinda Zanello and Louise Thomas for helping students on Monday with their Curious Creature creations and to Tony Shillitoe for his inspiring Book Week talks. A big thank you also to Resource Centre staff members Karen Mitchell and Renata Clayton for all their preparation and support of all the Book Week activities.

Michelle Thomson
Resource Centre Technician

  • DSC 0176
  • DSC 0192
  • Book Week Rock Art finished products
  • DSC 0184
  • Corner Bookmark1
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Year 12 Examination Timetables (IBDP and SACE)

To download a copy of the Year 12 exam timetables for the IB Diploma Programme and SACE, please click the links below.

We wish our students all the very best for these exams and for their future endeavours.

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Year 8 and Year 10 Immunisations - 2nd Visit Reminder

2nd Visit Reminder for Parents of Year 8 and 10 Students

Year 8


Year 10


Pop Up Medics (, will be visiting the College on Friday, 6 November 2020 to complete the above vaccinations (Dose 2) for those students with parent/guardian consent.

If you did not receive an immunisation consent form from your child, please ask at the SSO for one. If unavailable, contact Pop Up Medics on 1300 858 047

If any information you gave on the original consent form has changed, please inform Pop Up Medics immunisation staff before the date of vaccination on 1300 858 047.

Please notify us if: 

  • Your child has already started the above program with another provider.
  • You wish to withdraw your consent.
  • Your child's medical condition has changed.
Remember: It is your responsibility to advise Pop Up Medics on the day of immunisation of any change in the information on the consent form, in particular, your child's medical condition. A signed and dated note presented on the day of immunisation from a parent or guardian in your child's diary is acceptable.
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Year 12 Drama - The Venetian Twins

Just before the holidays, the Year 12 Drama class showed their production of The Venetian Twins to an important audience – family! Family members are the most important audience and we are grateful that with some relaxation of the restrictions, the play went ahead for this live audience.

Seventy people over two nights saw the play, written by Nick Enright. Known mostly for his darker commentaries on human nature, what was seen on stage was different, an outrageous comedy. Perhaps this is because comedy is a pleasant way to hold the mirror up to examine society. And what will we see when he does? Life!

Enright’s play draws on both an older play by Carlos Goloni while retaining the conventions of Commedia dell Arte, an art form developed over centuries where highly stylised mannerisms and postures are used to show archetypes. It has its roots in Italy, where wandering troupes would travel from town to town and perform. The plays always centred around the universally adored characters called 'The Innamorati’ or ‘The Lovers’ and their endless search for romance. This pursuit was frequently thwarted by greedy fathers trying to arrange more profitable marriages or there would be weddings interrupted by villainous rascals. Amongst all of this are the seemingly inept but loyal servants causing trouble, but it is the working people who are the genuine heart of the play. And in life too. In all, the play reveals the selfishness of almost all of the characters. This is what I believe Enright is trying to say to us. Nothing has changed. Injustice abounds and we need to watch out for it and remedy it where we can. I think I can say that all who saw the play were proud of the Year 12 achievements and were also entertained. Congratulations to everyone involved.

As a small update, I have been invited to contribute to a book being published by Routledge, an international publishing company based in Britain, with the chapter aimed as a resource about Commedia dell Arte and I will use our wonderful students as a case-study for teachers around the world.

Gaenor Roeger
Year 12 Drama Teacher/Director

  • Year 12 Drama Venetian Twins 171
  • Year 12 Drama Venetian Twins 184
  • Year 12 Drama Venetian Twins 230
  • Year 12 Drama Venetian Twins 257
  • Year 12 Drama Venetian Twins 267
  • Year 12 Drama Venetian Twins 271
  • Year 12 Drama Venetian Twins 289
  • Year 12 Drama Venetian Twins 329
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Walk My Way

When Australian Lutheran World Service's Walk My Way fundraising event was cancelled earlier this year due to COVID-19 restrictions, a group of Year 11 students, together with Frau Harris and Frau Graham, decided to run a Concordia College version of the event, “Walk our Way”, together with a fundraising stall selling African cloth bags and beaded bracelets.  

On Wednesday, 27 May, the Year 5s and Year 11s took part in the event, collectively walking over 450 kilometres around the school oval. Over $3340 was raised, which provided funding for the education of 128 children in Kenyan refugee camps for one year.

On Thursday, 24 September, Celia Fielke (Community Action Officer, Australian Lutheran World Service) spoke to the Year 11s to thank them for their efforts, and presented Concordia College with a beautiful framed print depicting the ways in which the funds raised helped to improve the lives of refugees in Kenya.  Eva 11SBUD, Shae 11JHAR and Asha 11RGOG accepted the print on behalf of the College. The print is displayed in the Narthex and we invite all members of the College community to look at it when they next visit the Chapel. It is a moving reminder of the significant positive impact we can have on people’s lives when we work together.

Judy Harris
Acting Year 11 Pastoral Leader

  • Walk my Way Presentation 006
  • Walk my Way Presentation 012
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Concordia College Community Garden

Ensuring a sustainable future for our community has been identified as one of our priorities in the Concordia College Strategic Plan. With this objective in mind, a small group have been working behind the scenes this year to begin establishing an Environmental Action Group. This group’s first project has been the Concordia Community Garden which has been established with the assistance of a grant from the NRM.

Throughout the year, the lawn area between the staffroom and the Chapel was identified and prepared as the site for this garden. At the end of Term 3 some of the Year 9 Ambassadors helped to paint our old garden trugs in preparation for the new garden bed. Over the October holidays, past parent and landscaper Andy Richards developed the site for our community garden, recycling planter beds from the previous kitchen garden site behind the uniform shop. A selection of vegetables have also been planted to get the garden established. One of the provisos of the grant was that at least one of the garden beds must contain indigenous edible plants, so a couple of climbing plants such as the native quandong and the finger lime have been planted in the garden. Over time we would like to explore other edible indigenous plants for this garden.

The purpose of this garden is to actively incorporate learning links with various aspects of the curriculum, including Food Technology and sustainability education. We also look forward to seeing students from St John’s Campus and the Eco Army on campus to learn from and contribute to this space. Over the years we have been blessed by the work of Myles Gilchrist in establishing the philosophies of food security in our previous school garden, so it will be with due respect that a plaque will be added to this garden to honour the previous work of Myles.

This space is a community space, and we look forward to ideas on how this patch can be further developed.

Joanne Wegener
Project Overseer

  • Community Garden 001
  • Community Garden 006
  • IMG 4357
  • IMG 4282
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Final Weeks for our Year 12s

The last couple of weeks for our Year 12s are always full of mixed feelings. There is much excitement and anticipation of the last days of seeing each other in the same place for the last time. There is also heightened emotion and some sadness as everything this group of students has been working towards finally comes to a head. It’s not just one year’s worth of work and effort, but a culmination of 13 years of schooling and friendships. Here at Concordia we treat this day as a celebration not as a farewell, as they are heading to the next stage in life. We celebrate the efforts of the students, as well as the efforts and support of their teachers and their parents.

As their Pastoral Leader, I have been more than proud of our Year 12s over the last few days of school. The last two weeks have involved:

  • their Final Chapel Service
  • sports played against staff at lunchtime (Basketball, Netball, Volleyball, and Touch Football), organised by Mr Kleidon
  • their last non-uniform day on which they dressed magnificently
  • their last day of formal lessons on Thursday 22 October

Tomorrow, we look forward to the 7.30am breakfast. In our usual Concordia tradition, Subject Awards will be presented and the formal thank you messages and “handing over” speeches will form part of the Final Assembly. The fun and excitement always rests in the creative ability of our students performing and their witty video productions.

We look forward to seeing all of the Year 12s at the Valedictory Dinner with their teachers, held in the Main Quadrangle on Thursday 19 November following the completion of their exams.

To the Year 12s:

May the road rise up to meet you, may the wind be always at your back, may the sun shine warm upon your face, and rains fall soft upon your fields, and until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of His hand.

Especially over the weeks of their exams, and in their lives ahead, may God lead them always - through times of trouble and of joy.

Thanks go to the Year 12 Home Class teachers - Ms Bennett, Mr Finch, Mr McCusker, Ms Nelson, Ms Rosie, Ms Martin and Ms MacMahon - for all the pastoral care they have given to the students in their Home Class throughout this year.

Rick Sommariva
Year 12 Pastoral Leader

  • Year 12 Final Dress up pano
  • Year 12 Final Chapel Service 2020 084
  • Year 12 v Staff Netball 030
  • Year 12 v Staff Netball 092
  • Year 12 v Staff Touch Football 009
  • Year 12 v Staff Touch Football 142
  • Yr12 Dressup 1
  • Yr12 Dressup 2
  • Yr12 Dressup 3
  • Yr12 Dressup 4
  • Yr12 Final Dress up 2020 016
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2021 Student Leaders

On Friday of Week 1, the 2021 Year 12 Student Leaders were announced.

Congratulations to the following eight students on their selection.

School Captains

Thomas Diprose

Hana Ireland

Deputy School Captains

Lachlan Strelan

Georgie Loxton

Student Leader

Damon Turczynowicz

Asha Tamms

Student Leader

Tom Packer

Mia Fenwick

On behalf of the College community I wish them the best of luck in their exiting role next year.

Clay Watkins
Head of Senior School

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Congratulations to Jenni Watkins

Jenni Watkins (Concordia’s Music Administrator) has proved once again that she is a lady with a vast array of talents. Recently completing her Master's degree, she was invited to present her research at the biannual Australian Music Educators Conference in Perth in October last year. This year, her paper was published in the Australian Journal of Music Education. This is an outstanding achievement and signifies her passion for music education and her advocacy for its benefits for young people.

Her research was on the following subject -

The South Australian May Music Camp: 1962-1986 - Jennifer M. Watkins

“This research provides an account of the activities of the South Australian May Music Camp (SAMMC), identifying it as a significant extra-curricular activity in the calendar of music education opportunities open to children from nine to 23 years of age, between 1962 and 1986… This research provides evidence that SAMMC made an important contribution to South Australian music education history.” 

We congratulate Jenni on this extraordinary achievement and wish her well in her future studies. 

Mat Noble
Director of Music

  • Jenni Watkins
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Year 10 Alternate Program

In Week 10 of Term 3, the Year 10s participated in an Alternate Program that sat alongside the Peer Support Camp.

It was two days worth of activities in line with the theme “Understanding Self and Others”. Students participated in interactive sessions which included physical games, indigenous art, mindfulness, international connectedness, service proposals and mock job interviews. Each of these activities had a direct reference to our strategic goals in preparing students for their future.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable and worthwhile two days.

"The Indigenous Art session was very informative and fun to do and the leaders were very engaging! This was a most enjoyable session as it was great to learn about other cultures while taking in new information." - Lyora 10JHEA

"Good variety of topics that were all helpful and interesting."Millie 10NFLE

"I really enjoyed the Alternate Program and believe it was a highly effective way to learn about some new topics."Andrew 10ABAR

Rachel Paterson
Year 10 Pastoral Leader

  • Year 10 Alternate Program 072
  • Year 10 Alternate Program 005
  • Year 10 Alternate Program 012
  • Year 10 Alternate Program 043
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Concordia Pantry Project – partnering with Lutheran Community Care

Concordia has a heart for community service and in Term 4 we focus on helping Lutheran Community Care. Because of COVID-19, the need is greater than ever, especially as Christmas approaches.

We invite the whole community to help by bringing a non-perishable pantry or toiletry item to the tubs outside the SSO each week. Pick-up is Tuesdays at recess.

We are also looking for donations of new toys for children aged birth to 13 to be added to Christmas hampers, which some of our Year 8s will be helping to pack.

Each day Lutheran Community Care works with people who have faced a major crisis, such as the loss of a job, which in turn means they cannot afford food for the night or the upcoming weekend.

Through Emergency Relief they provide people with emergency supplies of food and support them with referrals to financial counselling, support groups, personal counselling or services with other providers. The donation of food items and toiletries is essential to this work.

Thank you for doing what you CAN to make a difference, Concordia.

Louise Thomas
Year 8 Pastoral Leader

  • Pantry Project
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