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From the Counsellor

At Concordia College St John’s Campus, we recognise that student resilience and wellbeing are essential for both academic and social development. As the St John’s Campus Counsellor, I provide social and emotional learning and support to students through a host of different ways. These include individual sessions, small groups and psycho-educational classroom sessions.

Counselling provides students with support when they are facing changes or challenges that affect their wellbeing. The therapeutic relationship helps students to find clarity, learn new skills and work through their issues in a safe space. Partnering with parents and caregivers to support children includes the provision of psycho-educational resources and referral to external services. 

We have been fortunate to partner with an inspiring counsellor, educator and author, Mark Le Messurier. Mark addressed our school community early in the school year and encouraged us to teach our children perseverance through the beautiful qualities of being human; empathy and compassion and creativity. His online education sessions have continued to enrich our community. Recently he returned to further equip staff to use their extraordinary capacity for relationships to develop students' emotional intelligence and resilience. 

Evidence-based programs and resources utilised for social and emotional learning include: MindUP, Seasons for Growth, What’s the Buzz (Mark Le Messurier and Madhavi Narwana Parker), Calm Kids Central resources (Kirrilie Smout), Restorative practices and Circle time (Bill Hansberry).

Our Spiritual Life Coordinator, Paula Meyer, and myself team up to provide our community with opportunities to celebrate, reflect and feel a sense of belonging. Participating in events like Harmony Day, National Reconciliation Week and Kindness Week contribute to building a positive and fun school culture and sense of community by promoting values such as Unity, Diversity, Compassion and Inclusiveness. 

We are committed to supporting those in our community who are experiencing challenges and to celebrating memorable occasions like births and other special milestones. Parents and caregivers are encouraged to contact their child’s Class Teacher, Paula or myself to inform us of such events or if guidance or support is needed in times of challenge. Additionally, as part of Paula’s role as our Spiritual Life Coordinator, prayer support is offered to our whole community as well as supporting in the facilitating of Chapel services, staff and classroom devotions. Paula also connects the St John’s Campus community to St John’s Lutheran Church which offers a vibrant and family friendly church environment to our community.

Tamara Martin
St John’s Campus Counsellor

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Book Week

This year due to COVID-19, Book Week has been celebrated this week instead of in August. The theme was ‘Curious creatures, wild minds’. 

The celebrations started with all students viewing the Book Fair books. This was a great way to start, focusing on new books that students may not have seen before. Many books were then purchased over the following few days.

Dress-up Day was a buzz of excitement as students dressed as either a book character, a curious creature or someone with a wild mind. Many of the staff also got into the spirit of the day by dressing as bad-tempered ladybirds!

This week students have met a local visiting author. Jane Jolly spent time with ELC–Year 2 students, reading some of her stories and sharing insight into life as an author. They also discovered that Jane has written 400 stories but has only had 11 published!

Mike Lucas entertained the Year 3–6 classes with his humourous poetry. He talked about the craft of writing poems and students had the opportunity to create their own curious creature poem too.

Book tastings were different to past years, as they were short, sharp and shiny. Students previewed new and short-listed books, as well as created a large curious creature for their classroom, on brown paper (in groups). Some classes have also participated in a mini treasure hunt around the Resource Centre, locating all sorts of different books.

A fun week was had by everyone, celebrating all things reading, books, curious creatures and wild minds.

Nolene Gehling
Resource Manager for Learning and Teaching - St John's Campus

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“Zusammenarbeit” Cross Campus Mini Books Project

On Thursday, 24 September, St John’s Campus hosted over 150 Year 7 Concordia Campus German students for our annual cross-campus interactive German activity. The Year 7 students worked with students in Years 2 to 5 to individually teach them some important German grammar through the resource of Mini Books. Each Year 7 student was allocated one to two students and spent the afternoon peer teaching. Much of the instruction time was also conducted in German.

The Year 7 students had spent several weeks in class creating and compiling their own personalised Mini Book to share with our St John's Campus students, who also had the opportunity to create their own Mini Book with a Year 7 student.

Our campus was buzzing with rich learning, engagement and enthusiasm. By all accounts students from both campuses gained so much from this wonderful opportunity.

We look forward to continuing this tradition as an innovative opportunity for cross-campus learning.

Jane Graham
German Teacher

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St John's Campus School Disco

Last Friday night, students from both Junior Primary and Upper Primary attended a disco that tied in with Book Week dress up day, 'Curious Creatures, Wild Minds'. There were lots of cool and creative costumes such as scientists, aliens and many more. We enjoyed dancing to classics such as the Nutbush, the Macarena and YMCA among others. Overall, the night ran very smoothly and fun was had by all.

Charlotte 6H, Isabel 6B and Matilda 6H

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