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From the Concordia Campus Principal

Paul WeinertDuring the last 12 months, extensive research and planning have been progressing to develop the Middle and Senior School Leadership structure, designed to enable the College to realise its vision by implementing the Towards 2025 Strategic Plan. Concordia College has a strong commitment to continuous improvement informed by research, societal and global change, staff, student and parent input and feedback

The structural changes currently being implemented across the College were driven by a need to bring wellbeing and learning strategies together by focusing on enriching Year Level Programs and closely monitoring data-informed student progress.

A rigorous recruitment process for many of the positions in the new structure has now been completed; the following is to give the broader community a more detailed overview of the Middle and Senior School structure.

What is the new Leadership structure of the Middle and Senior Schools?

In terms of strengthening the school's student-centred focus, the new model is collaborative in its intent, placing students at the centre of our integrated approach to wellbeing and academic progress.

The new Structure of the Middle and Senior School

CC MS SS new leadership structure

Roles and responsibilities of the Middle and Senior School

A flowchart outlining Middle and Senior School roles and responsibilities

*Ben Crook is a Pastoral Year Level Leader from Endeavour College and will begin at Concordia College in 2022

 What is different about the Principal's role in Middle and Senior School?

The new structure moves the Principal closer to daily operational aspects of the school. The Principal:

  • is directly accountable to the Head of College
  • leads, oversees and is responsible for the Middle and Senior School to ensure holistic and pastoral programs support the wellbeing of the students

What do Middle and Senior School Leaders do?

The Middle/Senior School Leaders have responsibility for the annual and day-to-day educational, social and cultural operation of the Middle/Senior Schools through considered, effective, pro-active and efficient management and leadership.

The Middle/Senior School Leaders encourage individual and collective success by leading, managing and supporting Middle/Senior School team members and ensuring that inclusivity, wellbeing and high expectations are evident in interactions with students, parents and colleagues.

The Middle/Senior School Leaders support the academic programs within the College by seeking excellent achievement and learning outcomes for all Middle/Senior School students.

What do Middle and Senior School Learning Leaders do?

The Middle Years Learning Leader (MSLL) and the Senior School Learning Leader (SSLL) are highly skilled teachers and pedagogical leaders who focus on strengthening curricula, teaching and learning programs and practices in the pursuit of achieving high levels of student growth and achievement, and effectively preparing students for life beyond school. 

The MSLL leads the implementation and management of the IB MYP Programmes and has a strong focus on facilitating professional learning, mentoring and coaching opportunities that build teacher capacity in the MYP curriculum programme. The SSLL leads the implementation and management of the SACE Programmes and has a strong focus on facilitating professional learning, mentoring and coaching opportunities that build teacher capacity in the SACE.

The College's Unlocking Futures learning framework and external and internal strategic initiatives and changes will influence and inform directions in these areas.

What do Year Level Leaders do?

The Year Level Leader is responsible for ensuring a positive culture within the year level and College, enhancing the wellbeing of students through the implementation of agreed academic and pastoral programs, monitoring academic programs, ensuring co-curricular programs align with and are embedded into the curriculum and pastoral program, and monitoring student progress.

The Year Level Leader will work with Home Class teachers, subject teachers and students in the year level to ensure the values of the College are visible and encourage a vibrant and positive environment that supports students to achieve their personal best. 

Parent concerns. Who do I contact?

A comprehensive directory will be provided to parents in the new year to clarify communication lines in the new structure.  

When the new structure is operationalised in 2022, we plan to monitor and evaluate its effectiveness and the needs of students and staff and make the necessary adjustments. The Primary School is also realigning leadership positions, which will have many similarities in terms of key roles.

These are exciting future-focused changes, resulting in increased support for teachers and improved outcomes for our students. Further information will be sent out at the beginning of the 2022 school year.

Paul Weinert
Principal - Middle and Senior School

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Valedictory Service 2021

The Year 12s gathered for their Valedictory Service in what was to be their last formal occasion in the Concordia Chapel as a student. It was symbolic that they could be surrounded by parents or special guests in a place that has allowed prayer and reflection for a large part of their school life.

It was with pride that we could acknowledge all departing students, applaud their ongoing efforts and appreciate the varied ways in which they have contributed to the life of the College. With excitement we celebrated the achievements of those who have excelled in their academic pursuits or showed outstanding leadership throughout their schooling.

We were very fortunate to have Mrs Kate Thiele present many of our awards. Kate is a former Concordia student herself and parent of Concordia graduates. She is an outstanding role model, as someone who has excelled in business and community service.

It was a pleasure to hear Mrs Briony Carman deliver the Valedictory Address. Briony, our Head of Middle School, is retiring after a wonderful career of service including 17 years in her role at Concordia. Briony expressed her ever-present compassion and care for students as she challenged them to establish their values and hold tight to them.

We wish the Valedictorians of 2021 the very best in the next, exciting chapter of their lives.

Valedictory Service Award Recipients

Concordia Award
  • Jack 12KBEN
  • Hana 12RSOM
Community Award
  • Ben 12CFIN
  • Mia 12RSOM
Arts Award
  • Alexandra 12KBEN 
  • Haneulle 12KBEN
  • Jasmine 12LMAC
Sports Award
  • Kendel 12HROS
  • Charlie 12TMCC
  • Reggie 12CFIN
  • Mackenzie 12RSOM
Principal's Service Award
  • Tom 12KBEN
  • Tom 12TMCC
  • Teagan 12HROS
  • Lachlan 12HROS
  • Georgie 12KBEN
  • Emma 12KBEN
  • Eva 12TMCC
  • Alex 12LMAC
  • Will 12RSOM

Adrian Bright
Assistant Head of Senior School

  • concordia valedictory 2021 017 AI
  • concordia.valedictory.2021 001 AI
  • concordia.valedictory.2021 042 AI
  • concordia.valedictory.2021 053 AI
  • concordia.valedictory.2021 273 AI
  • concordia.valedictory.2021 282 AI
  • concordia.valedictory.2021 301 AI
  • concordia.valedictory.2021 605 AI
  • concordia.valedictory.2021 643 AI
  • concordia.valedictory.2021 648 AI
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Year 11 Drama - Accidental Death of an Anarchist

SACE Stage 1 Drama Major Production

On Thursday 21 and Friday 22 October, our SACE Stage 1 Drama cohort present their major production - Accidental Death Of An Anarchist - to audiences from the Concordia College community. Earlier in the week, in a packed Drama Centre, they performed to the student community of Year 9 and 10 elective Drama students.

We are so proud of these students who are completing an extraordinary run of performances. They have sustained their own focus and engaged their audiences across this epic two-act Nobel prize winning play by Dario Fo, and most importantly, through the creative process, built collaborative, production and performance skills that will serve them in their Year 12 pursuits and beyond.

Bravo to the Cast and Crew!

Zoe Tidemann
Head Of Drama

Cast and Crew - Accidental Death Of An Anarchist
  • Inspector Bertozzo - Danielle 11RGOG
  • The Maniac - Nicole 11SBUD | Katie 11GGRA
  • Constable - Eliza 11RGOG
  • Constable - Amelia 11RGOG
  • Inspector Pissani - Oliver 11BTOO
  • The Superintendent - Rylee 11GGRA
  • Maria Feletti - Ellie 11BTOO
  • Stage Manager - Sophie 11BTOO
  • Lighting and Sound Operation - Liam 11JLEY
  • Y11 Drama Accidental Death of an Anarchist Rehearsal 386 AI
  • Y11 Drama Accidental Death of an Anarchist Rehearsal 095AI
  • Y11 Drama Accidental Death of an Anarchist Rehearsal 072AI
  • Y11 Drama Accidental Death of an Anarchist Rehearsal 234AI
  • Y11 Drama Accidental Death of an Anarchist Rehearsal 249AI
  • Y11 Drama Accidental Death of an Anarchist Rehearsal 331AI
  • Y11 Drama Accidental Death of an Anarchist Rehearsal 337AI
  • Y11 Drama Accidental Death of an Anarchist montage01
  • Y11 Drama Accidental Death of an Anarchist montage02
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Year 7 Peace Packs

During Term 3, Year 7 students took part in an eight-week program on Friendships and Bullying called “Peace pack”. This program was developed at Flinders University, has been researched worldwide, and was adapted to fit Concordia’s context by our hardworking Year 7 teaching team.  

Lessons covered self-concept and resilience, types of bullying and how to respond, and conflict management. Students created a “Peacepack Wall” of key ideas in Murtoa, and received certificates of completion in a graduation ceremony. 

After the program, students were asked “What was the most helpful thing you learnt?”

Answers included:

  • Excluding is a type of bullying.
  • To know what bullying is and what is just banter.
  • That there are multiple ways of dealing with it.
  • How to stand up for myself. I'm not a person with a lot of self-confidence. This helped. 
  • I learnt resilience in tough situations and that walking away can be the best option. 
  • It is important to learn multiple ways to stop / prevent bullying and not to be afraid to do the right thing. 
  • To always tell someone so that the issues can be dealt with even if you're too scared or embarrassed. 
  • That there are always people that will help you.
  • That if there’s bullying happening, we could just go to Rachael, our Counsellor. We can just go talk to her about it, and see what she thinks. 
  • How different people solve an argument. 
  • I learnt about the bystander effect - how if someone is struggling in front of a big group, people are less likely to help… we need to be the people to step in.

Dr Catherine Johnson
Researcher in Residence

  • Yr7 peace packs AI 01
  • Y7 peace packs AI 02
  • Y7 peace packs AI 03
  • Y7 peacepack wall AI
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2022 Music Ensemble Auditions

Please note that registrations to audition for ensembles in 2022 are now open. An email has been sent to all current students, and it is their responsibility to submit their registration to audition. Once they have done so, they will receive an email of confirmation.

Registrations may still be made online (click here to register).

Students should complete this form for each instrument on which they would like to audition, i.e.:

  • If they play clarinet and saxophone, they will need to fill in the form at the link twice – once for clarinet and once for saxophone.
  • If they play trumpet and want to audition for both a concert band and a big band, they fill in the form once and tick both band options.

Audio-visual audition submissions are due by Friday 5 November 2021 for the following ensembles:

  • Big Bands (must also accept membership in Wind Ensemble/Concert Band)
  • Wind Ensemble/Concert Band
  • Chamber Strings/String Ensemble

Information regarding small ensembles will be communicated to students later in Term 4.

Band students who register to audition will receive excerpts specific to instruments via email during Week 2 of Term 4. Students will also be required to play between one and two minutes of a piece they are currently working on with their instrumental teacher. This piece does not need to be accompanied and can be in any style they choose. All auditions for 2022 will be submitted by students as audio visual recordings. These recordings should be submitted via email to, by providing access to a OneDrive link, or by using Dropbox. If students have trouble submitting their recording, they should visit the Music Office with their recording on a USB so that it can be transferred, prior to the close of submissions.

String students who register to audition should prepare one page of a piece of music they are currently working on which demonstrates their true ability. All auditions for 2022 will be submitted by students as audio visual recordings. These recordings should be submitted via email to, by providing access to a OneDrive link, or by using Dropbox. If students have trouble submitting their recording, they should visit the Music Office with their recording on a USB so that it can be transferred, prior to the close of submissions. 

Mat Noble
Director of Music

Jenni Watkins
Music Administrator 

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Year 7/8 Global Challenge

Can you place Gabon, Guinea-Bissau, Gambia or Ghana on a map? Do you know Senegal from San Marino and Seychelles?

From the middle of Term 3, our Murtoa hallways have been adorned with information about the countries of the world, and our library staff have curated a collection of books about exotic places. While COVID-19 restrictions may have clipped our wings with world travel, it has not stopped our middle school students from exploring the world. Participating students were challenged to memorise every single country, culminating in a “Global Showdown” between Year 7 and 8 participants. It was extraordinary to watch the students in action as they furiously labelled the countries with precision and laser-sharp accuracy. Students were given 15 minutes to list 197 world countries. Kelsey 8DLAN was able to do this with 100% accuracy in under nine minutes and Ky 8SCOO in only 13 minutes. It was especially impressive to watch Henry 7SPAC label over 40 countries of Europe on a map in less than 1 minute 17 seconds. 

Hearty congratulations to Kelsey, our overall Global Challenge Champion, and to Henry, our Year 7 Champion. All participating students should be congratulated on their hours of preparation leading into the competition and their strong performance on the day.

Emma Rieger
Enrichment and Extended Learning

  • Global Challenge AI
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Year 11 Legal Studies Guest Speakers

Mr Anthony Mennillo is a Claims and Legal Advisor for the Medical Insurance Australia Group. He discussed the benefits and difficulties of being a defence barrister in a court room, presenting a High Court appeal and the challenges associated with being a legal advisor to doctors.

Mr Mat Noble spoke to the Year 11 class about his experience of participating in jury duty. He was able to dispel some of the ideas students have about the way jury members interact with each other and how they respond during a trial with the realities of making a decision based only on the facts presented to them in a trial. He was informative and held the students' attention for the entire lesson, with many students asking questions.

Mr Stewart Kleidon presented a talk on the stability of the Constitution in the light of the Governor General's protection of our laws when Parliament votes on bills. He addressed different aspects of the Constitution Section 116 and 48 in particular and talked about the relevance of these sections on today's society.

Rick Sommariva
Legal Studies Teacher

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Old Concordians' Association 60+ Lunch

Guests seated while a choir performs at Old Concordians' Association 60+ lunchAlthough numbers were limited and the usual number of interstate guests were absent, Old Concordians who started at the College 60 or more years ago filled the 70 available seats for the annual Brown & Gold 60+ Lunch.

The guests were treated to a performance by the Year 7/8 and Year 9 choirs and some entertaining presentations over a three-course lunch. This Year we welcomed the Class of 1961 as the newest members of the 60+ group.

“Thank you, the 60+ Lunch was a wonderful way to meet up with many Old Concordians we had not seen for some time”

Sue Spry
Alumni Manager




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2021 School Immunisation Program

2nd Visit Reminder For Parents of Year 8 and 10 Students


Year 8

  • 2nd Human Papillomavirus (GARDASIL 9)

Year 10

  • 2nd Meningococcal B (BEXSERO)

Pop Up Medics (, will be visiting the College on Thursday 11 November 2021 to complete the above vaccinations (Dose 2) for those students with parent/guardian consent.

If you require a consent form please contact Pop Up Medics on 1300 858 047.

If any information you gave on the original consent form has changed, please inform Pop Up Medics immunisation staff before the date of vaccination on 1300 858 047. 

Please notify us if: 

  • Your child has completed the above program with another provider.
  • You wish to withdraw your consent.
  • Your child's medical condition has changed.

Remember: It is your responsibility to advise Pop Up Medics on the day of immunisation of any change in the information on the consent form, in particular, your child's medical condition. A signed and dated note presented on the day of immunisation from a parent or guardian in your child's diary is acceptable.

We have been advised students who have recently received or are scheduled to receive a COVID-19 vaccination require at least seven days clearance either side of their COVID-19 vaccination. This means students who have a COVID-19 vaccination within the seven days prior to 11 November will need to reschedule their GARDASIL 9 or BEXSERO vaccines. Similarly, students who are scheduled to have their COVID-19 vaccination within the seven day period after 11 November will need to reschedule their COVID-19 vaccine.

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Year 12 Final Chapel Service

In Week 1 of Term 4, we held the first of our final events for our Year 12s - the Final Year 12 Chapel Service. May the weeks ahead be filled with amazing memories. Wishing you blessings from your time at Concordia into the world beyond.

  • The College Pastor speaking at the Year 12 Final Chapel Service
  • Student singers at the Year 12 Final Chapel Service
  • Students and parents leading students, staff and parents in prayer at the Year 12 Final Chapel Service
  • A student receiving communion at the Year 12 Final Chapel Service
  • A Year 12 student receives a blessing at the Year 12 Final Chapel Service
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Brass Instrument “Starter Packs” (Free lessons for beginners)

The benefits of learning Music and playing an instrument in an ensemble are extensive, with life-long attributes such as organisation, empathy, teamwork and self-esteem all directly related to the experience.

Concordia’s ensemble program is seeking motivated students who are looking to take advantage of the following offer. If your Year 7 son or daughter is interested in beginning to learn either trumpet, trombone, French horn, euphonium or tuba, they are now welcome to apply for a brass instrument “starter pack”.

The starter pack includes free lessons and free instrument hire for one term on one of the Brass instruments mentioned.

Your child will be taught by an outstanding tutor for a half hour per week during the school day, and if they apply themselves, could join a band within months.

There are eight starter packs on offer, so to apply, please email Mat Noble, Director of Music, or phone him on 0438 272 048.

It is expected that successful applicants will begin tuition this term and are expected to display commitment by continuing lessons at the conclusion of the starter pack.

To view a video which demonstrates the brass family of instruments in action, please click to view a demonstration.

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Travelling the World from our Classroom

In today’s climate, hopping on a plane and heading to the Serengeti for a safari is not an option! We can, however, bring the Serengeti to us. In what has become an embedded creative activity in Year 9 Geography, students were tasked with constructing a biome in one lesson, identifying key flora, fauna and climatic variations within their chosen environment. They then needed to simulate a natural weather event that could interrupt food production within their biome. We had sandstorms, artic blizzards and even a cotton wool tornado! The standard of this term’s entries was particularly high and a shining example of the brilliant creativity of our Year 9 cohort.

Vanessa Narino-Terry
Acting Head of Humanities

  • Yr9BiomesAI
  • Yr9Biomes2AI
  • Yr9Biomes3AI
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Year 9 Warrawong Wildlife Sanctuary Excursion

As a Geography cohort, we travelled to Warrawong Wildlife Sanctuary to undertake a field study to inquire if conservation parks are effective ways of preserving native ecosystems. We were able to learn about the Warrawong team’s goals and purposes through their engaging native show which included a hands-on experience of touching and holding a snake. The year 9s helped the team’s incredible cause by removing shrubs and weeds along waterways. We were able to learn about the ecosystem and how flora and fauna species affect the way in which the environment thrives. Not only this, but students were able to get up close to meet some of Australia’s very own native animals, with some only now being found in Warrawong because of their rescue programmes.

Georgina 9ZTID

Our field trip to Warrawong Wildlife Sanctuary was amazing. I learnt so much through investigating biodiversity and learning about the impact of introduced species on Australian Wildlife. I got to experience this wildlife very closely by having a snake placed around my shoulders, taking multiple selfies with emus, and being stung by stinging nettles.

Victoria 9CRID


  • Year9 Warrawong 05 AI
  • Year9 Warrawong 07 AI
  • Year9 Warrawong 09 AI
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Old Concordians' Association War Service Honour Board

Old Concordians' Association War Service Honour BoardIn memory of and to recognise Old Concordians who fought in the Second World War and the Vietnam War, we have erected a new honour board in The Suaviter.

This permanent acknowledgement of their service was kindly supported by an Australian Government grant and the Old Concordians’ Association.

  • HonourBoard 1259 AI
  • Old Concordians' Association War Service Honour Board hanging in The Suaviter
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2022 Instrumental Music Lessons

The families of students who wish to begin or continue with instrumental and vocal music lessons in 2022 should complete the online form.

All details regarding fees, as well as the instrumental agreement, are contained within the link. All continuing students need to reapply. New students to the school in 2022 are currently submitting applications, and responses will assist with planning to accommodate these new students. We ask that applications are submitted by Friday 26 November 2021.

2022 Instrumental Music Hire

Families who currently hire an instrument do not need to resubmit a hire form. If your child wishes to start instrumental lessons through the College and needs to hire that instrument, please complete the online application for instrumental hire. All details regarding fees and the hire agreement are contained within the link. Hire is restricted to the instruments listed within the form.

Return of hire instruments

If students are not continuing to hire an instrument in 2022, the instrument will need to be returned to the Music Office no later than Friday 26 November.

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Global Connections

Concordia students and staff connecting with students in TaiwanThis term the Year 11 IB Diploma Global Politics class is participating in an exciting initiative set up by Steve Eden, Head of International Student Programs.

We are learning about local and global marine environments and issues with the Zhong Zheng Senior High School in Taipei, Taiwan. Every Tuesday, we meet via video link as teachers in Taiwan and Adelaide lead the learning, with opportunities for small group work with peers in both sites. In our other classes, students have ‘homework’ or ongoing project work to complete ready for the following Tuesday.

It is a fabulous opportunity for these students, and we look forward to developing greater links with ZZSH in the future.

Brendan Toohey
Teacher, IBDP Global Politics



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Student Achievements

Marco holding his certificate and medalEach year the Australian Music Examinations Board (AMEB) chooses one outstanding instrumentalist from each exam section to perform at the AMEB Awards Showcase held in Elder Hall in December. This year Marco 7JHEA has been chosen to accept this honour. As a result, Marco completed a recording at the 5MBS studios, with other special award winners, and this performance will be airing next year. In addition, he was awarded the Standish Roberts Brass Medallion for his performance in the Adelaide Eisteddfod – another great honour. Concordia congratulates Marco for these remarkable achievements.



Congratulations to Christopher (Chris) 11GGRA who was recently presented with the St John Ambulance SA Youth Member of the year for 2021 award at Government House. A fantastic achievement!


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