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From the Languages Learning Area

Jane Graham

Maggie GuLanguage Research Project 2021 

Guten Tag! Ni hao! 

Multilingualism (the ability to use several languages) has multiple benefits for children such as giving them an academic advantage and improving their employment prospects once they leave school. Moreover, multilingualism gives us access to more than one culture and improves our understanding of our own cultures.  

Multilingual classrooms are a growing phenomenon around the world because of rapid increases in global mobility and migration. Within these classrooms, students may have different linguistic and cultural backgrounds, may speak one language at home and another language at school, or, be learning the language of instruction as an additional language. International agencies such as UNICEF, UNESCO and the European Commission contend that multilingual education can play a significant role in engaging diverse learners. As well as supporting academic success, classrooms that promote multilingualism can foster positive identities associated with their home cultures. 

Over the course of this year and as part of Concordia’s ongoing review of our Teaching and Learning programmes, we have undertaken an extensive collaborative research project looking at Concordia’s Language Program from ELC to Year 12. We explored studying additional languages in depth, especially in the context of the PYP but more broadly encompassing the exciting opportunities for students across all year levels at the College as we grow in both population and cultural diversity as an ELC to Year 12 College over the coming years. 

Over the course of this year, with the support and direction of Paul Bannister (Director of Student Learning) and Rachel Muldoon (Director of Teaching and Learning /PYP Coordinator) we have collaboratively engaged in research, including connecting with other schools, to identify and develop recommendations for our existing language program that will strengthen the outcomes and opportunities for all Concordia College students. This process also involved investigation into strategies the College could implement to more effectively support our students who require additional ‘English’ language support. 

As part of the College’s ongoing exploration of teaching and learning in order to provide rich and comprehensive learning experiences for our students, this project will enable the College to move towards an exciting and diverse future in terms of language learning across ELC to Year 12 whilst celebrating the many cultures joining our Concordia community.

We look forward to communicating future changes with you as we move towards a very special stage for our entire school community. 

Vielen Dank und Xie Xie 

Jane Graham
German Teacher, St John's Campus

Maggie Gu
Chinese Language Program Coordinator, Concordia Campus

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Bread Tag Art

Bread tag collection bowl in St John's Campus School OfficeYear 2 students recently created photographic artworks of images made from bread tags in their Visual Arts class. In connection with their Sharing the Planet Unit of Inquiry, students explored artworks made from reused materials and had fun making art with such a novel material.

At the end of the lesson, bread tags were collected again and will be sent to Aussie Bread Tags for Wheelchairs. This local charity organisation sells the bread tags to Robe business, Transmutations, which uses them to make bowls and bread boards. The money raised from the sale of the bread tags funds wheelchairs for disadvantaged people, primarily in South Africa.

A bowl made from bread tags is located in the St John's Campus School Office as a collection point. We encourage you to donate your used bread tags. Save the planet and support disadvantaged people.

Nancy Wells
Visual Arts Teacher

  • A lion and an owl made from bread tags
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Story Trail

The Year 1 students set out on an exciting story trail at the Mitcham Library this week.

They enjoyed the glorious sunshine and the beautiful garden and had fun reading the story “All Through The Year” on story boards weaving along the creek. After this they enjoyed doing a spring scavenger hunt and meeting Gail the Children’s Librarian. The Year 1s were in rapture as she told stories through drama, song and props, highlighting a variety of ways that stories can be told which is the focus for our How We Express Ourselves Unit of Inquiry.

Year 1 Team

  • Y1 Library excursion AI 02
  • Yr1AI
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Student Achievements

Millicent Student Achievement AIMillicent (6B) was selected for the Football SA, State Identification Program (FSA SIP) and was training hard in Term 3. 

The program culminated in the state carnival over the October long weekend where Milli represented the U11 SIP East (girls soccer). Her team went undefeated. Congratulations, Milli!




Everly dance competition AIEverly (Rec M), competed in the Evolution dance competition SA during the school holidays.

In the 5 and Under song and dance she came in first place and in the 5 and Under overall she came in second place. This overall result qualifies Everly to attend the Nationals in Queensland, in Jan 2022. Well done, Everly!



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