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From the Director of Digital Resources

Shillitoe TonyUnifying Data

In a world where humans create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data daily – the old-school equivalent of 212,765,957 DVDs – we are investing in accessing, sharing, storing and securing significant amounts of information, even at the level of our College activities where in October alone 345,000 emails were generated and 2.1 million files stored on OneDrive.

At the heart of our data storage is a product called Synergetic, used to keep key records around our Concordia community. A second product – Timetabler – houses data around student classes and teacher assignments. ManageBac stores curriculum mapping, student work and progress, and assessments and reports. Complispace is a recent addition where policies and procedures and risk compliance information is stored. Yet another product, Scholaris, is used to share information and record attendance, and the list goes on and on. The College is awash with data and programs and files!

Data is everywhere. Gathering, collating, analysing and using data coherently is one of the core keys to the future, and the capacity to do so is one of our College’s strategic intentions.

To bring all of the data into a common, accessible and user-friendly space, our current digital project is the installation of SEQTA, a learning management system and new portal designed to link the data and make it available to parents, staff and students as necessary. More importantly, within the SEQTA environment we are establishing digital tools that will allow us to extract and analyse the plethora of College data surrounding every student so we can monitor and evaluate learning and social progress and help our students achieve and serve effectively. 

Tony Shillitoe
Director of Digital Resources

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Concordia Gala Ball 'The Greatest Show'

The Concordia Gala Ball on Saturday 2 November was truly our 'Greatest Show' to date, with around 430 guests enjoying a night of fine dining and fantastic entertainment at the Adelaide Convention Centre. A huge thank you to all who helped make it such a wonderful night!

We will look to make a selection of photos available to guests shortly, but in the meantime please enjoy some highlights in this week's newsletter.

  • Gala Ball 2019 Canon 422
  • Gala Ball 2019 Canon 173
  • Gala Ball 2019 Canon 195
  • Gala Ball 2019 Canon 229
  • Gala Ball 2019 Canon 231
  • Gala Ball 2019 Canon 233
  • Gala Ball 2019 Canon 150
  • Gala Ball 2019 Canon 283
  • Gala Ball 2019 Nikon 080
  • Gala Ball 2019 Nikon 024
  • Gala Ball 2019 Canon 466
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Class of 2019 Final Day of School

The last day for the Year 12s is always full of mixed feelings. The mood of the Year 12s was full of excitement and anticipation. There was heightened emotion and some sadness as everything this group of students have been working towards finally came to a head. It’s not just one year’s worth of work and effort, but a culmination of 13 years of schooling and friendships. Here at Concordia, we treat this day as a celebration, not as a farewell – it is like they are heading to the next stage in life. It is not just the efforts of the students we celebrate, but it is also the efforts and support of their teachers, and of course their parents. 

As their Pastoral Leader for Year 12, I was more than proud of our Year 12s over their last few days of school which involved lunchtime sports against the staff, including basketball, netball, volleyball, and touch football organised by Mr Kleidon. At times they showed incredible skill not to brutally outscore the staff. They dressed magnificently on their last Non-uniform Day, and this was followed up with their last day of formal lessons on Thursday 24 October before the 7.30am breakfast on Friday. In our usual Concordia tradition, Subject Awards were presented and the formal 'thank you' and “handing over” speeches formed part of the Final Assembly. The fun and excitement always rests in the creative ability of our students performances and their witty video productions.

After the excitement of the morning’s assembly, many students headed off for some relaxation and study. We look forward to seeing all of the Year 12s at the Year 12 Valedictory Dinner with their teachers after the completion of their exams. This will be held in The Suaviter, on Thursday, 21 November.

Personally, I have had the opportunity to teach and get to know many of these students over the last two years, and there was some sadness in saying goodbye. 

To the Year 12s:

May the road rise up to meet you, may the wind be always at your back, may the sun shine warm upon your face, and rains fall soft upon your fields, and until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of His hand.

Especially over the weeks of their exams, and in their lives ahead, may God lead them safely through whatever they face, in times of trouble and of joy. 

I would like to thank the Year 12 Home Class teachers - Ms Budd, Mr Finch, Mr McCusker, Ms Nelson and Ms Rosie - for all the pastoral care they have given to the students in their Home Class throughout this year.

Rick Sommariva
Year 12 Pastoral Leader

  • Year 12 Final Dress up 2
  • Class 2019 Y12 Final Assembly Canon 087
  • Class 2019 Y12 Final Assembly Canon 194
  • Class 2019 Y12 Final Assembly Canon 206
  • Class 2019 Y12 Final Assembly Nikon 013
  • Class 2019 Y12 Final Assembly Nikon 190
  • Class 2019 Y12 Final Assembly Nikon 310
  • Class 2019 Y12 Final Assembly Nikon 371
  • Class 2019 Y12 Final Assembly Nikon 373
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Year 11 Drama Production of 'OZ'

During Week 3, the talented Year 11 Drama class performed their class production of OZ by Don Zolidis to a supportive audience of family, friends and staff. For some of these students it was their very first time performing for a public audience, and for others this was another performance in their already vast collection of on-stage experiences. As per the SACE Stage 1 curriculum, the students were responsible for all aspects of the production, including lighting & sound design and operation, costumes, sets, props, make-up and stage management. All involved did a wonderful job and should be so proud of their efforts.

Some quotes from the audience:

“Wonderfully cast and beautifully designed.”

“A hilarious play and such fun to watch. Can’t wait to see what they do in Year 12!”

“Very entertaining!”

Emma Williams
Head of Drama

  • Year 11 Drama OZ 033
  • Year 11 Drama OZ 019
  • Year 11 Drama OZ 024
  • Year 11 Drama OZ 029
  • Year 11 Drama OZ 034
  • Year 11 Drama OZ 046
  • Year 11 Drama OZ 058
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Football Outreach Vanuatu 2018-19

The fifth generation of the Football Outreach Vanuatu (FOV) program, incorporating 18 months of fundraising and development in football-driven life/leadership skills, came to a close with the biennial trip to Vanuatu. This was the first time we had ventured beyond “Efate”, the island site of the national capital, Port Vila. We went to the largest of the country's 85 (65 inhabited) islands, Espiritu Santo, aka “Santo”, to help AFL Vanuatu in its first effort to spread AFL beyond Efate.

From 3 to 13 October we were in Vanuatu and the activities included “creating” a new football field, albeit with temporary bamboo goal posts, coaching the U15 National Squad, officiating games, playing an exhibition game and running coaching clinics (“Pikinini Kik”!) in schools and the broader community. Perhaps it’s best to let some feedback from the trip speak for the outcome:

David Beauchamp (President of AFL Vanuatu) said, “The impact your team has our efforts to promote AFL in-country and the positive effect it has on the morale of my staff and players is enormous. There is still plenty of goodwill flowing from your trip and we are doing our best to capitalise on this.”

Thomas Richardson (traveller staying at The Beachfront Resort, Luganville, where we also stayed) said, “Hello, my wife and I were staying at the Beachfront Hotel in Santo, Vanuatu on Saturday 12 October when we met a group of young men and coaches from your College. We both just wanted to comment on the exceptional behaviour of the pupils who were on an AFL tour. They were all extremely polite, respectful and certainly fantastic ambassadors for Concordia.”

One parent of one of our boys commented, “He had a fantastic time... it really opened his eyes to another culture. He had lots of great stories and tales to tell and the experiences meeting all the people.”

Another parent of one of our boys commented, “It is such an amazing opportunity for our sons to go on this nearly 2-year journey, culminating in the trip of a lifetime…. I know (he) made lifelong friends and that his relationships deepened with the students, the adults and the group of locals who were involved in the program”.

We will soon be calling for expressions of interest from our current cohort of Year 8 and 9 boys, who would start the program next year and, if successful in meeting all the required standards of school-based behaviour and commitment to the program, travel in 2021 as Year 10s and 11s.

While this is a wonderful promotional tool for Concordia College and speaks to the College’s commitment to service learning, the real beneficiaries are the boys who go on the trip, along with those of us who walk the journey with them.

David Serotzki

  • Football Outreach Vanuatu 008
  • Football Outreach Vanuatu 001
  • Football Outreach Vanuatu 005
  • Football Outreach Vanuatu 007
  • Football Outreach Vanuatu 010
  • Football Outreach Vanuatu 013
  • Football Outreach Vanuatu 014
  • Football Outreach Vanuatu 015
  • Football Outreach Vanuatu 016
  • Football Outreach Vanuatu 018
  • Football Outreach Vanuatu 006
  • Football Outreach Vanuatu 020
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Service in our Community

As part of our service in Year 8 Pastoral Care this term, the Year 8 students planned and facilitated Christmas craft activities for our Reception and ELC students. Some of the students' creative lesson plan activities included Christmas trees, Christmas cards, baubles and reindeer ears. 

We enjoyed seeing the interaction between students of both campuses. For the Year 8s, the experience enhanced their ability to lead and serve in their own community. The Receptions and ELC students engaged excitedly with the activities at hand. Thank you to Ms Narino-Terry for organising this wonderful opportunity for the Year 8s, Receptions and ELC students. 

“I enjoyed how the ELC and Reception students listened to the instructions that we gave and had fun. It was rewarding to see the looks on their faces when they saw their finished Christmas crafts and were able to take them home.” Marielle, 8VNAR

“I enjoyed having their company and their sense of humour. It was great to interact with younger students and to be able to take part in an  entertaining activity that we both could do. I also felt that they might have brought some liveliness to the Year 8 level.” Bella, 8RCRO

“I really enjoyed getting to know the younger students in our school. It gave me a chance to learn more about them and to teach them things I know. Making Christmas craft gave us a chance to have fun and bond with our new friends.” Tansy, 8VNAR 

“Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms” - 1 Peter 4:10.

Amy Martin
Year 8 Pastoral Leader

  • ELC Reception Year 8 Craft 054
  • ELC Reception Year 8 Craft 036
  • ELC Reception Year 8 Craft 012
  • ELC Reception Year 8 Craft 019
  • ELC Reception Year 8 Craft 023
  • ELC Reception Year 8 Craft 037
  • ELC Reception Year 8 Craft 043
  • ELC Reception Year 8 Craft 051
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Music Notes

2020 Instrumental Music Lessons 

If your child wishes to continue with lessons, please complete the online form. All details regarding fees, as well as the instrumental agreement, are contained within the link. All continuing students need to reapply. Instrumental teachers will then be sent this information at the end of the term. It is important for them to have up-to-date details each year to be able to maintain communication with families. It also assists both them and the school with planning for teaching spaces in the coming year. New students to the school in 2020 are currently submitting applications and your response will assist with planning to accommodate these new students.

If your child does not wish to continue with lessons, please email the Music Centre ASAP so that we are aware of this providing the name of your child and the lesson they have been taking (many students undertake multiple instrumental lessons). As a matter of courtesy, please include their instrumental teacher in that email.

2020 Instrumental Music Hire

If you currently hire an instrument, you do not need to fill in a hire form again. However, if your child wishes to take up another instrument which does require hire and they are having lessons through the College, please complete the online application form. All details regarding fees and the hire agreement are contained within the link. 

Return of Hire Instruments

If students are not continuing to hire an instrument next year, it will need to be returned to the Music Office no later than Friday, 29 November, unless the student is in Concert Band or String Ensemble and playing at the Carols Service. All instruments hired purely for ensemble participation e.g. tenor saxophones, piccolos, trombones and euphoniums should be returned by this date so they can be serviced in time for use in next year’s ensembles.

Mat Noble
Director of Music

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Year 12 Examination Schedules

A reminder that Year 12 SACE and IBDP examinations are currently underway and will conclude on Friday, 22 November. Please note that due to the Atrium being used for exams, this space will not be available for general study during this time.

Please click the links below to download the examination schedules for 2019:

We wish our Year 12 students all the very best as they prepare for and undertake their final examinations.

Aliki Papapetros
SACE Coordinator

Brendan Toohey
IBDP Coordinator

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Strawberry Fair - Sunday, 3 November 2019

For the last 11 years, the Concordia College Music program has contributed to the annual Edwardstown Primary School Strawberry Fair by sharing our music with the many hundreds of people attending this delightful community event. This year our Big Band 3 and Concordia’s Rock Band presented a 40-minute set of fantastic jazz and rock music.

Congratulations to the bands involved for representing Concordia so well at this event. Thanks also to the supportive parents who attended.

We very much look forward to next year’s event!

Mat Noble
Director of Music

  • IMG 0984
  • IMG 0987
  • IMG 0991
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Olympic Change-makers

Concordia congratulates Marco 11RGOG and Jessie 11MHAR who were selected to participate in this year's Australian Olympic Change-Maker event. The event recognises students who show Olympic spirit and contribute to their communities by providing leadership and driving positive change. Marco and Jessie were among 1,027 students who received the award nationally and had the opportunity to attend a forum to share ideas and connect with Olympians as well as other like minded young people who want to make a difference in their school or community.

Jessie and Marco had this to say about the experience,

"I found it to be a great program, providing me with an opportunity to meet Olympians and discuss their experiences with them. It was also great to meet other students doing similar things to me within different sports. It also made me extremely excited about the upcoming Olympics." - Jessie

"The Olympic Change-maker day allowed us to meet and talk to past and present Olympians. They shared with us their journeys, triumphs, and challenges. We also met with students from all over South Australia and had the chance to exchange stories about how we've had an impact on our communities. I found the day [to be] extremely beneficial and motivating." - Marco

Well done, Marco and Jessie!

  • Olympic Change Maker 004
  • Olympic Change Maker 007
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Concordia Team Sailing - 'Come and Try'

The Concordia Sailing Teams have begun training in Term 4 and are keen to have new members aboard. Training is at Brighton Seacliff Sailing Club once a week with fully qualified coaches.

All welcome – no experience required!  

The team has been competing for six years in metro, state and national regattas, with students ranging from Years 7 to 12.

If you are interested in attending a 'Come & Try' session, please contact Sarah Ward via email or phone at 8272 0444 to book a session or find out more.

  • Sailing Nationals Hobart 056
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Student Achievement

Congratulations to Ava 8LBRO who recently sat her Grade 2 AMEB Clarinet exam and received an A grading. Well done, Ava!

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