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From the Director of Digital Resources

Security and Protecting our Students

Shillitoe TonySecurity is at the forefront of protective practices in a school environment and is evident in every part of the school day, from taking attendances and communicating with parents, through pastoral care relationships and yard duties, to the provision of a College digital firewall. Our care for the wellbeing of our students is core to our daily duties. 

When we introduced the individual learning device program in 2011, we chose to provide our students with access to an ‘open’ internet because we believed the benefits of access to online resources far outweigh the risks, especially as we committed ourselves to mitigating the risks from the outset: by teaching our children what the risks were and how to behave responsibly, and by establishing a protected environment within the school firewall. 

In response to the unexpected events of 2020, which brought with them a spike in unethical online behaviours from external sources, the College ICT Department proactively improved the already solid College firewall by upgrading it to the latest industry-strength products and systems to protect our online community of students and staff throughout the school day.  

For security integrity, we won’t name products in this article, but we have one perimeter firewall on each campus connected to independent fibre runs directly into the city. We use a subscription-based product to give us a full arsenal of scanning engines to protect against spyware, viruses, malicious apps, data leakage, botnets, etc., and our online servers are securely located in Australia only. We are securely storing a total of just over 2.8 million files in our Concordia OneDrive accounts! 

As an example of the effectiveness of our security, on an average day this year we typically block around 692,000 firewall breach attempts (combined IN and OUT); perform around 1.2 million content security scans that reveal and quarantine between 8 and 15 threats; process around 30,000 emails a day of which 23,000 will be identified and blocked as SPAM and block around 275 targeted phishing emails. We actively review this information and data daily to ensure integrity.

While no systems are fool-proof or perfect, we are confident we have in place a level of security that ensures our students are safe on our school grounds, in classes and online. 

Tony Shillitoe
Director of Digital Resources ELC-Year 12

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Outstanding Results at the ABODA Festival

The following results signify the most “success” Concordia College has ever achieved since we first entered the ABODA competition 11 years ago, and we congratulate each of the students and directors involved. Whilst we believe Music shouldn’t be viewed as a competitive pursuit, it is gratifying for the students and directors to gain reward for their hard work. This is especially pertinent this year due to the cancellation of most their performance opportunities. This is also due in no small part to the time and dedication offered to our students by our staff. Without their weekly inspiration and skill building, we wouldn’t have the quality of ensembles we have.

2020 Australian Band and Orchestra Directors Association (ABODA) Competition results
  • St John’s Campus Concert Band, Directed by Mat Noble – Section Winner
  • Concordia Campus Concert Band, Directed by Mat Noble – Section Winner
  • Concordia Campus String Ensemble, Directed by Martin Butler – Section Winner (4th year in succession)
  • Concordia Orchestra, Directed by Martin Butler – Section Winner
  • Concordia Big Band 1, Directed by Adam Page – Gold Award
  • Concordia Big Band 2, Directed by Robin Finlay – Silver Award
  • Concordia Big Band 3, Directed by Tom Voss – Gold Award
  • Concordia Wind Ensemble, Directed by Angelo Valdivia – Bronze Award
  • Concordia Chamber Strings, Directed by Therese O’Brien – Silver Award
  • Concordia Percussion Ensemble, Directed by Nick Parnell – Silver Award
  • St John’s Campus Junior Strings, Directed by Karen De Nardi – Bronze Award

Mat Noble
Director of Music

  • ABODA SA 1
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Year 11 Drama Production

During Week 3, the Year 11 Drama class performed their class production of Kicker Thompson by Julia Jarel. Audiences were enthralled by the moving story of Kicker, a kid from the country who dreams of becoming an AFL footy player. However, when Kicker travels to the city to pursue his dream, he is struck down with panic attacks. His anxiety becomes so bad, that he is ready to give up his dream of playing AFL. Told in a round-the-campfire story-telling style, the staging of this play was difficult for the students involved. Through countless hours of rehearsal and sheer persistence, the students were able to produce a performance to be incredibly proud of. Whilst we couldn’t entertain a large audience, it has sure brought the Drama department a great deal of joy, to be producing live theatre again. 

A special thank you to Tony Shillitoe for playing a cameo role as retired AFL hero Bluey Phillips, and to Georgia 10JHEA and Katie 10BZAN from Year 10 Drama who stepped in to play ensemble roles.

Emma Williams
Head of Drama

  • Yr11 Drama Kicker Thompson 008
  • Yr11 Drama Kicker Thompson 009
  • Yr11 Drama Kicker Thompson 011
  • Yr11 Drama Kicker Thompson 017
  • Yr11 Drama Kicker Thompson 024
  • Yr11 Drama Kicker Thompson 036
  • Yr11 Drama Kicker Thompson 037
  • Yr11 Drama Kicker Thompson 039
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Year 7 Civics Week

From Monday 26 to Friday 30 October, the Year 7 cohort participated in their Civics Week around Adelaide. Students visited a range of locations to develop their knowledge of Civics and Citizenship and enhance their understanding of Adelaide’s history including:

  • The Migration Museum
  • The Centre of Democracy
  • Adelaide Gaol
  • Adelaide Oval
  • Adelaide Planetarium
  • South Australian Art Gallery
  • Adelaide Zoo
  • the Botanic Gardens.

Students also participated in a session at school on voting and a range of team building exercises.

Students will use their experiences from the week to develop their Interdisciplinary Unit in English and Humanities. 

Civics Week was very action-packed and was based on providing a new and unique way for students, like us, to learn about multiple topics, like animals and the history of the Australian government and Federation. 

Our class went to multiple sites, like the Adelaide Oval, The Centre of Democracy and the Adelaide Gaol. Some highlights of this trip for me were going to Megacourts and also learning about our universe at the Adelaide Planetarium. 

Mitchell (7RHOG)

  • Civics Week Day 1 02
  • Civics Week Megacourts 03
  • IMG 1309
  • IMG 7930
  • Yr7 Civics week
  • mc2 edit
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Year 8 and Year 10 Immunisations - 2nd Visit Reminder

2nd Visit Reminder for Parents of Year 8 and 10 Students

Year 8


Year 10


Pop Up Medics (, will be visiting the College on Friday, 6 November 2020 to complete the above vaccinations (Dose 2) for those students with parent/guardian consent.

If you are unsure which vaccination your child should be receiving, please contact Pop Up Medics on 1300 858 047.

If any information you gave on the original consent form has changed, please inform Pop Up Medics immunisation staff before the date of vaccination on 1300 858 047.

Please notify us if: 

  • Your child has already started the above program with another provider.
  • You wish to withdraw your consent.
  • Your child's medical condition has changed.
Remember: It is your responsibility to advise Pop Up Medics on the day of immunisation of any change in the information on the consent form, in particular, your child's medical condition. A signed and dated note presented on the day of immunisation from a parent or guardian in your child's diary is acceptable.
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Duke of Edinburgh's International Award

At Concordia, we are proud to deliver the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award. There are three Award levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each requires an increasing level of commitment and effort. The Bronze usually takes 6-12 months to complete, the Silver 12-18 and the Gold 18-24 months. The Award now operates in over 130 countries. In Australia each year, Award Participants volunteer over 275,000 hours.

Lachlan Maddaford (Class of 2018) was recently awarded the prestigious Gold Award at a Ceremony at the Adelaide Town Hall. His Award was presented by the Governor of South Australia, the Honourable Hieu Van Le AC. We will celebrate his outstanding achievements and share some of Lachlan’s reflections in an upcoming edition.

Amber (10 EJOH) should be congratulated on recently completing her Silver Award. She is pictured here with Brett Coleman, Operations Officer – South Australia.  Amber impressed Brett with her energy and commitment to all aspects of the Award.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award has been an amazing opportunity and a rewarding challenge for me. Perseverance and determination were essential in the completion of both Bronze and Silver. I found the Service component of the Duke of Edinburgh most fulfilling and enjoyed my time at The Salvation Army, coaching the Years 4 to 6 volleyball team as well as helping young sailors learn. Studying the violin formed my Skills component and because of the Award I have persevered in this endeavour. For the Physical Recreation, I developed my skills as a sailor, from novice level to competency and hope to build on this throughout my Gold Award which I began on my 16th birthday. The Adventurous Journeys that I completed definitely pushed me beyond my comfort zone but were very rewarding and I had a real sense of achievement. I would strongly encourage everybody to seriously consider undertaking the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Program, it is really worth the effort! - Amber (10 EJOH)

We look forward to seeing many more students reaching their goals in the coming months.

Emma Rieger
Award Leader

  • Duke of Ed
  • Logo AwardUnit ProudToDeliver Colour
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Year 8 Service Learning

As part of our continued efforts to bring our College community together, the Year 8 students have been reading (and crafting!) with the Reception and Year 1 classes. These interactions allow our Middle Years students to engage in humble service within our campus and strengthen peer relationships. We look forward to continuing this tradition in to 2021 with a whole group of bookworms!

Vanessa Narino-Terry
Year 8 Home Class Teacher

  • Yr8 working with Receptions 019
  • Yr8 working with Receptions 029
  • Yr8 working with Receptions 036
  • Yr8 working with Receptions 048
  • Yr8 and Yr1s 1
  • Yr8 and Yr1s 2
  • Yr8 and Yr1s 3
  • Yr8 and Yr1s 4
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Bringing the Spirit of Christmas to YOU

We recognise that Community Carols is a highly anticipated event on the Concordia calendar.

Sadly, with the current guidelines in place, we are not able to offer the Chapel to the entire community to potentially attend our carols. Numbers are limited as we adhere to physical distancing indoors.

In 2020, we are producing a film in the Spirit of Christmas to share with everyone via email link. Music students, leaders, Pastor Dale Gosden and our Principals will feature to add love, entertainment, musical prowess and blessings at Christmas from the comfort of your living room.

We understand the importance of live performances and know that our music students will enjoy performing to their peers during the recording.

We are looking forward to 2021 and bringing many of our events on campus back to real life.

The film will be sent to you via email in the last week of Term 4.

Jodie Escott 
Director of Community Relations

  • priscilla du preez HVcLEaH4YAY unsplash
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Providing Support in a Time of Need

Earlier this week, one of our Middle School families sadly lost everything in a house fire. A fundraising page has been arranged to collect donations to assist this family with some of the short-term expenses involved in re-establishing their lives as they work through the insurance claim process which will provide assistance in the longer term.

If you are able to support this family by contributing to the fundraiser, please click to visit the fundraising page.

Alternatively, you may like to contribute via Chefs On Wheels so that the family can have a few nights where they don’t have to worry about cooking, please purchase a Comfort Food Gift Box and arrange delivery to Concordia College (24 Winchester Street, Highgate SA 5063), c/o Jodie Escott, who will arrange delivery to the family. Please email to confirm delivery date. 

As a College community committed to serving others, we acknowledge that in challenging times we have an opportunity to make a real difference in people's lives.


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Year 11 Legal Studies

In Year 11 Legal Studies, we have recently heard from a range of guest speakers.

Mr Mat Noble spoke to the class about his experience of participating in jury duty. He was able to dispel some of the ideas students have of the way members of a jury interact with each other and how they respond during a trial with the realities of making a decision based only on the facts presented to them in a trial. He was informative and held the students' attention for the entire lesson with many students asking questions.

Mr Stewart Kleidon presented a talk on the stability of the Constitution in light of the Governor General's protection of our laws when Parliament votes on bills. He discussed different aspects of the Constitution, Section 116 and 48, in particular and the relevance of these sections on today's society. 

Mr Anthony Mennillo is a Claims & Legal Advisor for Medical Insurance Group Australia. He discussed the benefits and difficulties of being a defence barrister in a court room, presenting a High Court appeal and the challenges associated with being a legal advisor to doctors.

Mr Rick Sommariva
Legal Studies Teacher

  • DSC 0004
  • DSC 0027
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Student Achievement

Congratulations to Jessie (12LNEL) - 2020 IGSSA Sportsperson of the Year.

Jessie has been extensively involved in sport and sports leadership at the College. She has achieved to a very high level in district and national sporting competitions. In 2019 and 2020 she was selected to represent Australia in softball.

This Award is a momentous achievement! We thank Jessie for her service to Concordia sport and how she represents the College. We wish Jessie all the best in her future sporting endeavours.

  • DSC 0177
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