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From the Director of Teaching and Learning

Muldoon RachelMathematics Review

Over the past months the St John’s Campus classroom teachers have continued our review of the key learning area of Mathematics as part of the school’s curriculum review cycle. 

Led by myself and a team of teachers, various staff meetings and planning meetings have been facilitated to provide teachers with the opportunity to reflect on current teaching practice and engage with professional reading and discussion based on current research about how children learn best, including best teaching and learning methods in Mathematics. 

Despite the unplanned interruptions that the College has experienced this year due to COVID-19, St John’s Campus teachers have continued to participate in this review and have engaged professionally in reflective tasks during regular staff meetings and professional learning days. 

After a rigorous process of data collection and analysis, staff have identified key areas of focus for the remainder of this year and the upcoming year. One particular focus has been on the teaching and learning of mental computation strategies.  

As part of this pedagogical inquiry, we have engaged the work and expertise from SA Maths Association. With this valuable partnership, we will combine the strengths of our existing teaching practice with current research and teaching practices to develop a consistent approach to the teaching of this area from ELC to Year 6. 

The power of this review will be an increase not only in student outcomes but also teacher knowledge and understanding in providing relevant, challenging and significant learning opportunities that will develop numerate students.

Rachel Muldoon
Director of Teaching and Learning - St John's Campus

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ELC Children Transition to Reception

Concordia College educators recognise that a child’s transition from the ELC to Reception is an important time and work to support children and families to settle quickly. 

The ELC transition to Reception is ongoing throughout the year as children interact informally with the Reception teachers and the wider school community. In Term 4 we have a series of visits to the classrooms for all children who will be entering Reception in the following year.

We set up a ‘classroom’ in the ELC for children to dress up and role play being Receptions.

Kate Wood
ELC Director

  • ELC Transition
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Receptions Explore Celebrations Around the World

The Reception students are having a great time learning about Celebrations around the World as part of the Program of Inquiry on How We Express Ourselves.

As part of the learning, a variety of parents representing different cultures were invited to share some of the special celebrations and traditions that they practice in their homes. Some of the learning involved the Hungarian Name Day, Greek Easter, Chinese New Year, First Australian celebrations, Estonian Nursery Rhymes and the German Christmas and Easter Celebrations.

Students enjoyed the opportunity to explore, play and learn about a variety of different celebrations and traditions.

Sharon Cosh & Nicolette McClure
Reception Teachers

  • Rec Multicultural Guests
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Learning about feelings in German

Frau Graham has been helping the ELC children learn how to describe their feelings in German. The learning was reinforced by the children drawing pictures of themselves and naming their emotions in German.

Kate Wood
ELC Director

  • ELC German 1
  • ELC German 2
  • German8
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Year 1 and Year 8 Buddies

The Year 8 students visited St John’s Campus this Wednesday to get to know some of our Year 1 students. We enjoyed sharing a book and doing a craft activity with our buddy. It was so wonderful being able to spend time with students from the other campus and we hope to get together again soon!

Maddy Russell, Rachel Harrip and Jasmin Bartlett
Year 1 Teachers

  • Yr8 and Yr1s 1
  • Yr8 and Yr1s 2
  • Yr8 and Yr1s 3
  • Yr8 and Yr1s 4
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Nature Play SA Visit

The ELC children are passionate about playing and learning in nature. We were privileged to have Maria and Simon from Nature Play SA bring an amazing assortment of natural loose parts for the children to explore. The educators were inspired by the presentation and the children were fully engaged.

Kate Wood
ELC Director

  • ELC Nature Play 1
  • ELC Nature Play 2
  • Nature Play 6
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Music News: Outstanding ABODA Festival Results

A number of out students took part in this year's Australian Band and Orchestra Director's Association (ABODA) Festival, and the results are now in. A particular note of congratulations goes to the St John's Campus Junior Strings, directed by Karen de Nardi, and the St John's Campus Concert Band, directed by Concordia Campus Director of Music Mat Noble. The Junior Strings ensemble won a Bronze Award and the Concert Band finished as the winner of their whole section. Click to read more and view a full list of results.

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