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From the Concordia Campus Director of Staff

Vera WhiteWorld Teachers' Day

On Friday 29 October, the College celebrated World Teachers' Day. At Concordia we recognise the importance of all staff, whether teacher or support staff, as everyone contributes and makes a difference to the life of every student. World Staff Day at Concordia College is a celebration to genuinely value and acknowledge everyone’s contributions.

Research carried out to identify the impact teachers have on students is substantial. Studies analyse data from students’ test results, student feedback both formal and anecdotal, feedback from exit interviews, parent surveys and more. All the research agrees that teachers significantly effect student self-efficacy and outcomes. There is no doubt that teacher competence, knowledge and ongoing professional growth is essential. Importantly, it is the time teachers take to know and respect students, acknowledge their strengths, encourage them and support them in building their skills that strongly influences positive outcomes for our students.

The Primary, Middle and Senior School students shared a wonderful video in which they thanked all teachers for the work that they do, the support they offer and the joy they bring to their everyday interactions. Students thanked individual teachers for their care, humour, sharing knowledge, teaching, supporting sport and other activities. The School Leaders spoke at the Assembly thanking all staff for their important work and letting them know how much they are appreciated. Flowers were delivered to the staffrooms to add colour to the day and the Parents and Friends Association provided all staff with the chance to enjoy a hot drink and special treat. It was a day of celebration, a day highlighting our values as a College.

At Concordia College we are fortunate to have amazing staff, wonderful students and such a supportive community.

Vera White
Director of Staff - Concordia Campus

  • World Staff Day
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Year 7 Civics Week

In Week 3, Year 7s went to the city and visited lots of different places such as the museum, Planetarium, the Adelaide Gaol, the MOD museum and much more. This week was a replacement for Canberra, as sadly the COVID-19 situation restricted us from going. All of us had a fun time and learnt so much from the experience. We also went to the centre of democracy where we found out about who ran the government from the 1900s till now. We were also able to learn about the levels of government and protests through the years. Apart from learning about Australian government rules, we also learned about the history of famous landmarks like the Adelaide Oval and Gaol.

On the Thursday, we had the opportunity to learn about parliament at school by role playing and other activities that replicate what actually happens in a court room and when we vote. 

Thank you to all the teachers who also made this week possible.  

Laura Austin
Year 7 Pastoral Leader 

Student Reflections:

"Civics week was a fun and enjoyable experience, and we all learnt a lot from it. Each day I learnt something new and exciting. I loved going to the Adelaide Zoo and planetarium because I learnt new things. Overall, it was a very great week."April 7LBRO

"Civics week was a very fun experience, and we all learnt a lot. I loved spending time with my peers and talking to new people. I really liked the MOD museum and the Adelaide Gaol because I got to learn about the history of Adelaide and interact with the art. Overall it was a very fun alternative to Canberra and an amazing experience for us all."Charlie 7JHEA

"Civics Week had some very enjoyable moments, that I will remember for many years to come. I really enjoyed collaborating with my group for all the activities that were set. I mainly liked the SA museum and the Adelaide Zoo because there was lots to do and we had some free choice while also learning very important things that will help us for upcoming tasks in school."Stella 7LAUS

  • Year 7s undertake Civics Week activities in the CBD
  • Year 7 students in front of the Adelaide Oval turf and grandstands
  • Year 7s standing on the edge of the Adelaide Oval
  • Year 7s outside the old Adelaide Gaol on a Civics Week excursion
  • Year 7 students visiting the old Adelaide Gaol
  • A collage of two photographs of students outside the old Adelaide Gaol during Civics Week
  • Students dressed in official court garments as part of a Civics Week activity
  • Year 7 courtroom activity for Civics Week
  • A Year 7 student performs the role of a barrister in a classroom court activity for Civics Week
  • A Year 7 student speaks during a Civics Week parliament activity
  • Year 7 Civics Week activity with students in a youth parliament
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2021 School Immunisation Program - 2nd visit reminder for Year 8 and 10

2nd Visit Reminder For Parents of Year 8 and 10 Students


Year 8

  • 2nd Human Papillomavirus (GARDASIL 9)

Year 10

  • 2nd Meningococcal B (BEXSERO)

Pop Up Medics (, will be visiting the College on Thursday 11 November 2021 to complete the above vaccinations (Dose 2) for those students with parent/guardian consent.

If you require a consent form please contact Pop Up Medics on 1300 858 047.

If any information you gave on the original consent form has changed, please inform Pop Up Medics immunisation staff before the date of vaccination on 1300 858 047. 

Please notify us if: 

  • Your child has completed the above program with another provider.
  • You wish to withdraw your consent.
  • Your child's medical condition has changed.

Remember: It is your responsibility to advise Pop Up Medics on the day of immunisation of any change in the information on the consent form, in particular, your child's medical condition. A signed and dated note presented on the day of immunisation from a parent or guardian in your child's diary is acceptable.

We have been advised students who have recently received or are scheduled to receive a COVID-19 vaccination require at least seven days clearance either side of their COVID-19 vaccination. This means students who have a COVID-19 vaccination within the seven days prior to 11 November will need to reschedule their GARDASIL 9 or BEXSERO vaccines. Similarly, students who are scheduled to have their COVID-19 vaccination within the seven day period after 11 November will need to reschedule their COVID-19 vaccine.

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Music Notes

2021 Instrumental Workshops

With the impending 2022 ensemble auditions taking place soon, students have been working hard to prepare themselves for this important process. To assist, each instrumental group was offered the opportunity to work with an expert in an afternoon masterclass forum. The feedback received from the students was overwhelmingly positive and it’s hoped these sessions will not only help them prepare for upcoming auditions but have enhanced the foundation of their playing in general.

Thanks to the following teachers:

  • Robin Finlay – Trumpet
  • Tom Voss – Trombone
  • Adam Page – Saxophone
  • Alana Dawes – Bass
  • Martin Butler – Violin and Viola
  • Therese O’Brien – Cello
  • Neil Holmes – Clarinet
  • Sam Taylor – Flute

Mat Noble
Director of Music

  • Cello workshop
  • Violin workshop
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Unley Council Design-athon 2021

On Wednesday 3 November, a team of seven students represented Concordia at the Unley Council Design-athon - Tom, Josh, Mae, Matilda and Sophie (Year 8) and Lily and Macy (Year 9).

On the day, the City of Unley’s Living Young Reference group announced a challenge centred around the theme of mental health for young people. Participating local schools then had to problem solve, design a civic project and present their innovative idea in a three-minute “pitch” to a panel of judges. This event was based on industry hackathon challenges, and was designed to challenge, inspire and empower young leaders.

The Design-athon provided opportunities for students to:

  • Better understand real-world social issues affecting local young people
  • Practice teamwork, effective problem solving and creative thinking
  • Engage meaningfully with their local Council and accumulate leadership experience in representing their school and their fellow young Unley citizens
  • Advocate for other young people in the community.
  • Gain first-hand understanding of civic engagement, the role of council and how it provides services for the community.

Our team demonstrated focus, creativity, open-mindedness and curiosity. Students worked within a tight timeframe to brainstorm ideas, suggest specific strategies and develop a program to solve the challenge, ensuring their ideas were inclusive of people from diverse backgrounds, and accessible to people with disabilities. Students presented their “pitch” on stage to the three-member guest judging panel, the Deputy Mayor of Unley, elected Council members, Council volunteers and Headspace mentors. There was very tough competition – teams from Walford, Unley High School and Glenunga International High School. The team was excited to hear Concordia’s name called as the winning pitch. Students can now look forward to developing their ideas and having an opportunity to formally share their concepts with Unley Council for consideration in 2022. The team has also won a wellbeing package for our school from Growing with Gratitude. This prize package totals over $2500 in value.

Congratulations to all students who took part in this engaging and exciting event. 

Emma Rieger
Enrichment and Extended Learning

  • Designathon winners
  • Students engaging in group work at the Design-athon
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Pedal Prix 2022

Concordia College competes in the Australian HPV (Human Powered Vehicles) series each year. Better known as Pedal Prix, this extra-curricular activity provided by the College promotes personal fitness, teamwork and an opportunity for students to be responsible and be part of an ongoing commitment. The season involves competing in multiple endurance races throughout Terms 1-3. Teams strive to work together to circulate their bikes around the circuit as many times as possible in the set amount of time during each race.

In 2022, Concordia College will be offering Pedal Prix as an extra-curricular activity for students across Years 7 -12. Being a part of the program requires a large commitment both from students and their families. This includes students attending an after-school fitness session on Thursday nights and training in the trikes on weekends during the season. Students are required to also maintain a high level of training and fitness in their own time. Parents are also required to support the program in a range of ways, including bike repairs, trailer towing, track marshalling, catering and event day duties.

Race Dates & Formats 2022
  • Mount Gambier – 8 Hour – 26 March
  • Loxton (TBC) – 6 Hour – 14 May
  • Adelaide – 6 Hour – 19 June
  • Tailem Bend – 8 Hour – 31 July
  • Murray Bridge - 24 Hour – 24-25 September
Registrations of Interest

Any students interested in being involved in the 2022 Pedal Prix program are asked to register their interest online by Friday, 3 December. More information about our school program can be found at

Families will be contacted in January 2022 with more specific information and will be invited to an information evening online where the formal registration process will be explained and further information about the season will be shared.

If you require any further information, please contact the Pedal Prix Coordinator, Mr Matthew Smart, at the College via email ( or by phone on 8272 0444.

Matthew Smart
Pedal Prix Coordinator

  • Pedal Prix Veloci trike on the track during a race
  • Pedal Prix 2021 Squad with Trikes
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Year 11s Learning for Life

The Year 11 students have begun the term with several opportunities to learn valuable life skills. On Tuesday of Week 2, the students joined senior school students from around the state at the RAA’s “Street Smart High” day. Watching a re-enactment of a road accident (complete with emergency services vehicles with lights and sirens) and hearing from emergency services personnel, road accident survivors and people who had lost relatives in road accidents helped the Year 11s to understand the vital importance of responsible behaviour on and near the roads.

On Wednesday of Week 3, the students attended the third “Brain Training” seminar for the year, presented by Penny Sih of Developing Minds educational psychologists. The seminar focused on “managing tough days, stress and difficult times”. Students were helped to understand the way that our brains naturally respond to stressful situations, and how to recognise instinctive thinking patterns in such instances. They were provided with a range of strategies to cope with such reactions, including learning to pay less attention to upsetting thoughts, keeping “talking and doing”, getting enough sleep and eating healthily. This is timely advice as the students submit their final assignments and prepare for their end of year exams.

Judy Harris
Year 11 Pastoral Leader

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2022 Instrumental Music Lessons

The families of students who wish to begin or continue with instrumental and vocal music lessons in 2022 should complete the online form.

All details regarding fees, as well as the instrumental agreement, are contained within the link. All continuing students need to reapply. New students to the school in 2022 are currently submitting applications, and responses will assist with planning to accommodate these new students. We ask that applications are submitted by Friday 26 November 2021.

2022 Instrumental Music Hire

Families who currently hire an instrument do not need to resubmit a hire form. If your child wishes to start instrumental lessons through the College and needs to hire that instrument, please complete the online application for instrumental hire. All details regarding fees and the hire agreement are contained within the link. Hire is restricted to the instruments listed within the form.

Return of hire instruments

If students are not continuing to hire an instrument in 2022, the instrument will need to be returned to the Music Office no later than Friday 26 November.

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Year 11 Food & Hospitality Classes Host Year 1s

Stage 1 Food and Hospitality students were so pleased to create culinary experiences for Mrs Cosh and Mrs Harrip’s Year 1 students as part of their group catering task last week. The whole of Concordia Campus was uplifted by the joy exuded by our Year 1 St John’s Campus students as they embarked on a “Bear Hunt” or followed the “Concordia Yellow Brick Road” while enjoying a series of ‘healthy eating stations’. It was wonderful to see the connections being made between the Year 1s and Year 11s across the College.

Hannah Rosie
Head of Food Design

  • Yellow Brick Road Art
  • Yellow Brick Road Alex
  • Yellow Brick Road Science
  • Year 1s visiting Concordia Campus Food Design
  • Year 1s visiting Concordia Campus in the Food Design kitchen and Art room
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Brass Instrument “Starter Packs” (Free lessons for beginners)

The benefits of learning Music and playing an instrument in an ensemble are extensive, with life-long attributes such as organisation, empathy, teamwork and self-esteem all directly related to the experience.

Concordia’s ensemble program is seeking motivated students who are looking to take advantage of the following offer. If your Year 7 son or daughter is interested in beginning to learn either trumpet, trombone, French horn, euphonium or tuba, they are now welcome to apply for a brass instrument “starter pack”.

The starter pack includes free lessons and free instrument hire for one term on one of the Brass instruments mentioned.

Your child will be taught by an outstanding tutor for a half hour per week during the school day, and if they apply themselves, could join a band within months.

There are eight starter packs on offer, so to apply, please email Mat Noble, Director of Music, or phone him on 0438 272 048.

It is expected that successful applicants will begin tuition this term and are expected to display commitment by continuing lessons at the conclusion of the starter pack.

To view a video which demonstrates the brass family of instruments in action, please click to view a demonstration.

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Chess Club

The Concordia Campus Chess Club has had a record season in 2021, with over 80 students from Years 7–12 attending Tuesday lunchtime practices over the year. The Year 7 and Year 8 cohorts have been particularly well represented. We also fielded three teams in the Division 3 inter-school chess competition. Competition was strong and we congratulate the Concordia Seniors on placing third. Concordia Gold and Concordia Blue, comprising students in Years 7 and 8, also performed well. Many of these students were playing in the inter-school competition for the first time, often against experienced senior school students, but our teams certainly made their opponents think!

Thank you to all of the students who attend Chess Club, and to all who played in the inter-school competition this year. We also thank our coach Bailey Paior-Smith (Old Concordian 2020); he has dedicated much time and effort to helping the students improve their skills and tactics this year.

A reminder that Chess Club runs on Tuesday at lunchtime. Located upstairs in the Murtoa building, it is open to all Middle and Senior School students. We hope to welcome even more players, whether new or experienced, to the Club in 2022!

Judy Harris
Chess Club Coordinator

  • Chess Club
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Free Parent Discussion Group with Mark Le Messurier

Well-known teacher, counsellor and author Mark Le Messurier will present a discussion group at Fullarton Park Community Centre on Wednesday 17 November from 10am-12pm, exploring the topic 'Practical ideas to build self-awareness and personal-identity in young people'Click here for more information.

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Student Achievements

Jude (Year 8) holding his Jane Peters MedallionIn mid-October, Jude (8NMCG) was presented with the Jane Peters Violin Medallion, awarded to the most promising violinist 16 years or under, for his performance at the Adelaide Eisteddfod in August. He was asked to make an audio recording that will be used in the Special Award Winners Concert which will take place as a 5MBS radio broadcast in early 2022. Congratulations, Jude!




Amalia holding her Children’s Week Award at Government HouseOn Monday 25 October, Amalia (11SBUD) was presented with the Special Children’s Week Award at Government House. This award recognises a young person who shows courage, strength, perseverance and a cheerful attitude in the face of adversity. Amalia was presented with this award in recognition of her resilience in coping with the surgeries and other adjustments required in living with Beckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome, as well as her involvement in the South Australian Institute of Sport kayaking talent identification squad and her small business making and selling eco-friendly bird stands. Well done, Amalia!


Congratulations to Sophie (8DLAN) and Hunter (7LAUS) who recently competed in the 2021 Viva SA All Schools Athletics competition. Sophie achieved a silver medal in the U16 Triple Jump and Hunter achieved a gold medal in the U14 100m.

Congratulations to Lanlang (10JGER) for her outstanding results in her recent Grade 8 Viola Exam. Lanlang achieved an A+.

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