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Year 1s visit Concordia Campus

In Week 3, the Year 1 classes were invited to participate in some activities led by the Year 11 Food and Hospitality classes. 1HB enjoyed ‘Concordia’s Yellow Brick Road’ and 1C had a ‘Teddy Bear’s Picnic’. Students enjoyed the opportunity to interact with the Year 11s and taste some different foods in the process.

The Year 1 Team

  • Yellow Brick Road Art
  • Yellow Brick Road Alex
  • Yellow Brick Road Science
  • Year 1s visiting Concordia Campus Food Design
  • Year 1s visiting Concordia Campus in the Food Design kitchen and Art room
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From the St John's Campus Principal

Michael Paech

Gearing up for Future Change 

There certainly is a lot happening at our St John’s Campus at present.

Fences have been erected, demolition is underway, earthmoving machines are preparing for new foundations, high-vis vest numbers are on the increase, new access points have been created to the school and specific areas within the school and some staff have been temporarily relocated to accommodate the planned building activity.

Our students are excited by all of this building activity and also with the tangible knowledge that they will start accessing a range of wonderful new facilities during 2022.

Our St John’s Campus has certainly seen some changes over the past few weeks as we commence the first stage of our exciting new redevelopment project. While some of these changes create a few short term challenges, the ultimate result for our students will be significant and extremely positive for their learning journey into the future.

If you have a few minutes tomorrow morning, please join us for Chapel in the courtyard, followed by a barista-prepared coffee and a chat about the redevelopment plans.

Along with these obvious physical changes to our campus, we are also preparing ‘behind the scenes’ for changes in staffing next year to help ensure that we are prepared for planned enrolment growth in 2023.

Next year we will be increasing our leadership capacity at the St John’s Campus to ensure strong support for our important educational and wellbeing foci that are part of our strategic initiatives.

Mr Buxton, who has been teaching part time in Year 2 while also supporting Ms Muldoon in the implementation of the teaching and learning program, will be moving out of the classroom to continue to support teachers in this area.

Ms Nicolette McClure, currently teaching in Reception, will move from the classroom to work within the leadership team to help ensure a smooth transition into our planned enrolment growth starting in 2023.

Both Graham and Nicolette’s roles will also allow them to work closely with teachers to support the teaching and learning programs for all of our students.

Next week I plan to announce the new staff joining our teaching team next year.

I am certainly excited to be part of an educational community that is growing and developing in so many ways that will better serve our students into the future. Our exciting new facilities along with our increasing staff capacity will certainly help support the future delivery of a ‘vibrant education, rich in opportunities delivered within a caring, supportive environment, empowered by the love of Jesus Christ’.

I look forward to journeying with you into our exciting new future.

Michael Paech
Principal - St John's Campus

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Kaboom Percussion

At the end of Term 2, the Primary School students had the pleasure of percussion group Kaboom Percussion coming to visit. Lochie and Grace entertained students with their upbeat musical compositions and required some energetic audience participation. A wonderful time was had by all and it’s safe to say that the school has been feeling the inspiring after-effects with students composing all kinds of unusual music since their visit!

Jasmin Bartlett and Julie Lugg
Music Teachers - St John's Campus

  • Kaboom Percussion performers drumming
  • A student looks excited to be onstage with Kaboom Percussion
  • A student assists with a performance by Kaboom Percussion
  • Kaboom Percussion performers playing an instrument made of recycled materials
  • Students participating in the Kaboom Percussion performance
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Year 4 Tarnanthi Exhibition Excursion

At the Art Gallery of South Australia, the Year 4 classes experienced the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art exhibition ‘Tarnanthi’ - meaning ‘to come forth or appear, like the sun and first emergence of light’ in Kaurna. The displays featured contemporary paintings, installations, fashion, weaving, ceramics, sculpture and more, all created through deep reflection of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural connections.  Students were thrilled to also take part in a workshop at The Studio where they had opportunity to reflect and create their own artworks communicating the importance of animals and places that are personally and culturally significant to them. These artworks are currently featured in the St John’s Campus Resource Centre.

“Inspiring and always colourful!” - Mimi

“The stories behind the artworks were great.” - Flynn

“I really liked making the boab tree nuts!” - Chimsi

“The art was really expressive and meaningful.” - Bethany

“It was interesting to see the messages and choices the artists made.” - Jessica

“I liked the variety of the different artworks such as sculptures and paintings.” - Aaliyah

Libby Reu and Anita Ruggiero
Year 4 Teachers

  • Year 4 Tarnanthi excursion
  • Year 4 Tarnanthi excursion 02
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St John’s Campus Visual Arts

Year 1, 2 and 5 students recently exhibited artworks in the St John’s Campus courtyard as a wonderful opportunity to share their creative work with the College community. Year 1 students produced impressionist paintings using small brush strokes to give the impression of an image. In connection to their Sharing the Planet unit of inquiry, Year 2 students constructed birds in nests using reused or recycled materials. Meanwhile, Year 5 students explored Indigenous art techniques of binding and weaving. They used a coil weaving technique to create woven baskets and mats with natural sisal rope.

Back in Term 2, the Year 6 students created large prop pieces to use in performances of fractured fairy tales. These pieces were designed in a large street art style to decorate construction fencing around the Hall. It took a while to be able to install these pieces, but they certainly add a touch of colour and fun at the edge of the oval.

We love being amazed by our students’ fabulous creativity!

Nancy Wells
Visual Arts Teacher

  • Y1 Y2 Y5 Art Exhibition 008
  • Y1 Y2 Y5 Art Exhibition 018
  • Y1 Y2 Y5 Art Exhibition 035
  • Y1 Y2 Y5 Art Exhibition 038
  • Year 6 Street Art fencing
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Year 4 German “Meine Bohnenpflanze” – “My bean plant”

Over the course of this term the Year 4 classes have been exploring a new and innovative unit of work in German titled “Meine Bohnenpflanze” (My bean plant). This unit connects authentically with Maths and Science (STEM) as well as exploring a range of new German vocabulary and grammar structures in a fun and meaningful way. Students have learnt the origins and history of the story of “Jack and the Beanstalk” in German, how to identify different steps involved in planting a plant, accurately measure objects and use question words effectively to formulate a German question correctly. In addition, students have learnt to make predictions and observations in German through completing a Science experiment. 

The culmination of our unit has been conducting an experiment where students have each grown their own bean seed into maturity. Given the variables of water, light and different soils, students have had to predict and observe the changes in their individual bean plants and overwhelmingly students have been excited to see their bean plants grow and change over several days and weeks. Students will have the opportunity to plant their beans in their individual gardens at their homes as well.

It has been great to see students’ enthusiasm and excitement throughout this unit of work. 

Jane Graham
German Teacher

  • SJC Bean seeds 001
  • SJC Bean seeds 002
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ELC Child-led Conference

The ELC is holding a Child-Led Conference this week. A selection of children’s work is on display for families to view and share. The children have enjoyed presenting their learning through music, song, art, photography and physical activity.

Children’s learning through the single subjects of German, Music, Physical Education and Art are also represented in displays and on video.

Kate Wood
ELC Director

  • ELC Child Led Conference 001
  • ELC Child Led Conference 002
  • ELC Child Led Conference 003
  • ELC Child Led Conference 004
  • ELC Child Led Conference 005
  • ELC Child Led Conference 006
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St John's Campus Staff Movember Fundraiser

Concordia College takes health and wellbeing seriously! Movember seeks to provide support for men's mental health and suicide prevention, prostate cancer and testicular cancer. This year, we have two St John's Campus fundraising teams - the a group of teachers and the male OSHC staff - who have committed to raising funds during Movember.

Support this great cause and cheer on our Movember men. To donate, visit the links below:

  • SJC Movember men
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Free Parent Discussion Group with Mark Le Messurier

Well-known teacher, counsellor and author Mark Le Messurier will present a discussion group at Fullarton Park Community Centre on Wednesday 17 November from 10am-12pm, exploring the topic 'Practical ideas to build self-awareness and personal-identity in young people'. Click here for more information.

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Upcoming Events at St John's Lutheran Church

Christmas Tree Festival 2021

Join us for an exciting return of the St John's Christmas Tree Festival from Friday 3 December - Sunday 5 December for a fabulous display of creative expressions of the Christian faith expressed in various artistic 'Christmas Trees'.

Be sure not to miss the Christmas Market on Saturday 4 December where you can shop for unique and beautiful gifts, Christmas decorations and delicious eats and much more! 

Location: St John’s Lutheran Church, Unley, 15 Marlborough Street, Malvern.

Public Opening Hours:

  • Christmas Trees: Friday 3 Dec 10.00am - 8pm
  • Trees and Market: Saturday 4 Dec 9.30am - 5pm
  • Christmas Trees: Sunday 5 Dec 11.30am - 4pm

St Johns Unley Christmas Tree Festival ad 2021

ALPHA Course - January 2022

Have you got questions about life, faith, meaning, purpose?

You’re invited to check out Alpha @ St John’s.

  • Sunday 30 January 2022, from 5.30pm to 7.30pm Join us for a meal and check it out.
  • St John’s ministry centre
  • Cnr Marlbourgh and Balmoral Street, Malvern

Feel free to call Glenice on 0428 709 891 for more information, or watch the 'What is ALPHA?' video.

Paula Meyer
Spiritual Life Coordinator - St John's Campus

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