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Celebrating the official opening and dedication of the new Nautilus Centre

Over 400 guests enjoy the 2017 Concordia Gala Ball - What a Wonderful World

Students commemorate the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation

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St John's Campus Closing Service

Please ensure that you have noted that our Closing Service will be on Wednesday 13 December in the College Chapel.

All students from Year 1 to Year 6 are expected to attend. The students will need to be seated by 6.45pm with our Service commencing at 7pm. They will need to wear their summer uniform and during the day they may wear their sports uniform to school. Students from ELC and Reception are also welcome to attend but they sit with their parents and may wear casual clothes.

This is a very special way to celebrate the end of the year and includes the Graduation of our Year 6 students. If your child is unable to attend, please ensure that you email their teacher to inform them of the reason that precludes them from attending.

Due to the large number of families at the Service, we allocate seating for the Year 6 parents. This seating is reserved for the Year 6 parents and immediate family only.

Sue Drogemuller
Deputy Principal - St John's Campus

St John's Campus Disco

On Friday 20 October, the St John’s Campus students celebrated their annual Junior Primary and Upper Primary Disco. The theme for the disco was 'occupations', with students coming in a range of creative outfits. The professions ranged from judges, mad scientists, detectives, police men and women, and more. The students had great fun dancing the night away, particularly enjoying the Macarena, Limbo and Nut Bush dances. It was a great night, with particular thanks to the SRC and School Leaders for all their work behind the scenes, and to Links for organising the parent retreat on the night.

Daniel Keylock
Student Wellbeing Coordinator

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Sharing the Planet

As the culmination to the Year 3 class' unit on Sharing the Planet, we decided to finish by looking at how the river changes from the city to the sea and what we need to do to ensure its future health. The students and staff rode their bikes along the Linear Park for 15km, ending at Henley Square. Along the way, we discovered some history at the old cemetery and saw how the environment had changed from the times of the first missionary school and swamp lands to what it is today. This was a big undertaking for such young students but they showed perseverance and determination to make it to the end. A great day of learning for all.

Mike Kriewaldt and Anita Ruggiero
Year 3 Teachers

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Reformation Commemoration

On Reformation Day, Tuesday 31 October, visitors to St John’s Campus would have been forgiven (through grace of course!) for thinking they had walked into the Middle Ages! Jostling jesters, knavish knights, laughing lords, medieval maids and marvellous monks, just to name but a few, were seen here at our St John’s Campus. In the true spirit of the day, celebrating the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation, students and staff alike embraced all things Reformation. We had a special celebratory Chapel service led by Pastor Andrew Brook from St John’s Lutheran Church at Unley. Throughout the week, students from all year levels had the opportunity to participate in a range of games in the Reformation Fairground set up in the school Hall and run so ably by Mrs Reu and her Year 4 class. Games included Coins in the Coffer, Printing Press, Kegeln (skittles), Pin the Cross on the Luther Rose and a 'Run for Your Life' relay. Students had a lot of fun and learned much about the Reformation and Martin Luther through these interactive activities, daily special devotions for each day of the week, and all of the celebrations and festivities on 31 October. It was indeed a very special time for our entire school community!

Jane Graham and Libby Reu
On behalf of the Spiritual Life Team

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ELC Expo

Last week our ELC students shared their learning with their parents at the ELC Expo. The children showcased their understanding of the IB Primary Years Programme attitude of Respect. Through a series of displays, a digital presentation and a performance, they shared what it means to respect themselves, other people, different cultures, technology and the environment. 

Kate Wood
Early Learning Centre Director

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Christmas Market Stall

We will be holding the inaugural Christmas Market Stall in the Courtyard on Friday 24 November. Come and hear the Year 3/4/5 Choir and Percussion Ensemble provide the musical background as you buy gingerbread house kits, gingerbread biscuits, Christmas decorations, ice blocks and macaroons. Prices will range from $1 to $8. A great time to come and share the Christmas spirit!

Rachelle Fairlie
Community Carer - St John's Campus

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Wayang Kulit

In Visual Arts and Music classes, the Year 5 students are exploring shadow puppetry and Gamelan music of the Wayang Kulit from Indonesia. Last week they thoroughly enjoyed a Wayang Kulit performance and workshop with puppeteer Sue Harris. 

Daniel Keylock and Janine Sarson-Parker
Year 5 Teachers

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Music Update

To read about Music: Count Us In and our students' visit to Fullarton Lutheran Homes, click here.

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German Update

Please note that a German Update has been posted on School Star.

Jane Graham
German Teacher

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Year Level Coordinators for 2018

Would you like to be more involved with families in your child's year level?

We are currently looking for Year Level Coordinators (YLC) for 2018 and invite parents to consider volunteering in this important role.

Year Level Coordinators are involved with organising social events, a Market Stall mid-year and welcoming new families to the school.

If you would like more information, please feel free to call me on 8273 0428 or email on

Rachelle Fairlie
Community Carer - St John's Campus

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Links AGM

The Links Committee AGM will be held on Monday 27 November at 7pm (location to be confirmed in the next newsletter).

Nominatons will be open for the positions of Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary. With Dale and Michelle vacating the role of Treasurer after dedicating six years to the committee, we look forward to hearing from anyone with interest in this position.

As always, we welcome any potential new committee members, and any new faces, and hope to see you at the AGM.

Sally Carr and Tanya Harris
Links Committee Co-Chairpersons 

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Diary Dates

Click here for a list of upcoming diary dates.

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