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From the Director of Community Relations

Connected Community!

On Wednesday, 13 November we held our first whole school Parents & Friends meeting… and we could not have asked for a friendlier and more supportive group! Around 25 parents attended, representing most year levels across the College.

The meeting marked the culmination of much work over the course of this year to align our community programs, processes and practices across the College, including our approach to volunteering and the development of a new Constitution and Funding Process for the amalgamated Concordia Parents & Friends. 

The amalgamation of these key parent groups was formally ratified by the Concordia College Board in October, paving the way for some exciting changes in the year/s ahead. By way of example, next year’s Twilight Tea will be a whole school event with increased opportunities for participation among Primary School families, as well as some exciting additions to the entertainment program for younger students. Watch this space!

Attending a Concordia P&F meeting provides a wonderful opportunity for parents to get to know each other in an informal setting, to hear from the Principal/s and provide feedback on matters affecting your child/ren, and to help shape the annual program of community events and activities. Attendance at meetings does not need to be a regular commitment, nor does it commit you to taking on additional activities – we have a wonderful team of parents who help out in different ways.

Among the key topics of discussion at the recent meeting was a ‘first look’ at the College’s new Strategic Plan ‘Towards 2025’, which will shortly be released, and allocations of P&F Funding for the year ahead.

The Concordia Parents & Friends are pleased to be providing funding for the following projects in 2020, which will enhance the wellbeing of the student and/or parent body:

  • Two Parent Information Seminars with Mark Le Messurier
  • Installation of two multi-purpose goals (soccer, rugby, AFL) for the St John’s Campus and a second basketball backboard on the netball / tennis courts to encourage students to be active during their breaks
  • Two pianos for the St John’s Campus Hall and Teaching Studio
  • A blast chiller for Food Design to allow students to extend their learning and create more complex dishes within lesson time
  • GPS trackers and a TV screen for PedalPrix
  • A Screenflex Room Divider for exhibitions and performances at the St John’s Campus

We look forward to seeing these projects come to fruition next year!

It’s always lovely to welcome new members so if you’re interested to find out more, why not come along to our drinks and AGM on Wednesday, 4 December from 7pm in the St John’s Campus Staff Room. We hope to see you there!

Helen Karapandzic
Director of Community Relations

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Art Show 2019

The Nautilus Centre was transformed into a creative hub on Friday, 15 November for the 2019 Concordia Art Show "Formae Naturalis". We were blown away by the incredible work on display, a fitting celebration of the students’ achievements!

A number of awards were presented to students on the night and we congratulate the following recipients.

Art Awards
  • Excellence Award Visual Art - Art: Angus 12RSOM
  • Excellence Award Visual Art - Design: Tom 12HROS 
  • Encouragement Awards Visual Art: Dante 12SBUD, Bella 12RSOM and Ben 12RSOM
  • Worldstrides Excellence Awards for Ambassadorship on the Europe Art Trip: Jacob 12HROS and Olivia 11RGOG
Art Acquisition Award

The Concordia Art Acquisition Award for 2019 was presented to Ben 12RSOM for his painting “17-10-2000” that is about the importance of family, especially being so far from home as an international student. His words describe his thoughts, “The meaning of family is also different around the world. In Western cultures, family is more of a group of individuals and each of the family members are more independent. However, in Chinese culture, where I come from, family is always a whole and it is the biggest part of people’s lives.”

Design and Technology Awards
  • Most Outstanding Product: Jackson 12LNEL
  • Peer Assessed Best Product: Gus 12RSOM
  • Encouragement Award: Sophie 12LNEL
  • Overall Subject Award: Jackson 12LNEL
Media Awards
  • Subject Award: Zac 12SBUD
  • Encouragement Award: Angus 12CFIN and Samantha 12SBUD
Photography Awards
  • Subject Award: Harrison 12LNEL
  • Encouragement Award: Sebastian 12HROS

Thanks to all who attended and helped make the event a success. A special note of thanks goes to Old Concordian and Aboriginal artist Bonnie Coleman-Sleep (1968) who officially opened the show, the Year 11 Food and Hospitality students who catered the event, String Quartet 2 for providing some beautiful music, and to our Art Show sponsors: Eckersley's Art & Craft; Worldstrides; Australian Timbers; Resource Furniture; Workplace Commercial Furniture; ProAV Solutions; and Diamonds Camera, Video & Digital.

  • 2019 Art Show highlights 069
  • 2019 Art Show highlights 029
  • 2019 Art Show 064
  • 2019 Art Show 089
  • 2019 Art Show 145
  • 2019 Art Show 186
  • DSCN3437
  • Harrison Oke
  • 2019 Art Show 290
  • 2019 Art Show highlights 001
  • DSCN3313
  • 2019 Art Show 296
  • 2019 Art Show highlights 018
  • 2019 Art Show highlights 070
  • Emily McColl
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Year 7 Canberra Trip

Our Year 7 students have recently undertaken a tour of the national capital. They were given the opportunity to participate in a variety of educational programs with a focus on Australia’s history, culture, heritage and democracy. The Australian Government recognises the importance of all young Australians being able to visit the national capital as part of their Civics and Citizenship education. To assist families in meeting the cost of the excursion the Australian Government is contributing funding of $60 per student under the Parliament and Civics Education Rebate program towards these costs, which is paid directly to the school upon completion of the excursion.

Each of our students represented the College exceptionally well and were highly engaged throughout the program. Some of the highlights from both camps were recapped by our students:

'The Year 7 Canberra trip was filled with educational, enjoyable, memorable moments and events. It featured visits to significant locations such as Parliament House, the Australian War Memorial, the Royal Australian Mint and Canberra’s Deep Space Centre. A highlight for me was spending quality time with each other whilst participating in activities. My favourite part of the trip was the Australian War Memorial. This is because of the interesting, emotive and intriguing stories that it offered. It represented the rich histories through art, and the significant events that happened through war. Overall, the Canberra trip as a whole was a major highlight for me.' - Styliana, 7RHOG

'In Canberra, we did a lot of things and each night we did a different activity. On the second night we went to Questacon! Questacon is the National Science and Technology Centre. At Questacon, there was a giant vertical slide that curves around at the bottom. There are also robots, games, cool features and generated lightning. On our last night in Canberra we went to the Australian Institute of Sport. Here we were able to witness athletes in training and enjoyed the Sportex. Sportex is sport simulation games, where you are able to compare yourself to elite athletes. I had a great time in Canberra!' - Victoria, 7SSPA

  • coach1 canberra group02
  • coach1 e noack OC3
  • Y7 canberra 2019 group01 15
  • Y7 canberra 2019 group01
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Year 8 Humanities

“In order to plan for the future, innovative and global thinking is required”.

This Statement of Inquiry is currently being explored by our Year 8 cohort in their Humanities studies. Students have been exploring patterns of migration, push/pull factors from rural to urban areas and how Australia will need to be innovative in the short-term future in planning and infrastructure. Old Concordian and South Australian Government employee Nick (Class of 2014) came and spoke to the cohort about how South Australia is incorporating innovative solutions to unprecedented future concerns, such as ensuring Adelaide becomes a competitive GIG CITY, driver-less transport and enhancing urban landscapes. The Year 8s will then use this information to create a commercial that encourages people under 30 to move to a rural area. It’s great to see one of our graduates taking on the world and sharing their knowledge with current students! 

Vanessa Narino-Terry
English and Humanities Teacher

  • DSC 0002
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Music Notes

2020 Instrumental Music Lessons 

If your child wishes to continue with lessons, please complete the online form. All details regarding fees, as well as the instrumental agreement, are contained within the link. All continuing students need to reapply. Instrumental teachers will then be sent this information at the end of the term. It is important for them to have up-to-date details each year to be able to maintain communication with families. It also assists both them and the school with planning for teaching spaces in the coming year. New students to the school in 2020 are currently submitting applications and your response will assist with planning to accommodate these new students.

If your child does not wish to continue with lessons, please email the Music Centre ASAP so that we are aware of this providing the name of your child and the lesson they have been taking (many students undertake multiple instrumental lessons). As a matter of courtesy, please include their instrumental teacher in that email.

2020 Instrumental Music Hire

If you currently hire an instrument, you do not need to fill in a hire form again. However, if your child wishes to take up another instrument which does require hire and they are having lessons through the College, please complete the online application form. All details regarding fees and the hire agreement are contained within the link. 

Return of Hire Instruments

If students are not continuing to hire an instrument next year, it will need to be returned to the Music Office no later than Friday, 29 November, unless the student is in Concert Band or String Ensemble and playing at the Carols Service. All instruments hired purely for ensemble participation e.g. tenor saxophones, piccolos, trombones and euphoniums should be returned by this date so they can be serviced in time for use in next year’s ensembles.

Mat Noble
Director of Music

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Scanning Electron Microscope

During Week 5, a scanning electron microscope (SEM) was installed in the STEM room for the Year 11 IB Group IV project. Students worked in small groups to produce images for an oral presentation.

A SEM produces 3D images by scanning the surface of a specimen with a beam of electrons. Specimens are attached to a stub with special carbon double-sided tape and placed in the SEM chamber. Air is evacuated and then images are produced, magnified, focused and displayed on a computer screen.

Everyday objects appear quite different when magnified up to 6,000 X. Students were able to see the fine detail of a bee’s hairy compound eye, the tip of an ant leg, the intricate structure of pollen grains, the cellular structure of a clarinet reed and the fine structures in a feather, to name just a few of the objects viewed.

The SEM was also used by various other classes including Science, Art, Music and German. The Art students used the images produced as part of their next piece of art work that combined micro and macro images.

Ms Hoffmann
Science Laboratory Manager

  • Scanning Electron Microscope 007
  • ant antennax200
  • bee eye 2x100
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Lions Youth of the Year Mini-Quest

On Tuesday,12 November myself and the other Student Leaders all participated in the Lions Youth of the Year Mini-Quest. This involved writing a four-minute speech on a topic of our choosing as well as answering an impromptu question. Our responses were then judged by a panel of Lions members and a winner was selected to move onto the district round. Stuart Campbell was the runner up. He spoke about his life through Star Wars, detailing how moving to Australia impacted him. I won the competition, speaking about why Australia should have a sugar tax. Overall it was a great experience and I look forward to the next stage where I compete against other schools in the area such as Scotch and Mitcham Girls in March next year.

James, 11JGER

  • IMG 3385
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Year 8 Connected Unley

Each year our Year 8s undertake a three-day community and service program called Connected Unley. One of our traditions involves a competition for a Year 8 student to design the cover of our booklet for this program. This year our winner is Jack from 8RCRO. Jack received his prize recently which was a gift voucher for Eckersley’s Art & Craft to help further his talent in this area. Thank you to all of the amazing entrants this year, it was certainly a tough competition. Congratulations Jack! 

Connected Unley takes place in Week 7 this term. We are looking forward to a wonderful week of serving and learning in our local community.

Amy Martin
Year 8 Pastoral Leader

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Student Achievements

Congratulations to Lewis (11MHAR) for achieving his Associate Diploma of Music (A.Mus.) on Clarinet. Well done, Lewis!

Congratulations to Liam (12SBUD) for winning the 2019 AMEB Grade 7 prize for Trumpet. This is a wonderful achievement!

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