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From the OSHC Director

Maintaining the Culture

A positive workplace culture improves teamwork, raises morale, increases productivity and efficiency, and enhances your ability to retain staff.

In practice, a workplace culture is having an uncompromised set of standards that each member holds each other to account for. It is often a reflection of the leadership or management style of that particular organisation.

In the OSHC setting these are driven by two main influences; the OSHC Statement of Philosophy and the School Values (Caring, Integrity, Personal Excellence, Respect and Responsibility). Whilst both are separate as entities they are intertwined in their influence. In reality it’s this interconnectedness that provides the fabric for our culture.

As OSHC staff and more generally College staff we are all custodians of this culture. We are all not only asked, but expected, to ‘buy-in’ to it. We are required to constantly reflect on the manner in which we behave, are prepared to take risks, professionally communicate with each other and engage with our children and families. It helps us ensure that our culture is not stagnant but one of continuous improvement.

Our workplace culture is as important as any of our business strategies, development plans or policies. There’s no doubting that as custodians, upholding this positive culture ranks as one of our most important responsibilities.

Adam Moller
OSHC Director

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German Puppet Performance

“Aladdin und die Wunderlappe”

On Wednesday, 4 November all Year 1-4 students were treated to a performance in our School Hall by the Carrousel Bilingual Theatre company based in Melbourne. The performance was the story “Aladdin und die Wunderlampe” (Aladdin and the Magic Lamp). The performance was in both German and English. Students thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to see a traditional style of puppetry in a “Punch and Judy” style of theatre with some authentic and meaningful links to their German language lessons across all of the year levels. There was also a direct connection to the current Year 1 Programme of Inquiry unit on storytelling. The performance also included some informative question time at the end that gave students a great insight into the art of puppetry, and in particular German puppetry.

Jane Graham
German Teacher

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Physical Education Week

This year St John’s Campus students celebrated Physical Education Week. Physical Education Week is about acknowledging the importance of Health and Physical Education in our lives.

Every day we had a theme, which both the students and staff got involved with.  

Movement Monday - We had a skipping / hula hoop competition and many prizes were won. 

Try Something New Tuesday - Each class came up with a list of alternatives to watching TV/using the computer that they can do when they are at home. 4AR came up with 114 things to do and 2K came up with 101 things. Well done to these classes.  

Wellbeing Wednesday - As a School, we had a Gratitude Tree in the Courtyard. This is where we will all have a chance to add to the tree about things, we are grateful for. Please come and have a look at the tree if you’re on campus.  

Try to beat Teachers Thursday - The Year 6 students played against the staff in Capture the Flag. The game was a draw. Lots of fun was had with lots of cheering from the spectators.  

Food Friday - To promote healthy eating, the House Captains did a wonderful job cutting up and delivering a fruit platter to each class.  

In summary, it was a smooth, fun and successful Physical Education Week.  

Nicole Fielke
ELC-Year 6 PE Teacher and Out of Hours School Sport Coordinator

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Student Achievement

MGriffithsCongratulations to Mia in Year 2OB. After a five-hour intense audition process, Mia was successfully selected into the Sub Junior State Team and will represent South Australia in the National Competition in the sport of Calisthenics (a form of Dance) to be held in Darwin in July 2020. This is a wonderful achievement for an eight-year-old as not many at this age are selected.

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